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The Jewish Story: The Lion's Roar

The Jewish Story: The Lion’s Roar [audio]

There was more to the Golden Age of Tzefat than the writing of authoritative legal texts. Hear more on today's The Jewish Story with Rav Mike.

Rejuvenation: If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Chicago [audio]

Ignorance is not going to solve anything. What will it take to wake everyone up? Eve Harow's thoughts on her eye opening speaking tour throughout the US.
The Soul of Israel: Leap Over Mountains this Passover

The Soul of Israel: Leap Over Mountains this Passover [audio]

Get inspired for one of the highest potential moments throughout the year. Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares some critical pre-Seder insights today on The Soul of Israel.

Israel Uncensored: UNRWA Feeling the Trump/Haley Authority [audio]

Did the United Nations Relief and Works Agency decide to come clean on the tunnels, discovered under two of its schools, because of the strength on display from the Trump/Haley administration? This and more top news stories happening in Israel on today's Israel Uncensored with Joshua Hasten.

Meet the Jew who saved 149 Christian Lives [audio]

Hear the story of Aron Shaviv share the harrowing story of how he helped save the lives of 149 Christians.

Israel Inspired: Why are American-Israel Relations Falling Apart and Why is that Good For...

The United States has began labeling products made in Judea and Samaria, a step toward an American boycott of Israeli products. Why is this happening now? How is Israel responding?
Rejuvenation: Refreshing the Game of Life

Rejuvenation: Refreshing the Game of Life [audio]

Torah also imparts many messages about how to do business. Today on Rejuvenation Eve Harow interviews Simcha Gluck of FreshBiz Game about his new book, Israel, Tanach and how we can all be agents of change in the world.

Israel Uncensored: Special Guest Caroline Glick – Obama Can Still Do More Damage to...

Caroline Glick joins Josh Hasten, host of "Israel Uncensored" discussing the latest from Hebron where an IDF soldier faces charges after killing an injured terrorist he felt was still a threat & what Israel needs to do to quell the current wave of terror across Israel.

Yishai Show: 9/11 and Beyond: Dealing with Tragedy [audio]

The 5-point system of "honoring" the dead with a recipe for life. Yishai speaks with renowned trauma and grieving expert Dr. Ken Druck about coping with terror on today's Yishai Fleisher Show on The Land of Israel Network.

The Soul of Israel: The Empowerment of Yaacov [audio]

This week on The Soul of Israel Rabbi's Ari Abramowitz, Jeremy Gimpel and Shlomo Katz discuss the family dynamics between the fathers of the Jewish People and this week's Torah portion.

Israel Uncensored: Jihadist Attack Leads to Yom Kippur Reflection on Life [audio]

Jihadist terror struck Israel again on Sunday when two Israelis were murdered in a Jerusalem shooting and many more injured. Rabbi Guy Avihod joins Josh Hasten on today's Israel Uncensored and speak about how the attacks prove just how precious life is and the importance of the atonement process on Yom Kippur on The Land of Israel Network.
Rejuvenation: The Attraction of Archaeomagnetic Dating

Rejuvenation: The Attraction of Archaeomagnetic Dating [audio]

Learn about one of the lesser known aspects of the field of archaeological dating when Eve Harow speaks with Israeli archaeologist Professor Erez Ben Yosef today on Rejuvenation.

Is there any point in talking sense to the Swedes?

Former Knesset Member Rabbi Dov Lipman is now the Director of Public Diplomacy in the office of the Vice Chairman of the WZO. Dov recently went to Sweden to confront a nation whose Foreign Minister accused Israel of extra-judicial killing. Is there any point to engaging anti-semites? Dov joins Yishai for a frank assessment of Israel's public diplomacy.
Rejuvenation: Are You from Former Iberian Jews?

Rejuvenation: Are You from Former Iberian Jews? [audio]

Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Communities had to endure centuries of forced conversions to Christianity, and dispersion. Now there are attempts at reconnecting millions of people to their Jewish roots. Eve Harow interviews Ashley Perry-Perez, Director General of the Knesset Caucus for the Reconnection with the Descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Communities.
Rejuvenation: Press Coverage = Alternative Reality

Rejuvenation: Press Coverage = Alternative Reality [audio]

Former paratrooper Danny Seaman and Eve Harow discuss the libels that shaped global opinion about Israel and the imperative of waging cognitive warfare. He's now developing the English division of Mida today on Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: Chewing on Onomastics [audio]

What’s in a Jewish Name? What do our names say about us; our culture, our religiosity, our country, our gender, the language in which we communicate? Eve Harow speaks with Professor Aaron Demsky today on Rejuvenation.

The Jewish Story: The New Jew [audio]

Did you ever wonder how the Jews when from being the martyrs of Europe to the military power of the Middle East in less than fifty years? Learn more with Rav Mike Feuer today on The Jewish Story.

The Soul of Israel: Lots or Destiny – Parashat Pinchas [audio]

How can we live with the ability to actually experience our destiny, as opposed to living a life with no specific direction. On today's The Soul of Israel with Rabbi Shlomo Katz on The Land of Israel Network.
The Soul of Israel: Grabbing Your Drums in the Month of Adar

The Soul of Israel: Grabbing Your Drums in the Month of Adar [audio]

Grab your drums and expand your mind. Rabbi Shlomo Katz is joined by Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel as they touch on one of the deepest secrets in the human condition – experiencing true joy in the midst of fear and darkness today on The Soul of Israel.

Rejuvenation: Time is of the Essence [audio]

Should January 1st be the first day of the new year for non-Christians? The footprints of Babylonian gods, Roman emperors, Byzantine popes and Talmudic rabbis impact when we celebrate birthdays and holidays in modernity. Dr. Hagi Amitzur joins Eve Harow to discuss calendars and time on today's Rejuvenation

Israel Uncensored: Did Israel Ignore the Brewing Storm at the UN? [audio]

Did Israel ignore the brewing storm? Did Israel ignore the warning signs that led to last week's UN Resolution? Dr. Martin Sherman speaks with Joshua Hasten and suggests that Israel's leadership didn't take the necessary steps in advance of last week's UNSC resolution on today's Israel Uncensored.

Rejuvenation: A Jordanian Date Palm Speaks [audio]

Eve Harow speaks w/Tamar Hayardeni, a 10th generation Jerusalemite, about an undivided Jerusalem, motherhood, terrorism and more on this weeks Rejuvenation on The Land of Israel Network.

Israel Inspired: The Temple Mount Revolution [audio]

Get ready for a mass gathering and ascension to the Temple Mount this Sukkot with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel on Israel Inspired.
Israel Uncensored: Making Sense Out of the Middle East Mess

Israel Uncensored: Making Sense Out of the Middle East Mess [audio]

What's going on in the Middle East? What's the situation on the Syrian side of the Golan? How will the sudden resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister due to the Iran/Hezbollah influence the country? Joshua Hasten interviews journalist Seth Frantzman on today's Israel Uncensored.

Israel Inspired: Why Trump Doesn’t Drink Alcohol [audio]

After journeys through the geographic and spiritual realms, Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel return to the airwaves in an exciting episode on inspiration, service, obedience, and joy on today's Israel Inspired.


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