How Israel Makes The World A Better Place

As Europe and some in the US join the “divestment” bandwagon, it would be wise to consider just what Israel has given, and continues to give, the world.

A Fact so Obvious, it was Missed

In the world’s urgency to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, a crucial milestone got little attention: March 25 marked the first anniversary of U.S. recognition of the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory.

INTO THE FRAY: The GOP—Still Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

'Republicans play badminton; Democrats play pro football'—Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich

Politics: The Sheriff-Druglord Dance

It is time to get behind a Sheriff that will take our village where it’s meant to go; that will clean up the corruption; the senseless and preventable murders.

Strategic Coalition Forming: Russia Supplying Iraq

Another nation – probably Iran, possibly Russia and/or Syria – is entering the fight in Iraq in a new and fully committed way.

I can’t Be Silent When a Fighter for Peace Is Attacked

You know, you don't have to fight every injustice under the sun, but you do have to fight for a fighter who stands up...

Would the 10 Commandments Survive Israel’s Supreme Court?

Israel's justices have powers unparalleled by any court anywhere else, making them the de facto government.

Anti-McCarthy McCarthyism

Joe McCarthy was in the news last week, and once again the Monitor took due note of the fact that the late senator from Wisconsin - certainly when compared with his more hystericalcritics - was a mere piker in the fine art of innuendo and allegation.

Putin’s Iran Threat is Good for Israel

If Russia stands with Iran, Obama will be forced to stand with Israel or lose the American people to the Republican Party.

How Many Jewish Leaders Actually Read The Prayer Book?

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's ill wishes toward Israel's Palestinian Arab enemies, including the Palestinian Authority and its Holocaust-denier president, elicited disdain and disavowals from much of the leadership of Israel and the Jewish world.

The Anti-Terror Campaign That Succeeded

After their military defeat by regular forces, the occupied population produced terrorists who engaged in bombings, sniping, poisonings, and other attacks on occupation forces and on the civilian population.

Where Duplicitous ‘Dual Loyalty’ Actually Applies

Israel as a beacon in a sea of barbarism isn’t a Jewish issue, which is why the “dual loyalty” canard is a complete lie. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of those Arab citizens of Israel who side with their country’s mortal enemies.

Obama Isn’t Serious About Stopping Iranian Nukes

For 6 years Obama's made concessions to Iran without preventing it from becoming a nuclear power

Reality Testing: US Pressures Israel

Israel’s former leaders understood the difference between popularity and strategic respect; the latter requires defiance of both pressure and the odds.

INTO THE FRAY: Trouble with Tunnels

The real problem, largely unaddressed by this week Comptroller’s report, is that cowered by the tyranny of political-correctness, Israel’s leaders, have abandoned pursuit of military imperatives.

Stalling Tactics And The Dubai Solution

Now that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's doctors did not significantly stall the police investigation into his highly suspect activities, we must brace ourselves for the prime minister's next delaying gimmick.

The Insanity of Jewish Philanthropy Funding Hamas

Only the insane think that Jews should help Hamas kill Jews and they do walk among us.


Nobody is better positioned to make Judaism alive, attractive and relatable than those who are both uncompromising on halachah while simultaneously engaged in society and participating in the greater world. We have the best platform and are poised to have the greatest success, we just need to care enough to try.

Why Israelis aren’t as Worked up about the Kotel as Diaspora Jews

The Israeli public as a whole has been substantially less committed to—in fact, downright unenthusiastic about—changing the status quo at the Kotel

If You Can’t Sell Your Hysteria To Adults, Try Kids

If you can’t sell your hysteria to adults, try kids. And that is what the left has done. After all, no one is as malleable or as easily indoctrinated as children.

The Renaissance Scholar Who Rescued The Talmud, Zohar and Other Books of Jewish Learning

Johannes Reuchlin, renaissance scholar and savior of seminal works in Jewish thought and theology.

INTO THE FRAY: Why Palestinian Statehood obviates Israeli Victory

For fruits of Israeli victory to endure, any post-victory reality must preclude a self-governing Palestinian entity, which would always be subjected to external incitement to fight the Jewish “intruders”

Orthodoxy Or Orthopraxy?

My Feb. 22 Jewish Press op-ed article “Losing Rational Orthodoxy” seems to have struck a nerve. Much of the feedback was positive, some was negative, and even more was intensely ambivalent.

Democrats Want to Free Criminals, Open Borders and Lock Up Guns

Passing gun laws they won’t enforce to stop the criminals they won’t arrest.

Amid Airtight Security, Trump Visit Brings Hope of ‘Historic Gains’ in the Middle East

"Thank you and shalom (hello). It is wonderful to be here in Israel,” Trump said. Those simple words and the historic nature of Trump’s visit were not lost on anyone in Jerusalem on this day.

Inside Dope: The Times’s Bias Confirmed

We were hardly surprised by the final column of New York Times departing public editor (as the Times refers to its in-house ombudsman) Arthur Brisbane, in which he acknowledged the paper harbors a liberal bias on public issues.

Only A Secular Jew Can Believe Climate Hysteria

Sound familiar? If you’re like me, you noticed similarities between climate change hysteria and Parshas Noach, which we recently read in shul. So what are we to make of the climate change, global destruction hysteria?

What a Public-School Kid Taught Me About Chanukah

Chanukah is a holiday that emerges from conflict, from the real fear that we could have disappeared. Chanukah is the celebration of our ability to be different, even as a minority.

Where was Bernie when Americans Fought for Soviet Jewry?

Sanders is criticized for his attitude towards Cuba, but it matters that while other Jews were protesting Soviet anti-Semitism, the Socialist had other priorities.


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