Phantom Nation – Christian Aggression Today [audio]

World Vision and other NGOs: Antisemitism cloaked as charity.

Assimilating the Enemy – Phantom Nation [audio]

The mystery of Jews who identity with Jew-killers e.g. the Rabbis for Human Rights NGO supported by classical religious enemies. Phantom Nation 05Feb2018 - PODCAST

Pathological Israel – Phantom Nation [audio]

For 71 years Gaza has been bleeding Israel, with Israel's assistance. Huh?

Israel Needs More Violence – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel's Restraint is also a sin when it prolongs the violence.

Jew-Hatred: What Is It? – Phantom Nation [audio]

Let's enter the mind of the monster in Monsey. What drives such people?

Varieties of AntiJewitis – Phantom Nation [audio]

There are different ways to express Jew-hatred, from violent to genteel.

The Islamo-Arab Mind – Phantom Nation [audio]

The abyss separating the civilized from the barbaric.

Israel in Exile Still – Phantom Nation [audio]

How Israelis have adopted the worst slander of the age.

Israeli Heresy Today – Phantom Nation [audio]

Gevald! The dreaded Israeli Left may return to power.

Phantom Nation – Ehud Barak Goes Ballistic [audio]

The death rattle of the Sabra generations can be heard in Barak's speech that has become the talk of the town.

Phantom Nation – “Juden Raus!” [audio]

The last piece of dry land where Jews are not permitted to live.

Phantom Nation – Who’s the Occupier? [audio]

Sha'i deconstructs the lie of territories illegally occupied by Israel.

Phantom Nation – English Philosemites [audio]

Sha'i analyzes why it was the English and not the UK who voted to flee the EU.

Phantom Nation – The Flawed Ethics of the Israeli Left [audio]

IDF Chief of Staff causes outrage over statements on opening fire on young terrorists, that has the whole country talking.


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