Stealing from the Jews – Phantom Nation [audio]

Judaism is the original monotheistic religion. Everyone else just copies.

The Gaza Perplex – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel's paralysis in terminating Gaza once and for all.

Phantom Nation – The Bloody Score Card [audio]

Sadly, some murder in the name of their man-made religions.

Israeli Heresy Today – Phantom Nation [audio]

Gevald! The dreaded Israeli Left may return to power.

The English and the Jews – Phantom Nation [audio]

The British's unique, bipolar, anti- and philo-semitic relationship.

Phantom Nation – Cowardice and Conscience [audio]

When you are kind to the cruel, you become cruel to the kind.

UNESCO Makes Me Smile [audio]

UNESCO's aggression against the Jewish People.

Phantom Nation – Ehud Barak Goes Ballistic [audio]

The death rattle of the Sabra generations can be heard in Barak's speech that has become the talk of the town.

America Under Attack!! – Phantom Nation [audio]

Never before in US history has there been such danger. And Israel's mis-identification of the enemy.

Phantom Nation – Stealing the Temple Mount [audio]

Sha'i analyzes the Arabs' theft of the Temple Mount, Israel's wretched policy and how to change it.

A Jewish Heresy Today – Phantom Nation [audio]

The Deal of the Century exposed as grievously defective.

Obama’s Third Term – Phantom Nation [audio]

The covert jihadi is back in power and Israel has to live with that.


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