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How an Israeli Solar Solution Can Benefit the U.S. and the World

It was an Israeli scientist who figured out how to harness the sun’s rays and convert them into usable energy. Harry Zvi Tabor transformed how humans utilize energy and will be remembered as the father of solar power.

The Passing of Uri Avnery

Most of the articles and statements following the passing of veteran Israeli journalist and far-left political activist Uri Avnery were of a glorifying nature, praising his persistent support for a Palestinian state and the end of the Israeli “occupation.” However, his misconceived predictions and deeds undermining Israeli sovereign interests, including during wartime, were intentionally ignored.

Why Are Young Jews Leaving Israel?

Israel's abundance is not reaching the places it should. It is being blocked by a million state workers, 20 ministerial offices that are extraneous, budget-based pensions, a bloated, ineffective army, truckloads of cash and free electricity to Gaza, and more

The Purpose Of Politics: To Promote God

I believe the Torah sees politics as a means to promote God and His vision for the world. I say this based on halachic, hashkafic, and practical grounds:

Turn Down The Music!

Music may soothe the savage beast but it can be savage on the ears of the young when played too loudly.

The Blood Of Slain Israelis Stains Many Hands

Ari Fuld and the thousands of other Israeli victims of Arab attacks were murdered out of a fathomless hatred of Jews and Jewish nationhood, aided and abetted in the West by the ignorant, the ideological and the bigoted.

Make No Mistake: Russia is Mad About Jet Downing

Israel needs to take rapid action to minimize damage. It is in its strategic interest to keep up offensive actions to the north, mainly in Syria.

For the sake of Ari Fuld, Malki Roth and Too Many More

According to US law, anytime an American citizen is murdered by terrorists abroad, our government has jurisdiction and is directed to prosecute the perpetrator to the full extent of the law. There is no statute of limitations

Daughter Of A Schneerson, Wife Of A Carlebach: An Interview with Mrs. Hadassa Carlebach

Did you know that Shlomo Carlebach had a twin brother, Eli Chaim? And that this brother was married to Hadassah, a scion of the Lubavitch Schneerson family? Read this engaging interview with this nonagenarian, Hadassah Carlebach

Jared Kushner Interview

He referenced the open secret that most of the aid for Palestinian causes was misspent anyway.

What’s With Putin And Israel?

According to the Associated Press, Israel had claimed that on Monday its fighter jets were on a mission targeting a Syrian military facility involved in supplying weapons to Hezbollah.

The Russian Documents Release

President Trump has just ordered the documents to be declassified and this is truly a story with legs.

Yom Kippur Airlines

On Sukkos, we shake a lulav, esrog, haddasim, and aravos, symbolizing all Jews, from saints to sinners. We have to interact with all of them. Some may challenge us and even trigger anger and resentment, yet Hashem expects us, af al pi kein, to stand together.

Why Equality Doesn’t Belong in the Nation-State Law

being a democracy isn’t Israel’s raison d’être; Israel’s raison d’être is that it’s the world’s only Jewish state

PA Claims Terror Teen was the VICTIM

The PA routinely describes Israel's self-defense measures to stop the terrorist as an attack on the Palestinian terrorist who is portrayed as an innocent "victim."

Ari Fuld and the Truth About Palestinians

Fuld's murder by terror is a grim reminder of the wisdom and essential justice of the Trump administration’s tough stance on the Palestinians.

My Friend, Ari Fuld

On one hand - tough as nails. Like a super hero. On the other - he laughed easily, was everyone's friend and LOVED to learn Torah. Rare is it that the Karate Man, the Army Hero, Mr. Macho is also a gentle, caring, friendly person, who gets a super geshmak from learning Torah. That was R' Ari.

Palestinian Teenage Murderers – The PA-Poisoned Generation

The Palestinian Authority promotes teenage- terrorism and lauds teenage “Martyrs” It is this institutional encouragement which led to the murder of Ari Fuld--and so many others.

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s Left as a Jilted Lover

The Left in Israel is behaving like a person who cannot accept that the object of his love has chosen another in his stead

‘Tikkun Olam’ for New Year 5779

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the “correction of the world” will only happen when we first repair the relations between people.

The Lesson of the Oslo Accords

After 25 years of Israeli retreat and Palestinian irredentism, the lesson of Oslo should be clear: Israel cannot place its security in the hands of others.

“The Israel Resolution”

It is striking that Durham, NC fast-tracks anti-Israel legislation, but slow-tracks our ability to figure out how and why they did it.

High Holiday Reading

A roundup of recent deep-think articles on American Jewry, Haredi bourgeoise, Iranian challenges, and American populism.

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