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Israel is preparing a program to help absorb an increasing number of Jews making aliyah.

Aliyah to Israel increased by 14 percent from January to the end of March, with the most impressive numbers coming from Russia and France, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Russia led the aliyah number list with 899 new immigrants, followed by France with 802.


One veteran French immigrant told The Jewish Press that despite the flight to Israel from France, plagued by violent anti-Semitism, there is a far greater exodus of Jews to the United States and Canada.

The third largest source of new immigrants so far this year is the United States, from where 203 arrived, and another 23 came from Canada.

The total number of new immigrants for the first three months of this year is 3,623.



  1. Given the fact that 3400 North American Jews and 3200 French Jews arrived in 2013, it is difficult to predict what the total number will be be in 2014 by looking at just the first quarter of the year. French aliyah is up 300% so that means it's on pace for a massive increase. Still, it seems like the government should be able to get more than 20,000 immigrants annually. 40,000 immigrants annually would completely negate the Arab births within Israel.

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