Photo Credit: IDF
Tens of thousands of leaflets advise Gaza residents to steer clear of terrorists.

The Israeli Air Force dropped tens of thousands of leaflets on Gaza Saturday, warning them that any house connected with terrorists is a fair target.

The IDF has provided a translation of the leaflets:


“To the residents of Gaza,

“The IDF intends to attack terrorists and terror infrastructure across the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas leadership, while remaining in underground hiding, disregarding the civilians’ needs and wishes for tranquility, will be pursued.

“Israel is currently attacking, and will continue to attack, every area from which terror activities against Israel originate. Every house from which militant activity is carried out, will be targeted.

“For your own safety, prevent terrorists from utilizing your property for terror agendas, and stay away from every site in which terrorist organizations are operating.

“The IDF calls you to distance yourselves from where fire was directed at Israel. The IDF’s campaign has not​ been ​concluded.


“Israeli Defense Forces”

A recorded message to Gaza residents stated, “Hamas leadership has decided to drag you to another battle. Prevent terrorists from utilizing your property for terror agendas, and stay away from every site in which terrorist organizations are operating.”



  1. “Fair Warning!” May the Holy Adonai have Mercy on those who can’t get out that are not part of the terrorist thugs hamas’s… islamic muslim Cult/Occult murderers!May the Holy Hashem bring great conviction upon the hearts+depraved soul’s of those islamic muslim murderous terrorist thugs satans followers to REPENT of their murders ,their evil wickedness +sins their idol worship+ hatred of another part of the human race of mankind!If they do not REPENT very Soon you will only wish you had, when your in Hell with your little fake god allah-satan+all his demons tormented+they forever torturing+tormenting you for being stupid enough to blindly follow his False Religion doing satan’s bidding through your service to his puppet fake dead prophet….whats his name!

  2. They don’t fight for their freedom from Hamas in Gaza, complain about ruins, but there were no lives lost, and plenty of warning for them to be safe. If they don’t want their homes and buildings blown up, fight back – Hamas is firing their rockets from them, destroying them as well as Israelis. Fight for your freedom, like Israel is. Together, we can have peace, freedom and a bridge to build our cultures.

  3. one must ask why Hamas have operations centres in residential apartments….When I build a house of cards and then decide to remove the Ace of Spades I knowingly understand the entire house will fall. I expect the house to fall. Does the Hamas leadership not understand this? You are the Ace of Spades ….you fall, the deck falls.

  4. It’s sad that the innocent people are caught in the cross fire, but they let Hamas make promises they don’t keep. Hamas is even killing their own people, calling them traitors. What country does that? It’s complete madness. Most countries would imprison traitors, but not Hamas. With out the blink of an eye they slaughter their own people. You can’t help people who don’t want your help, or cry about the way things are, but would shoot you in the back given a chance.

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