Dershowitz: Obama Must Show Iran He Means Business on Military Option

Alan Dershowitz writes that President Obama must make it clear that he has rejected the view of those who are prepared to contain a nuclear Iran and that he will indeed employ military action if that is the only option other than a nuclear Iran.

Daylight Strike in Syria; Dangerous Response

Whatever was hit in Syria by Israel may have belonged to a category known as “time-critical targets.” That could mean that imminent plans were in place to move the target to a place where it would be harder to strike.

Jimmy Carter: The Sunday-School Years

Eizenstat’s book allows us to understand how Carter’s own insensitivity to the Jewish historical experience, and his understanding of the Bible, colored his attitude toward matters pertaining to the Middle East.

We Climbed The Wrong Mountain

Have you ever climbed the wrong mountain? I don't think that anybody who has passed through IDF officers training has not had that experience.

Gaza Rockets Rain on Israel: The Neighbors Smell Weakness

In the last decade and a half, Israel has enjoyed unprecedented security stability that has, in turn, enabled economic and technological prosperity that made it a world-class power. There are increasing signs of a change to this reality, and the recent rocket attack from the Gaza Strip is one of them.

Movement Against Critical Race Theory is Deeply Necessary

The grassroots pushback against critical race theory is rooted in the best of the American tradition.

INTO THE FRAY: Israel Victory Initiative – Quo vadis?

It is unrealistic to expect that the Palestinians will experience a sudden “aha moment”, slap their forehead in epiphanic realization of the futility of their Judeocidal endeavors—and, of their own volition, docilely declare defeat

Wrongful Assault on Ambassador David Friedman

Friedman said nothing controversial whatsoever about the West Bank, except in the eyes of those who consider any Israeli territorial or other claims illegitimate.

The Left’s Nervous Breakdown

President Bush, writes Graydon Carter, paranoiac editor of Vanity Fair, the magazine that strives mightily to be taken seriously while championing celebrity narcissism and mindless titillation (“Nicole Kidman Bares All,” trills the cover of the current issue, thick as always with ads for perfume, lingerie and high-priced clothes and toys for high-income yuppies and those who aspire to be), “has taken away our civil liberties.”

Why Palestinians are Fleeing Lebanon

{Originally posted to the Gatestone Institute website} Palestinians appear finally fed up with the apartheid and discriminatory laws they have been subjected to in Lebanon...

Chickens Coming Home To Roost?

New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams also railed against New York’s recently enacted woke bail reform law requiring judges to cut many criminals loose without cash bail, including those facing some serious charges.

Special Events In Poland

This year's International Summer Yiddish Language And Culture Seminar will take place August 13 - September 2.

How the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict Could Impact Israel’s Regional Strategic Landscape

Many Iranian Azeris, which comprise some 15 million of the country’s 82 million inhabitants, have been demonstrating against Iran’s support for Armenia, while praising Israel for its deep strategic ties with Azerbaijan.

Why I am voting against Donna Edwards for the US Senate

Edwards is rated #4 by the Arab-American Institute for her pro-Palestine pro-Arab voting record.

Can Jews Remain in Coalitions with Radical Race-baiters?

As violent Black Lives Matter protests continue, even liberal Jewish groups are staying away from a “Virtual March on Washington” led by Al Sharpton.

Will Palestinian Reconciliation Reduce Hamas’ Cash Flow?

The primary reason Hamas agreed to the reconciliation deal with the PA was its desire to shed responsibility for Gaza’s civilian needs so it could resume focusing on its military wing.

What’s Tearing Americans Apart – According To NYT Readers

“If my mother or father became a murderer, terrorist, (or a) Republican … would I still love my parent. Here the answer is less sure.”

A Moral Outrage

Even if only one percent of this story is true, the government should fall and all the commanders responsible for this horror should go to jail.

Politico and Unpleasant Truths

The U.S. has only considered “settlements” to be “illegal” for fewer than four of the last forty years.

Missed Opportunity: Sweden’s Opposition Sets Swedish-Israel Relations Back

Many Swedes are in shock after the Swedish opposition leader Anna Kinberg Batra so offended Israel during her recent four-day trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Retail Kings

They can't quite take credit for inventing them, but Jews had a long, colorful, and mostly profitable involvement with the great retail emporiums - the large scale specialty and department stores that came, literally and figuratively, to dominate the landscape of 20th century America.

Should Israel Have Halted Offshore Gas Licenses to Encourage Renewables?

Elai Rettig, assistant professor at the Department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University, says Energy Minister Karine Elharrar’s refusal to award new offshore licenses for gas exploration is “odd” because “she positions it as against gas. One doesn't have to come at the expense of the other.”

Guilty By Reason Of Innocence: New Insanity From Israel’s Academic Leftists

It began as just another exercise in political academic wackiness at Hebrew University.

Netanyahu And His American Critics

Indeed, from our own perspective, we do not recall the current critics of Netanyahu having publicly attacked those efforts.

Why I’m Still Nervous About Trump’s Foreign Policy Rhetoric

Trump has shown himself to be a master communicator. In every tussle and confrontation he has proved that whatever doesn’t kill him makes him stronger.

Israel’s Mona Lisa Weapon

Meet Israel’s secret weapon against terrorism, code named “Mona Lisa.”


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