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Daf Yomi

A Convert’s Benefit ‘Blemishes Are Only Post Sinai’ (Horayos 10a)

The Halachic History of the Expanding Kezayis

He points out that medieval Ashkenazic authorities never saw an olive. Olives do not grow that far north; they only grow in the Mediterranean region.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky on Passover

Jabotinsky’s story is said to be adapted to the psychology of four typical children.

Is Grape Juice Acceptable For The Arba Kosos?

What about the Gemara that says you can squeeze out a cluster of grapes on Erev Shabbos and make Kiddush on Shabbos? They said that’s only if you didn’t treat the grape juice chemically to prevent it from fermenting.

A Pesach Thought

The explanation that the Haggadah is alluding to is that there are two forms of prayer. One where one cries outlaw and screams out to Hashem. Then there are troubles that a person suffers with and does not even know how to verbalize and does not call out for help.

Song Of Thanks

Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h, shares wisdom on the Haggadah. In just a few days we will all be singing “Dayenu.” What is the meaning of Dayenu? Why does it play such a central role in our Pesach Seder?

Which Statement To Believe? (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:3)

By denying the existence of the loan altogether, the defendant in 79:1 admitted, by implication, that he did not repay it – because nobody repays a loan he says he never took.

Q & A: Tachanun During Nissan (Part II)

Question: Why do we say Tachanun on some days and not on others? What are the rules? When do we not say it? M. Solow

Daf Yomi

The Mitzvah To Obey The Wise ‘If Beis Din Issued A Ruling’ (Horayos 2b)

Science, Nature And Revelation

The best argument against the world of ancient Egypt was Divine humor. The plagues were G-d’s joke at the expense of the magicians who believed that because they controlled the forces of nature, they were the masters of human destiny. They were wrong.

Passover Becomes Pesach

It wasn't until ten years later I found my own place in Yiddishkeit. For the first time I had an inkling of what Pesach was.

Redeeming Relevance: The Art of Seeing God When We Don’t

The retelling of the exodus at Pesach is meant to deepen our faith; and the excerpt from the Mishnah towards the beginning of the Haggadah presents a model for how to do that. It teaches us to follow the example of R. Elazar

If it Takes You More Than a Day to Clean for Pesach, You are...

I beg you to ask yourself this question: Which sounds will ring in your children’s ears in the future when they think back to Pesach in their home? Will it be moans, groans, bitterness and complaints or will they remember the joyous sounds of an energized family eagerly preparing for a meaningful Yom Tov?

Protecting the Precious

Our Matzah is not Shmurah if we are unconcerned with those who have nothing to eat, or no Seder to join.

The Good Old Days

Our problem is that in the daily bustle of life we hardly ever stop to smell the flowers.

That’s Not My Suitcase!

We should never feel as if we are lugging around heavy suitcases of avodas Hashem.

Independence And Dependence

Rebbetzin Jungreis, (a”h) lives on her eternal message. This week discussing our dependence on HaShem.

Letting Go

In the midst of my misery it hits me. I am going about this wrong. I take a deep breath and try to control my sobs.

Q & A: Tachanun During Nissan (Part I)

Question: Why do we say Tachanun on some days and not on others? What are the rules? When do we not say it? M. Solow

Daf Yomi

Not Wanted – Dead Or Alive ‘A Mouse That Fell Into A Cask Of Beer’ (Avoda Zara 68b)

Ours Is To Question Why

Of course, Aharon didn’t veer to the left or the right. This was the avodah in the Mishkan he was performing, and the directives came straight from Hashem!

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