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What Does the ICRC Say About Civilians Rioting in Support of a Military Objective?

The idea that International Law looks out for military necessity, and not only humanitarian rights, is lost on journalists and those who freely volunteer their personal opinion of international law as a club to beat the IDF whenever a military situation arises.

Zionism and the Wedge Between US and Israeli Jews

A troubling side effect of the Zionist enterprise is that 70 years after the State of Israel came into being, a wedge has grown between Israelis and the Diaspora, driven by guilt and presumptions of moral superiority.

To Never Forget

Their anguish and tears were for naught; one was told to go left, the other ordered to go right.

Western Media… What A Riot!

The media continues to play a crucial part in Hamas' evil drama, faithfully publicizing any anti-Israel lie, no matter how obvious and grotesque.

Dismantling The Palestinian Lie

What is Palestine? A facade for Jew-hatred, an Arab Palestine exists only to disenfranchise the Jews of Israel.

Torah Flowing Through Our Cultural Veins

We salute the IDF and Netanyahu for their decisive roles in the events of the past week. But we must embark upon a strategy of triumph. If we do not do so, President Trump will want to make "peace." Remember Oslo?

INTO THE FRAY: Swastikas over Gaza!

Nothing could expose the true intent of the Judeocidal riots on Gaza border more than the Nazi-style swastikas on incendiary kites flown into Israel to set Jewish property (& if possible, Jewish people) ablaze.

Under Siege: Jewish College Students

What makes Jewish students so vulnerable? Young Jewish students come to college ignorant of Jewish history, let alone modern Israeli history or current events. They are totally unprepared for the onslaught of their well-funded, organized deceitful opposition.

US-Israel Ties: Unique 400-year-old Foundation

The 400 year old ideological, moral, cultural, religious and historical foundations of the US have enriched the US-Israel saga,

Hamas Leader Acknowledges Iranian Support Amid Fall-Out From Gaza Clashes

"This is not peaceful resistance... so when we talk about 'peaceful resistance,' we are deceiving the public,"

A Rabbi By Any Other Name

Despite the Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL) program’s efforts at obfuscation, the Morat Hora’ah U’Manhigah Ruchanit program clearly flouts the rulings of the greatest rabbinic authorities of this generation from across the spectrum.

Palestinians: Americans Now Legitimate Targets

The Palestinians are hoping to extort protection money from the Americans. It is like saying, "You see what will happen to you if you stop funding me? It could always get worse for you. I suggest that you restore my accountability-free funding, and perhaps I will see to it that you do not get hurt."

The Mattersdorfer Rav, Zt”l

The Jewish Press joins Klal Yisrael in mourning the passing of HaRav Simcha Bunim Ehrenfeld, the Mattersforfer Rav.

Iran Nuclear Deal Redo?

Mr. Obama's shenanigans were front-page news for months.

The Hamas Border Scheme

Israel only targeted Hamas operatives but were nonetheless charged by the media with disproportionate use of force and the slaughter of innocent civilian protesters.

Hamas’s Leaders Exposes the Truth Behind the Riots

{Originally posted to the Tower Magazine website} On April 7, The New York Times called the Hamas-led weekly riots at Israel’s border fence “a tentative experiment with...

ADL Mourns Deaths of (Overwhelmingly) Hamas Terrorists as “Horrific Tragedy”

ADL, Bernie Sanders, NY’s Elite Beacon School & Some British Jewish Youth Also Disgracefully Mourn Hamas Deaths. Such sympathetic proclamations only encourage more Hamas terror against Jews.

‘Eurosim’: Today’s Anusim

Must a Jew in Germany, or anywhere in Europe, hide their identity?


As Turkey has swung further and further towards an Islamist style republic,, Israel and Cyprus along with Greece have begun to form various economic alliances as a buffer to Turkey’s expansion

Israel Must Win Its Unfinished Independence War

Despite 70 years since its rebirth, much of international diplomacy still treats Israel’s existence as if it was a bargaining chip that requires Israeli concessions. It is time to end this.

Why Does the Media Promote Hamas Violence?

The cruel reality is that every time Israel accidentally kills a Gaza civilian, Israel loses and Hamas wins. Israelis grieve every civilian death its army accidentally causes and Hamas benefits. That is why Hamas encourages its women and children to become martyrs.

Prof. Bernard Lewis – Unique Realism on the Islamic Threat

Prof. Bernard Lewis - who passed away this week-wrote extensively on the clear, present and lethal Islamic threat to Western democracies.

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