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The Blues, The Grays…And The Reds

The authors proved proved without doubt that Samuel Dickstein was corrupt and a traitor to our country and was on the payroll of the Soviet government, engaged in spying on the American government

Concerns Arise Over New ADL Official’s Meetings with Extremist US Muslim Group

Deapite the ADL's clearly stated position against meetings with CAIR, it has hired a former Obama official who has in fact met numerous times with this pro-terror organization

Einstein’s Zionism: His Enlightened Evolution and Its Parallel with His Scientific Thinking

Einstein explicitly supported in his later years the work of the Zionist organization “Working Palestine” where repeatedly he refers to the Jewish nation. This proves his support of Israel as a Jewish state

Sacrifice the Children

PBS has taken to reinforcing the influence of a blame/shame culture to manipulate these damaged Palestinian children into terrorists for politics

Upcoming UN ‘Blacklist’ of Companies Tied to Israel Invokes anti-Semitism

Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon described the list as “an expression of modern anti-Semitism reminiscent of dark periods in history.”

Kidnapped As A Teenager By The KGB

The terrifying and inspiring true story of the challenges faced by a young Soviet girl whose intentions were to join her father by making aliya to Israel.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?: Marriage Is Not Just Another Transactional Relationship

Man cannot experience true meaning and purpose unless he brings joy to others. He is not exempt from military service simply because he is a newlywed but in order to bring happiness to his new bride, specifically during the challenging first year--shana rishona.

Hurricane Katrina, Harvey, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Do you believe in coincidence OR is a 'Bigger Power' (read: GOD) at work?

The ZOA Has Criticized President Trump Plenty

ZOA's Morton Klein responds to allegations against the ZOA which appeared in The Forward.

Hillel at the Crossroads: Who’s Responsible for Hillel?

The name Hillel stands for one thing: the next generation. With 550 North American campus affiliates and 56 affiliates overseas, Hillel International is arguably one of America’s largest and most far-reaching Jewish organizations.

Teen Vogue goes Rogue

Teen Vogue presents as a fashion magazine that appeals to more than a million girls, yet instead of sticking to fashion it shares anti-American and anti-Israel views

Time for Trump to Follow Footsteps of Cyrus the Great

In a statement issued to reporters, the White House declared: "As [Trump] has repeatedly stated, his intention is to move the embassy. The question is not if that move happens, but only when." "If not NOW, when?"

Europe Begins to Appreciate Reality of Islamic Terrorism

Needless to say, the intensified epidemic of terrorism has finally obliged Europeans and the West overall to confront the fact that they are now on the front lines facing barbaric Islamic militancy.

Anti-Semitism in Europe: New Official Report

Judith Popinski, a concentration-camp survivor living in Malmö, Sweden said she had begun experiencing the same "hatred" in that city that had once been directed at her by the Nazis, only this time, she said, it "comes from Muslim immigrants.

Hate and Incitement: Palestinian and American

While threats against Israel in the Middle East grow stronger, so too the threats against both Israel and Jews in the US and on college campuses. But the heated language on campuses is spreading into society in general and into the media in particular.

Fund the Temple Mount Sifting Project NOW

The Temple Mount Sifting Project has turned the Wakf’s criminal dump of the most sensitive and valuable archaeological dirt on the globe – a national disgrace – into a national treasure. Funding the project is the least the government can do as penance for its long-standing malfeasance in countering Palestinian-Islamic aggression against Jewish history in Jerusalem and Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

The Islamic View of “Feminism”

Rebelling against Sharia is, sadly, for the Muslim woman, unthinkable. How can a healthy and normal feminist movement develop under an Islamic legal system that can flog, stone and behead women?

TEMPLE MOUNT SOLUTION: History Shows Islam Shared Dome of the Rock with Jews

Using Islamic history as a guide, the Dome of the Rock was built not as an affront to Jews nor a place politicized by the Arabs, but rather as a meeting point and placeholder for Jews and their cousins to pray to the Almighty.

Special Obligation for the President to Condemn the Racist Right

President Trump must stop being even-handed in his condemnations. He should focus his condemnation on extreme right wing bigots who speak and act in his name, and leave it to those of us on the left to focus our condemnation on left wing extremists and bigots.

UNESCO Supports Terrorism

UNESCO resolutions are a catalyst for Palestinian terrorism against Israelis. Yet they are more than that: they also make the prospect of peace even more distant.

The Never-Ending Peace Process Farce

it is impossible to envisage Trump’s representatives making any progress in bringing peace to Israel. Kushner has even recently conceded that he feared that a realistic solution to the impasse at present could well be impossible.

Trump and Rabbinic Virtue Signaling

For rabbinic groups to place Trump in what amounts to the Orthodox custom of cherem (shunning) is to assert that their synagogues are part of a political movement. It is nothing less than a declaration of war on a sitting president

‘Intersectionality’: Code Word for anti-Semitism

The linking of unrelated "victimizations," reflects a broader trend in hard-left politics. Increasingly, radical activists demand that the demonization of "Zionists" be featured in the package of causes that must to be embraced by anyone claiming the label of "progressive."

A Rite Of August

Yes, Alisa’s education at a religious Day School was a paradigm shift for her mother and me and not everything was easy. Many times over the years I thought, “What have we gotten ourselves into?” But the rewards are many.

You Can Always Count On Them

They’re everywhere. Literally everywhere with 4,000 locations spanning big cities, small towns, and suburbs throughout the US and in more than 60 countries around the world. Which multi-national is it?

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