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Former NY Governor George Pataki: “Remember What Israel Has Done For America”

"We stand with Israel because of its values and its greatness and because its such a wonderful ally"

Happy Birthday, Israel

For Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, the tanks, planes, and uniforms of the IDF were implements of mitzvot

Humility: The Prerequisite For Genuine Spirituality

The only way to become humble is honesty about our experiences; it's the only path to true humility

Obama Sees Khamenei The Way Gandhi Saw Hitler

Obama’s approach to evildoers echoes Gandhi’s fatuous and muddleheaded pleas to his “friend” Hitler

The Effective Way to Combat Anti-Israel Activity on Campus: Public Relations

Today, pro-Israel students can use social and digital media to combat the lies being propagated.

J-Street Speaker Wants Israel Destroyed – to Applause!

Freedman’s words express the complete and total denial of reality contained within post-Zionism

The Forward’s New Israel Fund Whitewash

Eisner comes not to defend the NIF but of course, ends up defending the NIF and its supporters.

The Iran challenge: Is There Another Way?

A serious peace-driven agreement and the nature of the Ayatollahs is the definition of an oxymoron

Obama and the Saudis

Obama permitted the collapse of Egypt while establishing warmer relations with Saudi enemy Iran

Judea, Samaria and the Urge to Appease

Bibi tried appeasing Obama for 6 years. Today, Obama's embraced Iran and is trying to isolate Israel

American Jewish leaders are Much Further to the Left than Left-wing Israelis

On this and many other issues vital to Israel, American Jewish organizations stand against Israel.

A Call for Boycott and Divestment

British archeologists just uncovered a statement from 1938 supporting BDS of Czechoslovakia (humor)

The End of Israel…A Message for Tuvia Tenenbom

The book's 2 main points: Jewish self-hatred and anti-Semitism of the past are alive, even thriving

A Gift Of Faith

My grandfather, a survivor, would recite the Haggadah with a fervor lighting up his teary face

Deconstructing Israel

The primary objective of this conference was to question the fundamental legitimacy of Israel itself

My First Yizkor Service: A Lesson for the Living

It was surreal reciting Yizkor for my mother who was still very much alive in my mind.

US-Israel Cooperation Defies Obama-Netanyahu Confrontation

Defense, scientific and commercial cooperation between the US and Israel is surging unprecedentedly, in defiance of the unbridgeable gap between the worldviews of President...

State Department Was Right To Reject Netanyahu’s Demand To Include Language About Israel’s Right...

Begin said to Carter “Because our Jewish state needs no American affirmation of our right to exist."

Startling Admission from Team Obama About the Iran ‘deal’

In the last weeks of the talks the US excluded every other delegation from negotiations with Iran.

Crisis in Indiana: Part II

The law protects businessman from participating in an activity against their religious beliefs.

American Jewish Leaders Choose Liberal Values Over Israel

When it comes to choosing between liberalism and Israel, the reality is that liberal Jewish organizations do not choose Israel.

Did the Police Fail or Did the People?

When a body is found murdered in a field, the community leaders must declare, "Our hands did not shed this blood."

Oil is Still Fueling Iran’s Atomic Ambitions

Oil impoverishment is the only reason Iran is negotiating on its uranium enrichment-they are linked.

Chag Kasher v. Sa’meach

Our family is so famous for our foiling, that we get Happy Passover cards from Alcoa.

Crisis in Indiana: The Wilting Bouquet of Religious Freedom

A society comprised of many cultures & religions does itself a disservice legislating morality.

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