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Arabs storming Police on Temple Mount

Jerusalem Police said it detained seven Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount on Sundaay, the 9th of Av, for “breaking the rules” set by the Waqf, the Jordanian charity that runs the compound. According to legal aid society Honenu, three detainees said “Shema Israel” and “Hashem Hu Ha’Elohim.” Hear, oh Israel, God is the Lord — very similar to what the hordes of Muslims had been yelling the entire day while stalking and harassing the visitors — Allah hu Akbar — God is graet.

Another Jewish visitor was arrested for tearing his shirt, a Jewish expression of mourning which did not pass the waqf’s standards for proper Jewish behavior.


As the Jews were being arrested, dozens of Muslims started ganging up on the cops and the visitors, screaming that same incriminating call of faith in God, except in the approved Arabic.


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  1. Sorry, but I don’t think this passed the standards set by G-d by these 7 Jewish individuals, let alone the standards of proper Jewish behavior set by the Waqf. Does one really think that G-d is going to allow any rebuilding of the Temple on the Temple Mount through violence or arrogance on the part of the Jewish people? Was the First Temple built by those with blood on their hands. What about the Second Temple. Why would these seven or any other Jew want to purposefully do something here knowing it would probably set off some type of violent response and put there fellow Jewish police officers in a position of possibly getting hurt just trying to do their job Maybe these seven should try to remember more things like “what does the L-rd require of you, to do justly, love mercy and walk HUMBLY with G-d. Now truthfully, do you really thing this Jewish behavior on the Temple Mount with the current rules set forth for proper behaviors could be considered HUMBLE?

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