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April 21, 2014 / 21 Nisan, 5774
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Assad Warns US and Israel to Expect Chemical Attack (Video)

The US, Israel and others might be hit with chemical weapons if they attack, says Assad. But would he use them? Of course not. Not him. But there always is Hezbollah. Or rebels. But not Assad. Never.
Assad tells Charlie Rose that his 'friends' or rebels might use chemical weapons on the US and Israel if Obama attacks.

Assad tells Charlie Rose that his 'friends' or rebels might use chemical weapons on the US and Israel if Obama attacks.
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Syrian President Bassar al-Assad told interviewer Charlie Rose that the United States, Israel and other American allies can expect to be hit with chemical weapons if President Barack Obama carries out his threat to attack.

Assad, who has denied that his regime used chemical weapons despite widespread evidence to the contrary, implied that Iran and Hezbollah or rebels could use chemical weapons to repel a military strike.

“It could happen…if the rebels or the terrorists in this region or any other group have” chemical weapons, he explained.

The United States “should expect everything, not necessarily from the government,” if the United States attacks, he said. Assad added that Syria is “not the only player in the region” and that “you have different parties, you have different factions, you have different ideology.”

It would only take one or two deranged Al Qaeda terrorists, and not necessarily Assad’s soldiers, to use an American attack as an excuse to try to be the Great Arab hero who tried to destroy Israel with a “dirty bomb” or poison gas.

However, based on Assad’s previous actions and statements during the civil war, he used the interview to prepare the groundwork to use chemical weapons and blame others for it.

Rose is one of the few journalists allowed into the country and to meet Assad, dispelling rumors that he is hiding underground. Rose described Assad as “remarkably calm.”

As for the chemical attack on Syrian civilians last month, Assadcontinued to maintain a “What, me?” attitude in the interview, which will be aired in full on Rose’s PBS show Monday evening after excerpts were viewed Monday morning on CBS.

“Our soldiers, in another area, were attacked chemically,” Assad maintained. “But in the area where they say the government used chemical weapons, we only have video, pictures and allegations. We were not there, our forces, our police, our institutions, don’t exist.

“How can you talk about what happened if you don’t have evidence?”

While Assad was warning of a chemical attack, an Israeli official who has been briefed by Washington told Reuters that the Obama administration would give Israel only “hours” notice before attacking Syria.

That could mean two hours or 10 years. In either case, that is enough to rev up the F-16 engines but not enough to mobile troops.

Former Defense Ministry top honcho Amos Gilad, who has sounded suspiciously dovish and often has been dead wrong since leaving office, said in a speech at a counterterrorism center that Israel is totally out of the picture concerning if and when President Obama orders an attack.

There also is the possibility that the unidentified Israeli official who spoke with Reuters simply is lying and that the United States and Israel are cooperating closely towards a military strike.

If the Obama administration were not to give Israel enough notice to prepare for an attack, then Washington would have to take on the job of answering a lot of questions if Israeli civilians end up being killed.

It also is no secret that the American government relies heavily on Israel for intelligence information in the Middle East in general and in Syria specifically. Israel, and not the United States, has the human resources to plant dark-skinned Arabic-speaking agents in Syria.

Regardless of whether Israel will have no notice or plenty of notice before an American attack, President Obama already has given the world a least a couple of weeks to prepare for it.

The results have been panic. Russia has sent warships to the region and has threatened that Obama is laying with fire that will erupt into a regional war, or not a world war. Israel has deployed a battery of the anti-missile Iron Dome system around Jerusalem, and Turkey has placed anti-aircraft batteries along its southern border with Syria.

The rhetoric is great for headlines, and no one will say that Syria will throw out the welcome mat for an American attack.

But so far, Obama has one powerful diplomatic weapon on his side: Russia and Syria bear the burden to prove that the Assad regime did not deploy chemical weapons. No one believes Assad’s’ denials accept, perhaps, his properly British educated wife.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has given Assad the “exit option” of turning over chemical weapons in a week to the international community in return for President Obama’s pushing the “stop” button.

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About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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16 Responses to “Assad Warns US and Israel to Expect Chemical Attack (Video)”

  1. **** this guy and all his people

  2. **** this guy and all his people

  3. More propaganda watch Aljazeera to get the latest facts

  4. More propaganda watch Aljazeera to get the latest facts

  5. Honor Lottering says:

    More propaganda watch Aljazeera to get the latest facts

  6. I am surprised Jewish Express has not picked up on the story regarding the FSA. FSA are backed by Saudi, a US client country? Therefore indirectly the US and UK are responsible for the chemical attack in Damascus? One might go as far to say Assad has been framed. On the other hand Iran is a client state of Russia as are most Central Asian Oil producing states? Saturday, an article appeared informing us the public, problems over pipe lines into Europe via Syria carrying gas/oil. Saudi is peeved about this since. Russia already supplies Europe. Who is/will serve China? OIL/Gas pipelines are needed, which way will these pipelines flow? My personal opinion is Israel needs to stay out of this unless forced to retaliate. If Israel fights for anything, fight to rid herself of so called Palestinians. Win back her originals borders, including Senai Peninsular and Golan Heights. Leave other middle eastern states fight each other. Israel can drill oil out of the ground, resetting the OIL/Gas saga. Sounds simple, a fight is necessary. Israel is capable of defeating, problematical hysterical Arabs.

  7. Kristin Solo says:

    Assad will assuredly not concede to Kerry's stipulation to hand over Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons , since he evidently regards them as a deterrent, incorporating a deadly threat to deploy them against America, its allies and Israel, in the event of an American attack. His implication that an American assault on Syria could be the catalyst to chemical warfare waged by various factions in the region, citing Al Qaeda terrorists and Hezbollah operatives in particular, is not to be underestimated. The radicals who are converging in droves on Syria are die hard jihadis who would no more surrender their toxic stockpile than they would eat pork!

  8. Kristin Solo says:

    Assad will assuredly not concede to Kerry's stipulation to hand over Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons , since he evidently regards them as a deterrent, incorporating a deadly threat to deploy them against America, its allies and Isra…el, in the event of an American attack. His implication that an American assault on Syria could be the catalyst to chemical warfare waged by various factions in the region, citing Al Qaeda terrorists and Hezbollah operatives in particular, is not to be underestimated. The radicals who are converging in droves on Syria are die hard jihadis who would no more surrender their toxic stockpile than they would eat pork!

  9. Yechiel Baum says:

    Conclusively, Russia as an ally is not an ally at al. First Russia allied itself with Nazi Germany against the U.S. and its allies only to be attacked by its Nazi ally and then begged for U.S. aid to save itself. As a result, Russia allied itself with Iran and Syria to once again be against the USA. When will we learn not to help Russia and allow Russia to be defeated as usual by its own accord. Don't worry, the arabs will turn against Russia too since Russia is against the moslem religion and kills the Moslem countries under its rule such as Chechnya, Kazakstan, Durgestan, etc, etc.

  10. Carol Perkins says:

    Kerry if a imbecilic moron if he thinks for one second that Assad is going to bow and scrape to the poor excuse for leadership America has at this time. He, Obama, Biden, Hilary, Pelosi, the whole motley crew have their heads in the sand (or perhaps stuck somewhere more private?) if they are seriously entertaining the notion that any government fears or respects their demands!! the Buffoon in chief wants the terrorist rebels in control, just like he wanted them in control in Egypt, Libya, etc. Besides, all this is taking attention away from his possible impeachment, fake birth certificate, incompetence, and let's not forget the destruction of America which he is adamant to complete.

  11. Kristin Solo says:

    Even if Russia appears to succeed in convincing Assad to surrender his huge chemical weapons arsenal to the international community, nobody in their right mind could possibly rule out that Syria will retain the bulk of the stockpile, well hidden in reserves, for future deployment by the evil regime & its radical blood brothers.

  12. Carol Perkins says:

    Very true, Kristin! Also, Puttin is not to be trusted. He is a great fan of Stalin and I believe he is a closet commie to this day, putting on a democratic front. That being said, I do appreciate his stance against homosexuality. In that respect at least, our so called leaders could learn a whole lot form him . Obama is totally inept in any role of authority and should return to being a community organizer — to a mental institution.

  13. Kerry did no such thing. he just made a stupid remark and Putin picked up on it

  14. Jim Borge says:

    I have read through good sources that Assad has distributed much of his chemical weapon inventory to Iraq and Hizbollah terrorists in Lebanon. Like Saddam, he is playing "hide the WMD's", a dangerous game that these people love to play. Assad is playing Russian Roulette with Isaiah 17:1 :) Who knows how much of his WMD's was spirited to Russia? As much as I dislike Obama, he may be forced to act if we are under threat of attack
    . Perhaps Obama is being goaded into WW3 because he is not acting fast enough.

  15. Kristin Solo says:

    I read that too Jim ! The chemical stockpile is going nowhere but into the hands of the radical muslim blood brothers and their facilitating Allies!

  16. Carol Perkins says:

    And yet our not so illustrious president is either too stupid to see this, or it's fine with him….my money's on the latter of the two options…no, maybe the first…no…BOTH.

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