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? Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rivlin Shares Tales of Youth Under Fire with Teen Administrators of New Gaza Belt...

"Every one of my grandchildren follows you constantly, and that’s really great.”

Explosive Terror Balloon Lands on Southern Israeli Jewish Home

Residents of the home were evacuated, as were neighbors, and a police sapper neutralized the device.

Shin Bet Chief: The Quiet Is Deceptive, We’ve Thwarted 480 Terror Attacks

"Hamas is trying with all its might to carry out terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria, directed from the Gaza Strip, Turkey and Lebanon."

Egyptian Security Delegation Returns to Gaza on Eve of Another Riotous Friday

The security delegation will discuss measures to stabilize the current cease-fire and prevent friction on the Gaza Strip border, but talks will not address halting tomorrow's return marches.

IDF Drone Strikes Southern Gaza

The group of terrorists were about to launch incendiary balloons into Israel.

IDF Launches Criminal Investigation of Gazan Paramedic’s Death Based on B’Tselem Claims

To support their case against the IDF soldiers and the spokesperson, B'Tselem enclosed an additional crucial testimony, by A-Rajjan's mother, Sabreen al-Najjar, who swore that "Raszan was a naive girl who loved life and always smiled."

IDF Fires on 3 Young Terrorists Sent to Sabotage Gaza Border Fence

The opportunity to raise condemnations of Israel did not escape the Arab propaganda machine, both in Gaza and Ramallah.

Activists Block Kerem Shalom Crossing, Preventing Goods Entering Gaza

"We cannot tolerate a situation in which residents in our country are subject to unrelenting acts of terrorism."

Hamas Employees on Strike Demanding their Salaries

The Hamas-affiliated Employees' Union members held banners in the park of the Unknown Soldier's Memorial in Gaza City, demanding that the government pay their salaries.

Uneasy Truce in Gaza After Israel Air Force Silences Ilslamic Jihad Rocket Fire

The Israeli Air Force took to the skies and stayed there, striking 80 sites belonging to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

IDF Warplanes Attack Gaza Targets in Response to Rocket Fire

The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization responsible for everything happening in and out of the Gaza Strip

IAF Attacks Hamas Observation Post in Response to Escalating Arson Terror

At least eight fires erupted in Israeli agricultural fields and forest land by mid-afternoon Wednesday as a result of Hamas-flown incendiary balloons from Gaza.

Liberman Orders Resumption of Fuel Supplies to Gaza as Border Violence, Arson Attacks Rage...

Liberman says he is trying to demonstrate a clear pattern of “cause and effect” for Arabs living in Gaza.

Teenage Gazan Rioter Dies in New Border Violence

The teenager who was shot was targeted while throwing a bomb at a soldier at the time he was hit, according to the IDF.

Agricultural, Environmental Arson Attacks Continue Despite Egyptian Mediation Efforts, Israeli Patience

Dozens of acres of beautiful forest land was destroyed in the blaze as firefighters spent hours battling the flames.

Gazan Infiltrator Caught in Israel, Being Returned by IDF

In many cases, Palestinian Authority and Gaza Arabs bring along knives or other weapons in their attempts to be arrested, hoping to receive a longer prison term in Israel.

Liberman Warns ‘All Options Exhausted’ in Gaza

"We need to deliver a powerful blow to Hamas. That is the only way to get the situation back to the way it was before, and to lower the level of violence to zero, or to nearly zero."

Gaza Border Crossings with Israel Reopened

No decision has yet been made on whether to reinstate delivery of the fuel purchased by Qatar for Gaza.

IDF Strikes Incendiary Terror Balloon Squad as Israeli Forests Set Ablaze, Again

IAF pilots likewise carried out an air strike Friday against a separate terror cell that was preparing more terror balloon attacks against Israel, eliminating the threat.

Hamas Continues Gaza Border Violence Despite Egyptian Demands

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were still hurled over the security fence at Israeli soldiers, as were Molotov cocktails and live grenades, as in previous weeks.

IDF at Peak Readiness for Gaza Border Confrontation Today

Eizenkot, who ended a US visit early following the rocket that hit a civilian neighborhood in Beersheba, found himself engaged in his own survival war .

UN Peace Envoy: Crucial to Avoid War in Gaza, End Occupation & Achieve 2-State...

"These steps are only temporary and aim at avoiding war. We must never forget that, at its heart, Gaza is not a humanitarian problem, it is a political problem."

Former NSC Chief: 99% of Israelis Not Harmed in Gaza Conflict – It’s Acceptable

When asked if after the restoration of the Gaza Strip Hamas would take care of the needs of its citizens, Eiland replied: "No. Extremist regimes operate according to short-term interests."

Al Hayat: Hamas Condemns Firing Rockets at Israel

The Hamas decision to ease the confrontations with the IDF "came to reduce the losses among the protesters."


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