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The Latest Israel Boycott Lie

BDS does not want to have a debate, which it knows it will lose

Who Elected These People, Anyway?

Of the 35 most prominent leaders of American Jewish groups. Twelve of them have been in power for more than 30 years – since the days of the Carter or Reagan administrations. Twenty-four of them have held their positions for more than 20 years.

Alan Dershowitz on Israel at 70: ‘A Light Unto the World’

“No country in the history of the world ever contributed more to the welfare of humankind in such a short period of time than Israel,” affirms the longtime professor, lawyer and author, soon to turn 80.

Demographic Time Bomb? Mistaken or Misleading!

Israel’s demographic surge – quantitatively and qualitatively – is bolstering the size of Israel’s future

Israel Must Stand in Solidarity with Yezidis

As Jews across the globe prepare to celebrate Passover, we should stand in solidarity with the over 3,000 Yezidi women and girls presently enslaved by ISIS.

Palestinian Canaanites? Why Don’t Palestinians Just Trace Themselves Back to the Jews?

Tsvi Misinai, a former hi-tech pioneer who has researched what he claims are the Jewish roots of the Palestinian Arabs. Who knows, maybe they will claim Israeli citizenship under the 'Law of Return'

Accusing Putin of anti-Semitism

To accuse Putin of anti-Semitism and linking him with the dark forces of Russian Jew baiting because of an ad lib comment taken out of context mentioning Jews amongst others is utter madness.

Leaders Are Not Obliged to Obey Their Advisors

he multidimensional complexity with which national leaders must contend is a necessary condition for effective strategic decision-making. On many occasions, it requires that those leaders ignore, or even act in contravention of, the advice of the professional echelon.

Gaza “March of Return” – The Complete Picture

The avowed tactical objectives of the Gaza “March of Return” on March 30, 2018, are opposition to the policies of the U.S. administration and the “deal of the century,” the U.S. initiative to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

PA: Jewish US Ambassador Friedman is an “Anti-Semite”

The PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now demonizing Friedman’s positions about the PA as expressions of “the ugliest kind of anti-Semitism.” They would know, they are expert anti-Semites.

The Rule of Law Would Be a Good Idea

The Supreme Court of Israel and the Supreme Court of the United States are like the Guardian Council of Iran. They are super-legislative bodies of purported scholars, in ceremonial black robes, imaginatively applying ancient doctrines while “conscious of the present needs and the issues of the day.”

How the IDF Is Training for War in Gaza

Military drills simulate what the Israel Defense Forces will face in a new kind of ground combat in Gaza – a kind that will inevitably involve civilians amid general chaos.

The Vishnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Mordechai Hager, Zt”l

Rabbi Hager was the leader of thousands of chassidim and, at the time of his death, is believed to have been the oldest chassidic rebbe in the world.

Rabbi Ralph Pelcovitz, Zt”l

Rabbi Pelcovits was a formidable talmid chacham, widely recognized as one of the preeminent pulpit rabbis of the last half of the 20th century with unsurpassed oratorical skills.

Last Week’s Mideast Summit

The messages seem clear. For one thing, the U.S., the major Arab states, and some European ones are fast moving away from the notion that the PA is part of the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian controversy.

A Great Awakening?

In fact, we have not heard of any criticism of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic remarks from any Women’s March leader.

Are Jews Overreacting To Poland’s Holocaust Law? – An Exclusive Interview With Rabbi Michael...

There is a growing number on the right that doesn’t like to talk about the bad things Poles did in the past.

Perfect Heroes

We would start our morning roll call in Hannah Szenes Hall, hold afternoon activities in Haviva Reik House, and finish off the day with an evening campfire outside Enzo Sereni Cabin.

The Secrets of Happiness (or unhappiness) Revealed

Israel just misses making the top 10, but still ranks an impressive No. 11 out of 156 nations rated on the annual World Happiness Report, a testament to its internal spirit.

Why Does Ronald Lauder Want Israel to be Only Nine Miles Wide?

Nine miles wide. It would take an Arab-tank column a matter of minutes to cut Israel in two.

Zionist ‘Nachas’

The existence of a Jewish army, like the state it defends and protects, is a Divine gift

For Israel, Failure is not an Option

Israel is ranked as the world’s eleventh most happy nation. It is also one of the most powerful and innovative countries in the world. When you know the Israeli People you know why

European Officials: Apologists for Arab-Islamic Repression, Terrorism

How is it possible that the world's highest Catholic authority does not feel any urgency to denounce the avalanche of anti-Semitism and hate coming from the Islamic authorities, but sent Iran a letter of support?

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