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Jewish Bride Arrested at Temple Mount on Her Wedding Day

14 Av 5775 – July 30, 2015
A Jewish bride has been arrested at the Temple Mount on her wedding day.

Border Police Save the Wedding

25 Iyyar 5775 – May 14, 2015
Last night, a young, orphaned, Border Policeman got married in Jerusalem...

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Mitzvah Tantz

22 Av 5772 – August 10, 2012
Hundreds of Hasidic Jews on Thursday attended the wedding of the grandson of the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe in Bnei Brak, where this mitzvah...

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Help Your Children Buy a...

8 Tammuz 5772 – June 27, 2012
What is the greatest present that you can give your children when they get married? In certain communities, the answer is, “an apartment.” Many parents take on second or third mortgages, sell their own homes, or bury themselves in debt to make sure that an apartment comes along with the trousseau.

How Your Children Will Ruin You Financially

1 Tammuz 5772 – June 21, 2012
Your child’s wedding should be a simcha, and not a financial disaster.

June Bride, 1951

25 Sivan 5772 – June 15, 2012
From "Jews in Minnesota," by Hyman Berman‏ and Linda Mack Schlof: "The wedding of Clarice Sherman and Mel Zuckman at Tifereth B'nai Jacob in North...


25 Sivan 5772 – June 14, 2012
Zohara was born in Morocco. With her husband, she raised a large family. A busy woman, she always seemed to find time to help others in need. Her daughter, Aliza, told me of the many sleepless nights her mother spent nursing babies. That is not unusual in itself, were it not for the fact that many of the babies she nursed were not her own.

Speed Dating For In-laws?

5 Iyyar 5772 – April 26, 2012
A recent article in The Jewish Press (Purim And The Tyranny of Beauty, Family Issues, March 16, 2012) written by writer and author Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum generated, and continues to generate, quite a buzz.

Innovative Bride Cuts through Funeral Crowd in ZAKA Ambulance

21 Adar 5772 – March 15, 2012
A young woman in Bnei Brak, Israel, had a problem Wednesday: she was about to get married, but the streets outside the wedding hall, situated next to Kiryat Vishnitz, also in Bnei Brak, were packed with thousands of Vishnitz Hasidim who came to pay their last respects to the Vishnitzer Rebbe. She called the ZAKA (a humanitarian volunteer organization) hotline.

Anguish That Does Not Go Away: The Singles Problem (Part Three)

4 Tevet 5772 – December 29, 2011
The woman in her mid-thirties who initiated this discussion a few weeks ago bemoaned what she considers the indifference and the insensitivity of most people to the plight of singles.

Sheva Berachot After Shalosh Seudot

26 Kislev 5772 – December 21, 2011
Question: Normally one may not eat or drink after Birchat Hamazon of Shalosh Seudot until after Havdalah. What is the halacha, however, if one schedules Sheva Berachot for a Shalosh Seudot meal? Should the groom and bride drink from the wine of Sheva Berachot or not?

Righteous Shunning – or a Curse on those who Shun?

18 Heshvan 5770 – November 4, 2009
Have you joined with other women in your community to punish someone who has behaved badly? I have seen several instances of shunning, where women banded together to cut someone out of the social life of their synagogue and neighborhood in order to punish her for wrongdoing. Women shunning another woman, often feel they are participating in a positive act, but it is one they do not discuss with their rabbi. This is a modern, informal version of cherem.

It’s My Opinion: Not A Moment To Waste

25 Sivan 5769 – June 17, 2009
A wedding was recently celebrated in West Palm Beach, Florida. The groom, 93 year-old Ebenezer Rose married 89 year-old Monica Hayden. The bride wore a sparkling tiara and a big smile. Friends and relatives toasted the happy couple with champagne.

Broken Glass

2 Shevat 5768 – January 9, 2008
It happens at every chuppah. After the bride's encircling of the groom seven times, after the recital of the special blessings, after the ring has been placed on her finger, there are a few seconds of collective silence in anticipation.

Choosing Divorce (Part Two)

19 Shevat 5767 – February 7, 2007
Fraidy and Chaim were married for 10 years. They were still in love. They cared for and respected each other.

A Jewish Wedding In 1787

8 Av 5766 – August 2, 2006
Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), a physician and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, "was the most striking, the most impressive, and the most controversial figure in North American medicine of his day. Brilliant and well educated, he was a restless soul, impatient and impulsive, quick to make decisions and to defend them against all disagreement.

Life Cycle Events and Distance

16 Adar 5766 – March 15, 2006
I've been writing about the joys and heartbreaks of dealing with life-cycle events that occur far from the home of the chronically ill person.

The Long Distance Wedding – Thinking Out Of The Box

9 Adar 5766 – March 8, 2006
Last week I wrote about the difficulties many chronically ill and handicapped people have, participating in the simchas of their children.

Life Cycles And Disabilities And The Long Distance Simcha

2 Adar 5766 – March 1, 2006
Simchas are wonderful! They bring us joy and nurture our feelings that life is good.

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