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Time for the Democratic Party to Recognize its Antisemitism Problem

There are worrying signs that America’s Democratic Party is following in the footsteps of its Corbyn-led Labour Party cousin across the Atlantic. Radical elements within the Party are increasingly pulling Democrats farther to the Left.

Britain’s Brexit Betrayal may Push Jewish Problem into Downing Street

Most of the anti-Semitism on the left takes the form of obsessive and paranoid falsehoods, distortion and double standards directed at the behavior of the State of Israel, with much of this onslaught echoing the imagery and tropes of medieval and Nazi anti-Semitism.

Where are they Going to Go?

Next time someone asks, “But where will the Palestinians go??” give them this article and tell them about a straight swap on population transfer.

Hypocrisy and Hysteria

Why is the law necessary? In short: The delicate balance between Israel’s Jewish and democratic characters has been upset over the past 25 years by the Israeli Supreme Court. Former Chief Justice Aharon Barak and his ultra-liberal successors have dramatically diluted the Jewish dimension of the Jewish-and-democratic equilibrium. Time for a reset.

What’s the Matter with a Jewish State?

Why the Knesset’s efforts to define the Jewish state should be influenced by Diaspora objections.

Yes, Judaism Is Pro-Life

Rational discussion of the halakha of abortions> Judaism IS pro-life, despite what some may claim.

INTO THE FRAY: The Israeli Right Gone Wrong

Astonishingly, having been proved entirely justified in its condemnation of the dangerous defects of the “Left’s” political credo, the “Right” proceeded to embrace it

What’s Driving the Nation-State Bill

PM Netanyahu has decided that it would be best if he takes on the right-wing parties well ahead of the next election rather than waiting for the final phase of the next campaign.

Irish Senate’s ‘Boycott Israel’ Debate

The country that will be most damaged will be Ireland itself. See how many Irish politicians are willing to sacrifice the jobs and livelihoods of Irish citizens for the gesture politics of boycotting Israel.

We Should Be Embarrassed

The president of the most powerful force for good on the planet takes an active role in securing Israel, proclaiming Yerushalayim Israel's eternal capital. But what does Pres. Trump, accurately, notice for all his hard work? That most Jews don’t even thank him!

Don’t Drag Others Into Family Feuds

How can we achieve global shalom and ahavah when so many family units are torn apart by machlokes? Let’s take the lessons of ahavas Yisrael from theory to practice. Bringing peace to our family strengthens us all!

Israel’s Active Defense Campaign in Syria: The Next Phase

While it appears reluctant to mobilize Hezbollah against Israel right now and risk a full-scale regional war, Iran is continuing to work on securing a military position in Syria to use for future aggression.

Avoid Energy Healing At The Risk Of Your Life

Any wine touched by Mr. Blum must be treated like yayin nesach and any kisvei kodesh written by him must be burned.

Who Killed Sen. Bobby Kennedy? A Palestinian Terrorist

Reminding the American public who killed Sen. Robert Kennedy, and why, raises questions about the legitimacy of the Palestinian cause.

Birthright Protesters Complicit in Palestinian Authority and Hamas Inhumanity

IfNotNow supporters claim they want oppression exposed. And yet, human-rights abuses—treating women like family pets and thwarting free speech—will certainly be missing from their trip to the Palestinian territories.

Constitutionalism: It’s Good for the Jews

With President Trump presenting Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his choice for the soon-to-be vacated seat on the United States Supreme Court, it is important to consider the future of the court--and how it relates to Jews.

The Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination

Generally speaking, Kavanaugh will likely be a far more reliable conservative vote than Justice Kennedy was.

It’s Either A Fraud Or Black Magic – Either Way, It’s Assur

I don’t have to be a sceptic to realize that if I have to imagine something medical that my doctor has not heard of, and makes no sense scientifically, then it is probably imaginary.

Israeli Technology Key To Rescuing Trapped Soccer Team

Israel21c reported that the technology behind these radio units took 10 years to develop and is exclusive to Maxtech.

Court Penalizes West Bank Residents

Amazingly, the judge argued that the Frenkels had assumed the risk of deadly violence by living close to the Green Line and sending their son to school over it.

Antifa Strikes Again

The president was accused of giving his seal of approval to the white supremacists.

Explaining American Leftists (Part I)

As I watch a great number of my fellow Americans and virtually all of the mainstream media descend further and further into irrational and...

The Supreme Court and the Mythical Road to Weimar

Partisans will disagree about Brett Kavanaugh, but those panicking about the end of democracy need to step back from the brink.

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