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US Jews Step Up for Israeli Kids

27 Tammuz 5774 – July 24, 2014
Jewish communities from around the world have stepped up to support children from southern Israel who have lived their entire lives under the threat...

Reform, Assimilated Jews Want Voice in Israeli Affairs

23 Iyyar 5774 – May 22, 2014
Glossy new report worries that Israel losing support from Diaspora Jews; suggests abandoning Land of Israel to terrorists

Avigdor Lieberman Warns US Jews ‘You Are Facing a Catastrophe’

19 Adar I 5774 – February 19, 2014
It is not an easy fact to swallow, but the real demographic problem for Jews is in the Diaspora and not in Israel.

Malkah on Her Way Back to Israel, Yishai on Driving in the US

24 Adar 5773 – March 6, 2013
On the eve of Malkah's return to Israel, she and Yishai bring us up to date on their tour in the US, Yishai talks about his music choices, and they discuss the differences between products and packaging in the US and Israel.

Yishai and Malkah: From Florida to New Jersey

10 Adar 5773 – February 20, 2013
Yishai and Malkah, continuing their road trip from Florida to New Jersey, discuss looking at Israeli politics through American eyes and keeping family connected across thousands of miles.

Draft Diaspora Jews into the IDF!

20 Shevat 5773 – January 30, 2013
If we can’t forcibly draft Diaspora Jews, then it’s up to them to enlist on their own.

Jews Who Can’t Speak Hebrew

10 Heshvan 5773 – October 25, 2012
Did you have trouble reading the Hebrew? That’s exactly my point. Some readers say that I’m a crazy fanatic when I say that Diaspora Jews suffer from schizophrenia when it comes to their Jewish identity. For example, even though they are Jewish, many don’t know more than a few simple words in Hebrew. After all, Hebrew is the language of the Jewish People, not English, or German, or Russian, or Yiddish.

Judaism in a Jar

24 Tishri 5773 – October 10, 2012
If the recent Sukkot overdose of Shabbat, followed by two days of Yom Tov, and another Shabbat followed by two more days of Yom Tov, isn’t enough to get Diaspora Jews to move to Israel, with its force-feeding of gefilta fish day-after-day, until gefilta fish jelly drips out of people’s noses and horseradish pours out of their ears, I don’t know what it’s going to take until Diaspora Jews are fed up with practicing Judaism in a jar.

Microscope Jews

19 Tishri 5773 – October 5, 2012
I found some essays penned by Diaspora Jews who succumbed to the Sin of the Spies in their negative reports of the Holy Land. Oy.

Survey: Israelis Split over U.S. Role in Reaching Peace

9 Tammuz 5772 – June 28, 2012
The 2012 B'nai B'rith World Center Survey on Contemporary Israeli Attitudes Toward Diaspora Jewry also found that an overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews disagree with calls on American Jewry to "boycott the settlements," while thirteen percent support such a boycott. And 51 percent of respondents said that “encouraging Aliya” is the best government response to anti-Semitism.

Opposition Mounting To Proposed Israeli Conversion Bill

10 Av 5770 – July 21, 2010
WASHINGTON - Opposition to a proposed Israeli conversion bill is mounting, from the U.S. Congress to the Israeli prime minister.

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