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November 28, 2015 / 16 Kislev, 5776
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Netanyahu Orders AG to Probe MK Zoabi on Criminal Incitement to Violence

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

(JNi.media) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced during his cabinet meeting on Sunday that he demanded of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to launch a criminal investigation against MK Haneen Zoabi (Joint Arab List) over incitement for attacks on Israeli civilians.

“Pay attention to what she told the official Hamas publication,” Netanyahu said, citing: “The hundreds of thousands of worshipers must go to Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to face up to the Israeli plot to permit shedding the blood of the residents of east Jerusalem. Today there is only the action of individuals, and what is needed is popular support. If only lone attacks continue, without popular support, they will fade away within a few days. So when thousands of our people come out it will turn these events into a real Intifada,’” Netanyahu concluded the quote from Zoabi’s recent message.

According to Netanyahu, “this is a false and reckless incitement, and a clear call to violence. I am not prepared to ignore such serious things. This morning I approached the Attorney General to immediately launch a criminal investigation against Zoabi.”

Netanyahu also said at the cabinet meeting Sunday morning that “we are in the midst of a wave of terror whose source is false and systematic incitement about the Temple Mount, an incitement that came from Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and the Islamic Movement in Israel. Over the weekend, I ordered the enlisting of 16 reserve companies of the Border Police, in order to restore security and order. It is preferable to raise a massive force in advance, to take care of possible developments, rather than enlisting it after the fact—and we will enlist as many troops as will be necessary.”

The prime minister also announced that he intends on Sunday to convene another cabinet meeting to deal with government action against the Islamist movement in Israel.”

Netanyahu added: “At my instruction, the Government will approve today the enactment of minimum prison sentences of several years in prison for stone and Molotov cocktail throwers, as well as fines for minors and their parents. I want to wish a speedy recovery to the civilians, policemen and soldiers who were wounded in recent days. Also, I want to commend the security forces, Police, Border Police, the IDF and Shin Bet, for their dedicated and tireless work for the security of Israel, and I particularly want to commend the citizens of Israel who show vigilance, determination and an impressive fortitude.”

Israeli Arab MK Zoabi Says ‘No Place for Jews at Temple Mount’

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Israeli Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi says Jews should be banned from the Temple Mount.

The Arab lawmaker, a member of the Joint Arab List, told the Hebrew-language Makor Rishon weekly newspaper in an interview there is no proof Jews have a connection to the site. “The name is al-Aqsa, not the Temple Mount, and there is nothing there for Jews,” Zoabi said in the interview, published Friday.

“It’s a place for Muslims only, according to all the agreements signed after the occupation of Jerusalem, and the agreements between Jordan and Israel. The Israelis understood that they occupied Jerusalem but are not allowed to occupy Al-Aqsa; now they are trying to occupy Al-Aqsa too.”

In response to a query as to whether she accepts the Biblical account that two Jewish holy temples existed on the site, Zoabi brushed the issue aside.

“The temple is not part of the political reality in which we live. This is what was in the past. In the past they also used to call the entire homeland Palestine. Today there is occupation and there is Al-Aqsa, and it’s a place of prayer for Muslims only. Additionally, the existence of the temple is not verified scientifically.”

As for security regulations limiting entry to the grounds to Arabs with Israeli identity cards and over a certain age – since it is usually the younger Muslims who riot at the site – Zoabi denounced the defensive measures.

“As far as we are concerned it’s a declaration of war,” she said, adding that such restrictions by police were “an attempt to change the historical definition of Al-Aqsa, despite the fact that Al-Aqsa was not occupied until now and was made exempt from the 1967 occupation.”

Where in Jerusalem should Jews pray? Zoabi was asked.

Her response: “I don’t know, I am not an historian, but in any case there is no place for Jews at Al-Aqsa.”

Her colleage in the Joint Arab List, MK Jamal Zahalka, yelled a similar contention during his hysterical frenzy while confronting a Jewish group visiting the site and the police escort protecting them last week.

Jews, she said, can “keep on dreaming. They should not act against the Palestinians, they should let Muslims pray in their holy sites and not act as racists and invaders.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pointed out in a comment recently that the status quo in which Israel allows Muslims to “pray in their holy sites” is changed once such “worshipers” instead stockpile rocks, firebombs (Molotov cocktails), pipe bombs, firecrackers and other explosive ammunition within their house of worship to be used as weapons against police and visitors to the grounds around the mosque.

Israeli security personnel entered the mosque after receiving intelligence that such ammunition was being stockpiled in Al Aqsa and did in fact find such caches a number of times in the past several weeks.

Ongoing violence and harassment by Muslim Arabs on site aimed at police and visitors to the Temple Mount grounds has forced the Israeli government to issue security restrictions on which Muslims can enter the area.

The most recent security restriction was implemented Sunday morning (Oct. 4) after two rabbis were murdered and a young mother and her baby were seriously wounded, and a 15-year-old Jewish teen was stabbed just a few hours earlier in deadly terror attacks nearby.

Palestinian Authority Unveils TV ‘Fifth Column’ Weapon against Israel

Monday, June 8th, 2015

The Palestinian Authority will launch a new television channel aimed at Israel’s 1.6 Arab citizens whose Knesset Members’ speeches have been increasingly hateful of Israel, Zionism and Jews.

The name of the channel clearly states the agenda of the Palestinian Authority. It is called “F48.” meaning Falstin [Palestine] 1948.

Israeli media reported:

The channel will air mainly cultural and social affairs programs designed to forge a connection between the descendants of the Arabs who stayed in Israel after it was established in 1948 and those who left or were expelled.

The definition of “cultural; and social affairs” varies. In the United States, it might mean baseball, the American flag and the Tonight Show.

In Israel, it could mean soccer, falafel and camping.

Arabs in Judea and Samaria have no national culture because the “People of Palestine” is a fiction. But the Palestinian Authority regime has a culture, the same one of neighboring Arab governments – rampant corruption and hatred of Jews and Zionism.

Israel’s Arab citizens increasingly have been radicalized. The fantasy of “Palestinian” is fertile ground for rabble-rousers, from Yasser Arafat to Hamas, to exploit Arabs as tools for their campaign of destruction, something like Islamic State (ISIS) without the black flag and beheading.

The Palestinian Authority’s single-minded campaign for 30 years has not been to create a new Arab country except as a means to destroy Israel. When terror did not succeed, it tried diplomacy. That didn’t work, and now it is aiming for the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

That also will fail, but its most powerful weapon is its hate propaganda that has educated a generation of Arabs in Judea, Gaza and Samaria to believe that Israel is an “occupier,” that Jews are “monkeys,” that the Temple Mount never existed and that all of Israel was and will be “Palestine.”

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) during the past several years has arrested hundreds of Arabs in Israel for collaborating with Hamas or Hezbollah. Former Knesset Member Azmi Bashara was allowed to escape the country after having been indicted for handing over to Hezbollah information that helped its offensive wear against Israel in the Second Lebanon War n 2006.

Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi was aboard the Mavi Marmara, the IHH-terrorist ship that was part of a flotilla aimed at breaking the maritime embargo against the flow of terrorist and weapons by sea for the Hamas regime.

The timing is just right for the Palestinian Authority’s new F48 channel, whose footage will be broadcast from Ramallah but will be filmed in Arab areas in the Negev, the Galilee and the “Triangle” near Netanya.

The first program will be aired next week, on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan that Islamist clerics exploit to incite hatred and violence against Jews.

The new channel will bring Arab citizens of Israel closer to the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas’ propagandists presumably won’t go to the gutter by airing the kind of venom it shows Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

Arabs in Israel are a bit too educated to stomach children’s programs, like one recently aired, that shows a girl calling Jews “barbaric monkeys,” “the most evil among creations,” and those “who murdered Allah’s pious prophets.”

The channel will try to convince Arabs that the Galilee, the Negev and the Triangle all are part of “Palestine,” just as Palestinian Authority maps show that Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat are part of its imagined country.

The propaganda will be more effective when viewed by the more uneducated and poor Arabs and Bedouin, especially those in the Negev, and by the small but growing number of radicalized Arabs in the Galilee.

The New Latma

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The latest Latma – HaKol Shafit, with English subtitles.

I recommend watching the Any Boycott, and Hanin Zoabi segments.

Connecting Zoabi and Marzel: Repugnant!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

I’ve been horrified at the connection of anti-Israel terrorist-apologizer Arab “politician” MK Hanin Zoabi’s run for the Knesset with that of Baruch Marzel.

Zoabi and Marzel will participate in the 20th Knesset elections

Unfortunately the prevalent anti-Kach (Rabbi Meir Kahane) sentiment in the Leftist Israeli “Justice” sic system and media consider anyone who has ever supported Kahane to be a “danger,” no matter how patriotic and law-abiding they are. Extremism from Jews on the Right is considered a “danger,” while Arab extremism and support/understanding of anti-Jewish terror acts is excused as legitimate.

Deja vu, this reminds me very unpleasantly of the outrageously insulting visit of an American Consulate official over twenty years ago. My husband had inquired why the consulate regularly invited Arabs to events, while people like us (who hosted officials on a regular basis) were snubbed. The official replied:

“…but we don’t invite anyone from Hamas either!”

I countered:

“Are you comparing us with the Arab terrorists who murdered my friend Rachella Druk, who’s buried out here?” And I pointed in the direction of the cemetery.

Since then we have been invited to the Jerusalem Consulate’s annual July 4th reception, but I never received an apology from them.

High Court Rules Zoabi and Marzel Can Return to Election Race [election]

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Israel’s High Court has ruled that Israeli Arab candidate Balad MK Hanin Zoabi can run for re-election — despite her numerous statements, and actions, in support of terrorists from the Palestinian Authority.

In addition, the Court ruled Israel’s electoral authority must also allow Yachad candidate Baruch Marzel to run in the country’s national election on March 17 as well.

A panel of nine judges voted 8-1 in favor of reinstating both, with Deputy Supreme Court President Elyakim Rubenstein as the sole dissenting justice. The decision on the matter was moved up due to the proximity of the election.

Zoabi had been disqualified from running for the Balad Knesset seat by an overwhelming majority of the Central Elections Committee. This is the second time the High Court has overturned such a decision; a similar move took place just prior to the election of 2013.

Adalah NGO attorney Hassan Jabareen argued before the Court that all six statements attributed to the Balad MK that were used to disqualify her from running would “fall apart” once they were “placed into context.” Zoabi, he said, would be found to exhibit a record of consistent opposition to violence once her statements were examined, despite her statements in support of the Palestinian Authority.

Considering the law – and only the law – meant Zoabi’s recent six-month suspension by the Knesset also had no bearing on the case, he added. The MK’s recent visit to Qatar likewise was ruled a non-issue, inasmuch as Qatar is not considered an enemy state: Israel and Qatar actually do trade with each other.

Although the state described the MK’s conduct as “very troubling” it found that in principle it was forced to agree with Jabareen that there was no legal basis for her disqualification.

Nevertheless, attorney Yoav Mani, arguing for Yisrael Beytenu, warned the Court was setting the bar at an unreachable “high” in terms of the standard for evidence for disqualification. “When do you decide that enough is enough?” he asked. It was not about what the MK would do, Mani said – “say you’re against [her views] because they’re against who we are!”

Arguments for and against the disqualification of Baruch Marzel, candidate for the Yachad faction, were equally fierce.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir argued – as had Zoabi’s lawyer – that Marzel’s statements had largely been taken out of context, and in some cases “he didn’t say them at all!”

He also contended that saying “Kahane was right” did not constitute a crime, nor did it violate the standard for election law violation. Marzel, once a member and leader in the banned “Kach” movement, had changed over the years, Ben-Gvir argued – but public and court opinion may not take that into account, with memory casting its long shadows back into the past instead.

A statement by Marzel made after an attack on a Jerusalem school that focuses efforts on co-existence was examined: the Court questioned its “anti-Arab” tone while Ben-Gvir said the intent was an expression of doubt that co-existence is possible today.

As with Zoabi, Rubinstein dissented, saying it seems likely Marzel has not changed at all. “If it walks and talks like a duck, why isn’t it a duck?” the judge asked.

Nevertheless, both candidates, seen as extremists by each others’ constituencies, are back in the race and will run for election with their parties on March 17.

Supreme Court to Decide Next Week on Zoabi and Marzel’s Eligibility

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

The Supreme Court will rule next week on appeals by Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi and Baruch Marzel to overturn the Elections Committee decision to bar them from running in the elections.

One of the justices at the hearing Tuesday morning stated that the court generally does not get involved in politics, but there is a legal question concerning the authority of the Elections Committee.

It decided by a 27-6 vote to ban Zoabi from running because of incitement, and voted 17-16 to ban Marzel because of racism.

The worse possible court decision would be if the judges overturn only one of the petitioner’s eligibility. That is a virtual impossibility because the judges know that the public and political reaction would be catastrophic.

Allowing the Elections Committees decision also could be catastrophic for the future because it would set a precedent that political parties, who comprise the committee, can decide who is a racist and who incites.

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