Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson
Knife used in an attack. (Archive photo)

Maybe it’s because it’s International Women’s Day?

An Arab woman who possibly had thoughts about starting a new life as a jihadist “for the cause” arrived Tuesday morning at the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem.


The wannabe terrorist got to the site just a few minutes after another Arab woman tried — and failed — to stab Border Guard police officers in the Old City of Jerusalem. That incident did not end well for the attacker, who was shot and ultimately died of her wounds.

But the wannabe terrorist at Qalandiya was immediately caught red-handed on camera during a routine inspection, before she had the opportunity to carry out an attack.

Her bag, which like all items was placed on the conveyer belt and moved through the X-ray machine, immediately revealed its hidden weapon.

A large knife was nestled among the other items in the wannabe terrorist’s bag.

The Arab woman was immediately arrested and transferred to security personnel for questioning.

The knife was held as evidence.



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