Yes YOU Can Change the World – The Message of Chanuka – News From...

As Israel is rolling out reforms to undermine the Jewish character of the state each and every Jew can and should do something about it. Plus, a heartwarming story of one person's small gift that changed an entire life trajectory.

Voting for redemption – Preelection special – News from the Torah [audio]

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the Torah secrets behind the upcoming Israeli election and the holiday of Passover. Plus inside is an invitation to a very special event coming up this week.

Parshat Yitro – We cannot receive the Torah without THESE – News from the...

As the Jewish People are about to recieve the Torah, Hashem sets out these preconditions, the ones we are so lacking today.

Exodus – Who is Shaping Your Thinking in This Alternate Reality – News from...

As multiple forces try to (re)shape our thinking, the story of the Exodus grounds us to seek out the truth. Join us to discover the secrets of Jewish time, the forces at work to plunge us into a new darkness of racial strife, and hear one woman's take on the alternate reality of "Planet Corona."

Is There Room for You in the Tabernacle? – News from the Torah [audio]

Join me as we explore the multifaceted microcosm of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) as the antidote for the "cancel culture" of the Golden Calf. Plus, learn all about God's "matching" scheme for your investments ahead of Passover.

Your Choice! – News From The Torah [audio]

What choices are you making? Are you choosing life and blessing or the opposite? Join us for a discussion of the choices we make in life, community and society, as in this week's Torah portion God sets before us the choice between the good and the bad.

Sweat the Little Stuff – News From The Torah [audio]

Ben and Jerry's, My Unorthodox Life and the little things - it's all about the relationship. Join us to hear this week's Torah portion's perspective

Reclaiming Female Leadership on the Path to Redemption – News from the Torah [audio]

With female leadership all over the news cycle, join me to explore the Torah's take on female leadership as the key to redemption from the exile and our own spiritual and physical problems. Also come to celebrate Tu B'Shvat, the New Year of the Trees with us.

Jewish values? Not what you thought – News From The Torah [audio]

Jewish values? They are not what you think they are. Join us to explore just how counter intuitive Jewish thinking actually is, in light of this week's Torah portion

Parshat Bamidbar – From Meron to Shavuot – Every Person Counts – News from...

As we start the new book of Bamidbar (Numbers), please join us for a closer look at who is responsible for the tragedy of Meron and how to make sure that each and everyone one of us and our children feels seen and acknowledged.

Bilaam or Abraham – Who is your model? – News From The Torah [audio]

Join us as we explore how the Bilaam approach to judging the other plays out in our life with negative stereotypes of the Torah community is the secular media

Jewish Leadership – Then and Now – News from the Torah [audio]

In the week leading up to the holiday of Lag Baomer, join us to explore the central themes of Jewish leadership, both in the past and in modern era

Debut Show! – News from the Torah [audio]

INTR Show Host, Leah Aharoni, asks the question, "How can a 3,000 year old book educate us on what is happening today in the news?" She then explains how we can learn from the Torah, the messages that directly correspond to today's events!

Elul – the YOU-turn for getting unstuck – News From The Torah [audio]

It's Elul. Are you ready for the YOU-turn of teshuva? Join my conversation with Rabbi Dr. Shimshon Meir Frankel about his method (and book) The Wisdon of Getting Unstuck. Plus is teshuva all about anxiety and guilt or joy and authenticity? Find out more in the last segment and at my upcoming YOU-TURN Retreat at

Things Are Never What They Seem – Parshat Truma – News from the Torah...

As God commands the Jews to create a dwelling for them in the world, join me as we go behind the veil of perceived reality to real stories behind latest news.

The Pure Joy of Trust – News From The Torah [audio]

As the Israeli People's trust in their government is unraveling, join us to explore how to mend our trust in God especially during the beautiful holiday of Sukkot and its experiential, inspiring, colorful commandments.

If Hanukkah Lights Could Speak… – News From The Torah [audio]

Preserving our identity against all odds, staying positive when everything is dark, and the current religion and state debating raging in Israel - what do Chanuka candles have to say about all these.

Prayer, Gifts, and War – Yaakov and Esau Revisited – News From The Torah...

Join us to discuss how we can fight off the toxic cultural influences around us, as we read the story of Yaakov's encounter with Esav.

Are you ready to enter YOUR Promised Land? – News From The Torah [audio]

What is your personal "promised land"? Join us to explore the tools and obstacles for entering our own "Promised Land" as individuals and as a people.

The Crisis of Leadership – Then and Now – News From The Torah [audio]

As Israel is experiencing a crisis of leadership, this weeks Torah portion recounts the challenge to the leadership of Moshe. Join us to understand the real Jewish leadership dynamics, in the desert and today.

Rachel and Leah – Will Their Pathes Ever Meet? – News From The Torah...

Join us to explore the divergent paths of our foremothers Rachel and Leah, who together built the House of Israel

Who are the Indigenous People of the Land of Israel? – News from the...

As we read the story of the spies, who refused to enter the Land of Israel, join us to explore the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel and to find out once and for all who are the real indigenous people of "Palestine".

God is Calling – Where is Your Voice? – News from the Torah [audio]

As we start a new book of Vaikra (Leviticus), join us to explore the news stories that call on you to speak up and make your voice heard.

Feel flooded? – News From The Torah [audio]

As Israel is imposing more restrictive measures on its population, join us to explore the lessons of the flood, how societies lose grip, and how can we get out of the mess with insights from this week's Torah portion

From Avraham to Rachel – Living a Life of Principle – News From The...

As we read about Avraham's ultimate sacrifice and mark the day of Rachel's passing today, please join me to explore what living a life of principle and values can look like today. If you'd like to join me on Tuesday at Kever Rachel - Rachel's resting place (live or via Zoom), please go to www.

Money, Social Justice and Deception – News from the Torah [audio]

As we finish the book of Leviticus, please join us to hear all about the latest missionary scandal and the Jewish angle on money and social justice

Avrahamic Genes – Following in the Footsteps of Greatness – News From The Torah...

As we meet our ancestors Avraham and Sarah, this week's show is dedicated to manifesting the lessons of their greatness in our lives.

Yaakov and Esau – Can They Ever Get Along? – News From The Torah...

Join us to explore the divergence of Western and Jewish values as we learn about the twin brothers that never get along - Yaakov and Esau


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