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Phantom Nation – The Arabs, Eternally in Your Face [audio]

Sha'i ponders the endless fraternal violence among the Arabs who kill far more of their own than Jews.

Thieves & Murderers – Phantom Nation [audio]

Muslim murderers, not "Palestinian" freedom fighters

The Gaza Perplex – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel's paralysis in terminating Gaza once and for all.

Sodom and Gomorrah Today – Phantom Nation [audio]

This week's Torah reading and our degenerate generation.

Israel, Always the Guilty One – Phantom Nation [audio]

Absurd! The World criticizes Israel for its self-defense.

Varieties of AntiJewitis – Phantom Nation [audio]

There are different ways to express Jew-hatred, from violent to genteel.

Phantom Nation – Stealing the Temple Mount [audio]

Sha'i analyzes the Arabs' theft of the Temple Mount, Israel's wretched policy and how to change it.

Phantom Nation – Cowardice and Conscience [audio]

When you are kind to the cruel, you become cruel to the kind.

Insulting American Jews? Phantom Nation [audio]

Tsipi Hotovely speaks the truth, and the Left is angry.

Talib: Right Decision, Wrong Reason – Phantom Nation [audio]

Kudos to Israel for barring an enemy saboteur, if not for the right reason.

Islam Is Not Abrahamic – Phantom Nation [audio]

Some kumbaya, ecumenical cliches about Jerusalem and Judea demolished.

Pathological Israel – Phantom Nation [audio]

For 71 years Gaza has been bleeding Israel, with Israel's assistance. Huh?

The English and the Jews – Phantom Nation [audio]

The British's unique, bipolar, anti- and philo-semitic relationship.


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