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British prime minister David Cameron speaks at a news conference March 2014 in Jerusalem.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron called the country’s Jewish community a “true British success story” on Friday in his Passover message.

Cameron said British Jews are “excelling in every field and working constantly the build a fairer society for everyone.”


Nevertheless, he said, anti-Semitism spares no Jew.

“As Jewish communities unite to celebrate the festival of Passover, our thoughts will turn to the increasing number of abhorrent anti-Semitic attacks over the past year,” Cameron said.

“Jewish communities, wherever in the world they are, must not be left to live in fear. Sadly, even here in the UK, we still see cases of anti-Semitic abuse.

“I am determined to do everything in my power to stamp it out,” he said. “Part of that is remembering the horror of the Holocaust, because to ignore history is to risk repeating it.”

Cameron, who leads the Conservative Party, has called Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn a “threat to national security.” Corbyn has in the past referred to himself as a “friend” of Hamas and Hezbollah, and has refused to condemn anti-Semitic statements made by his brother Piers.

Recently a number of prominent Labour Party members have expressed dissatisfaction with the rise of anti-Semitism within the central party leadership. Some have begun to distance themselves from the party as a result.



  1. Solid comments by the PM but the truth is as Europe becomes increasingly overrun with mohommedans the Jewish community will be the target for the pedophile worshipping muslims

  2. With ask due respect it is completely irrelevant what the British Prime Minister says.
    And he measures Jewish success in material wealth or economic anyway.
    "Jewish success" can only be measured by the intensity of unity and mutual responsibility among Jews.
    That is the foundation and the only guarantee of safety and survival for Jews.
    Moreover the unique, "supernatural" unity and mutual responsibility – above inherent diversity, above the instinctive unfounded hatred – is the only positive example that could show the way to the crisis ridden, chaotic global human society.

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