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Pastor Robert Stearns heads up Eagle’s Wings Ministries, one of the world’s largest pro-Israel Christian organizations. Meet the young pastor who is bringing 25 of his colleagues on a first-time trip to Israel to walk in the footsteps of the Bible and meet the Jewish people in their native land. He joins Yishai along with two of his fellow pastors: Pastor Rusty Nelson of Huntsville, Alabama – the son of a pro-Israel pastor who taught him to love Israel and defend the Jewish people with his very body. And Pastor Matt Benson of Longview, Texas – who is now questioning the replacement theology in which he was raised.


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  1. I know this group's intentions are probably very sincere. I'm just overly cautious of groups that proselytize along with their honorable missions… A "Jewish" woman befriended me who I introduced to my group of friends. In time, I was shocked to find her true intentions were to convert me & my friends to "Jews for Jesus". Maybe I'm overly cautious & must relearn some areas of Trust… My first question to a new woman friend, "Do you play Mahjong"? Then I know if she is a real Jew!! (only kidding).

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