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Finding Nemo

What makes fish different from all other creatures? They definitely have many unique qualities, such as the fact that they swim, live in the water, etc.

Counting Jews

But why then were kohanim allowed to be counted in the Beis Hamikdash via their fingers? Why is counting fingers different from counting people?

Picking Up the Pieces

The Broken Tablets teach us our relationship with God is real, demands work, and survives challenges

Ki Tisa: Will God Always Forgive Me?

Moses explores the question, "Is there ever a point of no return in my relationship with God?

Tefillah: A Meeting With Hashem – Just Talk to Him

How can we feel that we are actually having a conversation with Hashem when we do not see Him?

Hashem And Man: Master And Servant

The answer to this question is based on understanding the underpinnings of our relationship with Hashem.


Why three colors? Why Scarlet, Purple, and Turquoise? Yes, beautiful; Yes, regal. Still: Why?

Was There Shaatnez in the Kohen’s Garments?

This statement implies that, but for the mitzvah, they would be in violation of the aveirah of shaatnez by wearing these garments.

Tetzaveh: The Hidden Secrets In The Walls Of The Mishkan

What are the secrets God encoded within the Mishkan's walls? How can we integrate it into our lives?

Redeeming Relevance: A Choshen Mishpat of our Very Own

The sages believed each of the Kohen Gadol's vestments brought atonement for a different type of sin

The Life And Identity Of Chiram

It is important to keep in mind that there are numerous midrashim that are not meant to be taken literally.

Room In The Sanctuary

They shall make a Sanctuary for Me so that I may dwell among them"

Materials Fit For The Mishkan

One could suggest that we distinguish tamei animals from the items they produce.

Balancing Bitachon And Hishtadlus

Amazingly, whenever we accomplish something in this world, the results are credited to us even though we are fully aware that Hashem is the One Who did it all.

Aleph Beta: Terumah: Is God Talking To Me Through The Laws of the Mishkan?

How can we as 21st century Torah learners, find meaning and relevance in the Mishkan's construction?

Impossible Reality

The Sfat Emet explains that reality is malleable, and that the shaper of reality is...Humanity

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Terumah: How Many Israelites Does it Take to Build an Aron?

If we truly want to be involved in Torah study, than we, ipso facto, are involved in Torah study.

Shabbos Mevorchim Adar Rishon

The month of Adar is characterized by the emotion of unbridled joy.

Parshat Mishpatim

So what did Eisenhower actually say?

Checking For Shatnez

Many poskim maintain that if a person buys an inexpensive suit he need not check it for shatnez since the vast majority of inexpensive suits are shatnez­-free.

Aleph Beta: Mishpatim: Are Laws Just Oppressive Restrictions?

In this week's parsha, the Israelites experience their highest high & lowest low within a few verses

Dual Revelation At Sinai

The obligation to perform Mitzvot is a fundamental enabler for the Divine Countenance in this world. Shechina was never removed from the nations of the world, for otherwise the world could not exist.

The Effect Of An Action

So too if someone intended to help Shimon and succeeded, we understand that good was coming to Shimon because Hashem decided long ago.

Crossing Boundaries

I prefer to celebrate with you the many times we reach just beyond the boundary into the good & holy

Redeeming Relevance: Mishpatim: What’s So Special About Parents?

By first putting parents before "self" we learn to put the more abstract God before self.

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