Photo Credit: Oren Hazan / Twitter
MK Oren Hazan on his way to the Allenby Bridge. August 2, 2017


At 9:45 AM, Wednesday, the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Yoav Horowitz, called MK Oren Hazan and instructed him not to come to the Allenby crossing this morning. It appears Israel is not looking to pick up any more fights with Jordan for the time being.


Hazan, who had already arrived at the bridge and was there at the appointed hour for the meet, turned around and headed back home, saying he would respect the wishes of the Prime Minister.

Only after Hazam left, did Jordanian MP Yahya al-Saud arrive at the bridge. Yesterday al-Saud called for other Jordanians to join him at the bridge to be “a Shahid (martyr) for Palestine.” Apparently not very prompt Shahids.

MK Oren Hazan (Likud) announced on Twitter that he had accepted Jordanian MP Yahya al-Saud’s invitation to a wrestling match Wednesday, at 10 AM, on Allenby Bridge, where Hazan plans to propose that his counterpart “take back the Arabs of the territories who define themselves as Palestinians to their home in Jordan.”

It began after the incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman, in which Israeli security guard Ziv Moyal was wounded by a Jordanian terrorist, and a Jordanian civilian and the terrorist were killed. MK Hazan tweeted: “It seems that our neighbors east of the Jordan River, those who drink our water and whose backside we guard day and night, need some re-education. It starts to feel like Shalom and not Le’hitraot (Hebrew for Good bye and let’s not meet again).”

Hazan’s statements were published in the Jordanian media, and aroused the anger of Yahya al-Saud, who invited the MK to a match on the Allenby Bridge.

Incidentally, the same A Jordanian legislator invited former deputy head of Mossad Ram Ben Barak to fisticuffs, also at the Allenby crossing, “if he is a real man,” after the latter mentioned the possibility of cutting the water supply to Jordan if Israel’s poverty-stricken neighbor misbehaves.

“He is a contemptible man,” al-Saud said in a video posted on the social networks. “If he is a man, he will come to meet me at the bridge.”

Clearly, al-Saud favors solving arguments with Israelis on the Allenby bridge, and his favorite taunt is, “if you’re a real man.”

Hazan Tweeted Tuesday night that he “accepts the Jordanian parliamentarian’s invitation to a meeting on the bridge,” adding, “Tomorrow at ten in the morning I’ll be at the Allenby Bridge for an eye-to-eye conversation. I’ll make him an offer he cannot refuse.”

The offer being to transfer the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to Jordan.

Regarding the invitation to a fight, Hazan told Walla that he assumes “there was a misunderstanding here,” rooted in the fact that “many people do not understand their expressions; while I, having grown up in Ariel (in Judea and Samaria), I know the Arabs, their discourse and their culture, and for sure someone like me would be able to enlighten him and promote our relationship in a positive direction.”

“After the conversation with me, I’m sure he will return to the right path,” MK Hazan promised.