Inside Israel Today: Did Abbas Kill the Israeli Left? [audio]

What is the impact on the Israeli Left on Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s anti-Semitic speech and rejection of peace talks? Listen in as Gil Hoffman interviews Knesset member Nachman Shai on Inside Israel Today.

The Jewish Story: Religion and State [audio]

Listen in to this interview with R' Aaron Leibowitz, social activist fighting to bring a more healthy and redemptive face to the relationship between religion and state today with Rabbi Mike Feuer on The Jewish Story.

Rejuvenation: SIGNAL Your Orient-ation [audio]

Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership founder Carice Witte joins Eve Harow for a fascinating look at current China- Israel non political initiatives today on Rejuvenation.

Israel Uncensored: Yom Hazikaron with Terror Survivor Kay Wilson [audio]

On this Yom HaZikaron as Israel remembers those soldier who fell defending Israel and those victims of terror Josh Hasten speaks with terror survivor Kay Wilson who has become an educator combating anti-Israel hate. Kay Wilson is a symbol of survival and resilience.

Rejuvenation: A Jordanian Date Palm Speaks [audio]

Eve Harow speaks w/Tamar Hayardeni, a 10th generation Jerusalemite, about an undivided Jerusalem, motherhood, terrorism and more on this weeks Rejuvenation on The Land of Israel Network.

Israel Uncensored: PA’s “Pay For Slay” Program Takes a Hit [audio]

Listen to an interview with attorney Maurice Hirsch from Palestinian Media Watch about the Knesset Bill which passed into law this past week freezing the amount of PA tax funds being paid to terrorists & their families. Today on Israel Uncensored w/ Joshua Hasten.

Rejuvenation: Broken and Whole; The Essence of 3 Weeks [audio]

Eve Harow speaks with Rabbi Barnea Levi Selevan, who lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, listen as they discuss the symbolism, the essence and the ‘seeds’ of each day. This week on Rejuvenation: Broken & Whole - The Essence of the 3 Weeks.

The Soul of Israel: Leap Over Mountains this Passover [audio]

Get inspired for one of the highest potential moments throughout the year. Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares some critical pre-Seder insights today on The Soul of Israel.

Rejuvenation: The Background and Battlegrounds of Asael Lubotzky [audio]

An inspirational story of a young man who describes his journey in the battles of Lebanon and in rehabilitation. Of the strong faith, friendships and family ties that have made him who he is today. On today's Rejuvenation Eve Harow interviews Asael Lubotsky.

Inside Israel Today: Fighting Israel’s Legal Battle [audio]

“There is no instant gratification in international law,” laments Sarah Weiss Ma’udi director of the General International Law Department at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In her interview with Gil Hoffman she describes her efforts defending Israel’s actions in Gaza to the world today on Inside Israel Today.

Rejuvenation: Nothing ScaVentured, Nothing Gamed [audio]

Learn about Israel ScaVentures, the ultimate in interactive and educational learning about the country via sophisticated and well planned guided scaventure hunts. Eve Harow speaks with founder Tali Kaplinski Tarlow today on Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: From the Hills of Judea to the Valley of the Sun [audio]

Why are “pro-Palestinan” groups destroying co-existence? What’s with the obsession with the Jewish state? How are Israeli expats making a mark? Eve Harow interviews Jake Bennett, a former IDF combat soldier now fighting Israel’s battles on the Arizona front of public opinion, today on Rejuvenation.

Israel Uncensored: Showing Congress Judea and Samaria [audio]

She brings top US officials to Israel and takes them on tours all over Israel so that they can see all the issues up close and personal and formulate opinions for themselves. Joshua Hasten interviews Ruth Jaffe Lieberman Founder of "The Yes! Israel Project" today on Israel Uncensored.

Israel Uncensored: Is Israel Headed for Early Elections? [audio]

The Israeli public sees through the attacks being carried out against the Prime Minister and the “right” by the judiciary, media, etc. and thus as time goes on, continues to voice support for the PM and his party explains Caroline Glick. Listen to the rest of her interview with Joshua Hasten today on Israel Uncensored.

LIVE! Livestream from the Temple Mount [video]

Join Ari and Jeremy and hundreds more as they ascend up to the Temple Mount at 9 AM - Live Stream!

Rejuvenation: “Fifty Shades of Talmud: What the First Rabbis Had to Say about You-Know-What”...

On Rejuvenation Eve Harow & award winning novelist Maggie Anton discuss everything from exactly how we are supposed to be 'fruitful and multiply’ to why the modern world needs Judaism’s refreshing honesty on physical relationships in all their forms.

Israel Inspired: 34 Dead in Brussels – Are American Jews in Danger? [audio]

On this weeks Israel Inspired, as Ari returns from his tour in the US and Jeremy from Europe, they share their powerful experiences and the messages they imparted. How did American Jews react to hearing this uncomfortable message.

Israel Uncensored: Waking Up About Judea and Samaria [audio]

On this episode of Israel Uncensored Josh Hasten speaks with Efrata Mayor Oded Revivi about his Succot experience in which his invited breakfast guests, neighboring Arabs, were arrested by the Palestinian Authority.

Israel Inspired: Trump & Netanyahu – Behind Closed Doors [audio]

Is the 2 State solution dead? Can Israel build in Judea and Samaria? Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel discuss the historic meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the many unanswered questions on today's Israel Inspired.

Facing Mighty Egypt With a Stutter!

Why was Moses chosen? And what was he lacking? And why does he stutter?? Rabbi Mike Feuer and Yishai join up once again and talk about the the Torah portion as it relates to the power of New York City, our brothers and sisters abroad, and the kind of leadership that the Jewish people and Israel need today. Spiritual Cafe is back!

Israel Inspired: A Jew’s Journey of Discovery [audio]

Listen to a journey like you’ve never heard before. A journey of communes, hitchhiking, witches and then discovering of Jewish roots. Joshua Safran joins Ari Abramowitz and shares his story on today's Israel Inspired.

The Soul of Israel: What is Jewish Mindfulness? [audio]

Learn mysterious verse from this week’s Torah Portion and unveil ancient Jewish traditions in prayer, meditation and mindfulness on today's The Soul of Israel with Rabbi's Shlomo Katz, Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel.

Rejuvenation: Down in the Dirt: Fast Days and Fast Balls [audio]

Play ball! Eve Harow interviews a variety of people beginning with Peter Kurz, who heads the IAB - Israel Association of Baseball . Listen to Major League Baseball players Jon Moscot, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, Corey Baker, St. Louis Cardinals, and Josh Zeid, Houston Astros representing Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic in March in Korea.

Israel Uncensored: The Fire Meant to Destroy Us, Instead It United Us [audio]

Terrorist arsonists lit hundreds of fires over the past several days trying to burn Israel, and its people, to the ground. But instead of destroying the Land of Israel, the fires have united a nation in a near unprecedented manner on today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten.

Israel Inspired: Donald Trump’s Visa Ban & the New World Order [audio]

Is Donald Trump’s visa ban an impulsively reckless decision or part of a brilliant political strategy? How should we make sense of these volatile times? Today on Israel Inspired with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel.

Rejuvenation: On the Eve of AIPAC [audio]

Getting ready for the AIPAC conference Eve Harow is in Washington DC and shares some thought provoking Torah lessons heard on Shabbat, including ancient Egypt as the first BDS-ers today on Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: Living the Dead Sea Scrolls [audio]

Listen in as Eve Harow interviews Professor Lawrence Schiffmanis, one of the world’s experts on the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th Century, the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Israel Uncensored: JobKatif – Expanding Services for Those in Need [audio]

Where are they working now? Josh Hasten speaks with Judy Lowy, Executive Director of JobKatif, who's organization helped to provide employment opportunities and training for those whose lives were shattered in 2005. Today on Israel Uncensored on The Land Of Network

Israel Uncensored: Jihadist Terror Strikes [audio]

What is the boiling point for Israel’s leaders before taking more meaningful steps to weed out the terror carried out by those living under the PA? On today’s Israel Uncensored Joshua Hasten discusses this latest evil.

The Supermoon, Passover, Prophecy and Return

"And the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times as strong, like the light of seven days, on the day that Hashem bandages the injury of His people and heals the wound of his blow."


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