‘Future of Judea & Samaria’: Former US Envoy Unveils Sovereignty Plan

Former Ambassador David Friedman's proposal "protects Israel's security, respects biblical covenants and affords civil rights and human dignity to all."

“I Felt Like We Were in Gehinnom” – An Interview with ZAKA

ZAKA volunteers are all too familiar with the aftermath of violent death, but even their familiarity with raw tragedy could not brace them for the scale and savagery of the Hamas attack.

Handled With Holiness

One of the rabbis at Shura explained that they sanctified themselves through their death and need no further purification. Their blood and the clothing in which they died are left to awaken G-d’s attribute of mercy.

Israel Must Remember That America Has Not Won a Serious War in 80 Years

It is false morality to cry for the children of Gaza killed inadvertently while Israel targets Hamas-ISIS murderers and, as collateral damage, unavoidably kills Hamas’s human shields. A war must be won

Today I Saw Evil

This is what a satanic act looks like: bright, metallic, swinging with ease across the sky.

Massive Tuition Incentive A Potential Community Builder In Rochester

Tuition prices getting you down? Read how one yeshiva in upstate NY is slashing its prices.

There Will be No Civil War in Israel

Because the right never threatens to turn over the board and walk away from the game.

Israel’s Recognition of Morocco’s Western Sahara a Blow to Iran

Israel’s decision also holds immense significance due to its direct impact on the activities of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah in North Africa, disrupting their efforts to establish roots and expand their presence in the region.

A New Road Brings New Joy and Deep Concern

Opening the new Road 60 wasn't supposed to bar Jews from the old road.

The (Jewish) Empress Has No Clothes

A Jewish marriage is between a man and a woman and with God, Who is a full partner in the creation of our children.

‘303 Creative’ Protects a Little Kosher Bakery from an Alphabet Soup of Peeved Letters

Thanks to the heroes who brought their fight to the United States Supreme Court, resulting in the great 303 Creative victory, a small kosher bakery now has a chance to keep being heimish

Rabbi Leo Dee: Ordinary Arabs Silently Thank Allah for the Jenin Operation

Jenin has become a center for terror - the IDF is wise and brave to enter and eliminate it

Haym Salomon: Remembering a Founding Father on Independence Day

Haym Solomon, overlooked hero of the Revolutionary War, was America's "Funding Father."

The Biggest American Chareidi Community in Israel

The premier destination for American hareidim in Israel

Why They Hate Israel

A new poll has found that the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Authority Arabs support terrorism against Israel and regard terrorists as heroes. The question is why—and the answer is easy to find.

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Stuart Force is quite literally the father of the Taylor Force Act. The law came into being after lobbying by Stuart and Robbi Force, parents of Taylor Force. Taylor was a former army officer who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist while he was visiting the city of Jaffa in Israel on March 8, 2016.

Judicial Reform Architect Explains: ‘Why Do We Need Judicial Reform?’

Judicial reform will restore the checks and balances that have been stripped away by a court system that has arrogated powers beyond its purview.

J.K. Rowling Becomes A Jew

Her truly remarkable past philanthropy and support for left-wing causes counts for nothing. Like Stalin or Mao’s purges, only total submission and complete capitulation will do.

A Lesson for Conservatives in Israel and Hungary

Hungarians have learnt the lesson: if you lead a successful conservative government, no matter what, you end up receiving heavy criticism from the mainstream liberal media.

Three Muslims and a Settler

On a recent trip to the U.S., I—an Israeli “settler”—encountered three Muslims in three different places. Our interactions were surprising and perhaps inspiring.

63 & 23: The Jewish Press And Rabbi Sholom Klass

Many a morning as I was getting ready for school, Dad would come home to daven and then back to work he went. I don’t know when he slept or ate, but he never missed his prayers.

MK Simcha Rothman: 6 Facts About our Right to Choose Amendment

This legislation has no special connection to the LGBT, just as it has no special connection to Islam, or to skin color.

EU’s Secret Palestinian Building Plan for Area C

The EU plan to help the PA build in Area C is an egregious violation of the Oslo Accords.

Modern Orthodoxy’s Moral Failure

The fate of our children’s children rests with us – with whether we surrender the legacy of our forefathers for a little temporary convenience, or whether we stand proud and strong in the face of the storms to come.

Why Does the Murder of 3 Jews in Israel Rate Less of a Response...

Condemnations from the organizational American Jewish establishment lacked the intensity of outrage over the recent wave of cultural antisemitism from black celebrities.

Religious Zionism Consultant: Why Is Bibi Snubbing Smotrich?

Bibi Netanyahu may be planning to push Bezalel Smotrich to the background, if he plans on including them at all.

Iran Loses its Secret War in the Middle East, Cyprus and Caucasus?

Iran claims that Azerbaijan is Mossad’s beachhead for organizing mass protests in the country.


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