Photo Credit: Nati Shohat / Flash 90
The expulsion of part of Amona, 2006

The IDF on Tuesday issued an order to the residents of Amona to clear their village in 48 hours. The order, copies of which were posted around the community, declares the area as “restricted,” and states that “within 48 hours from the issuing of this order, no person may enter or remain in the restricted boundary.”

The IDF order, signed on Monday, January 30, demands that the residents of Amona remove all their possessions from their homes by tomorrow, Wednesday. It also permits the residents to appeal the decree in writing to the commander of the IDF forces in Judea and Samaria within 48 hours from its publication.


The Supreme Court is expected to rule on Tuesday regarding a petition submitted by area Arabs via the Yesh Din NGO (annual budget estimated at $1,680,000, from donors such as the EU, the UK, Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat from Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands, Norwegian Refugee Council, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, and Oxfam-Novib from the Netherlands). With help from those foreign agencies, the petition seeks to prevent the state from offering the people of Amona alternative housing nearby – as was promised to them a month ago.

The final date set by the court for the last Jewish foot to be set in Amona is February 8.

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  1. Another dad blasted Gaza!!! Who the devil is leading this rag-tag bunch of decision-making fools? Jews out of Gaza. Missiles. Jews out of Amona. Now what! Just a small place? It is significant if Jews are not welcome in their own G-d given land. Just one step to meeting UN 2334 demand! Take the land! ALL of it! Stop pandering to the enemy!

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