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IsPollard may be gumming up the works for Obama and Kerry by refusing to attend a parole hearing after a deal was proposed to free him if Israel.

Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League, has charged that the continued refusal of American governments to free Jonathan Pollard for prison is a “vendetta’ against the entire American Jewish community.

HaModia reported that in response to a poll by Tablet magazine of leaders of Jewish organizations, Foxman stated, “The fact that Pollard shared information with an ally — Israel — was no reason for him not to be punished. But after this long imprisonment, the fact that it was such a close ally who received his information should have influenced a positive response when the subject of parole arose.


“I am not one to equate what Pollard did, to betray his country, to the recent revelations that the United States has been spying on top Israeli leaders. Here too, however, these revelations add further context to the absurdity of the ongoing vendetta against this one man.

“Yes, I use that word because that’s what it seems like at this point. If it were only a vendetta against one individual it would be bad enough. But it has now become one against the American Jewish community.

“In effect, the continuing imprisonment of this person long after he should have been pardoned on humanitarian grounds can only be read as an effort to intimidate American Jews. And, it is an intimidation that can only be based on an anti-Semitic stereotype about the Jewish community, one that we have seen confirmed in our public opinion polls over the years, the belief that American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their own country, the United States….

“Pollard stays in prison as a message to American Jews: don’t even think about doing what he did.”

Tablet wrote in an editorial that “Jonathan Pollard’s continued imprisonment sends a chilling message to American Jews that they are all potential traitors to their country, evincing a distinct odor of political anti-Semitism.”



  1. 'the continued refusal of American governments to free Jonathan Pollard for prison is a “vendetta’ against the entire American Jewish community'

    Only someone completely unfamiliar with the facts of the Pollard case, and the mechanisms for freeing someone from prison prior to completion of sentence, could say that.

  2. Dear Mr. Hall, I hope you are NOT Jewish. Mr. Pollard's case is one sided compared to other goyim who sold out US agents in Russia who were tortured and killed but only received 10 years imprisionment.

  3. I am Jewish.

    John Walker got a life sentence. Jerry Whitworth got 365 years. Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen got life without parole. Pollard has been eligible for parole for 18 years but has never applied. And the only reason he got a life sentence at all was that he and his then wife broke their plea agreement.

    I await your apology.

  4. Charlie Hall, I doubt that you are Jewish or I hope you are not since you would be a self hating Jew!! You do not know the facts and that's a fact! Carper Weinberger self hating half Jew wanted Israel weakened and went against Pres Reagan's instruction to provide Israel with information vital to her security and it was Weinberger that refused and this is the information that Pollard felt compelled to give to Israel. Also, the government made a deal with Pollard for a guilty plea and went back on it at the insistence of self hating half Jew Casper Weinberger! Pollard should have been freed 20 years ago. For your information!!

  5. I have had no connection ever with Jonathan Pollard or with his prosecution. I was not a close follower of the case in the media. My original reaction was “he is a traitor, lock him up and throw away the key.” Also, I was extremely upset at Israeli for utilizing a Jewish agent which gives the anti-Semites in State, CIA, etc. (who are plentiful) the ability to voice the mantra of “dual loyalty”. (Examples:Zionist Spies Against America – Rense Ukrainian Revisionism – Jewish spies against America: a long tradition .
    Pentagon: We thought engineer was Israeli spy because he's a Jew
    Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals }

    After 25 years, the CIA has declassified documents that show that the multitude of public" leaks" and Weinberger's accusations against Pollard were all false—-Jonathan Pollard never spied on the U.S. for Israel" . The 1987 CIA report reveals that Israel never requested information from Pollard concerning “US military activities, plans, capabilities or equipment.” and that Pollard did not procure secrets about the United States. . Pollard did not compromise agents. He did not compromise means and sources . He did not compromise any information relating to US forces. All the information he transmitted to his Israeli handlers consisted of the information that the United States had acquired relating to Arab equipment, capabilities, etc.


    The actions of the prosecution were criminal and are a threat to the foundations of America's criminal justice system.

    *Basic questions relating to the Pollard case are: What was Pollard actually indicted for? What was he actually guilty of?…..
    In a recent article appearing on-line, Prof. Angelo Codevilla, a staff member of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time Jonathan Pollard was arrested is quoted:“Having been intimately acquainted with the materials that Pollard passed and with the sources and methods by which they were gathered, I would be willing to give expert testimony that Pollard is guilty of neither more nor less than what the indictment alleges.

    *Judge Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr. illegally conducted back channel communications with the prosecution who inflamed Judge Robinson by telling him (falsely) that Pollard had provided security information to South Africa.

    * Judge Robinson sentenced Jonathan Pollard to life in prison in 1987, claiming that information provided by Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger showed that Pollard's spying on behalf of Israel had caused significant damage to American security interests.

    { U.S. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger (long regarded by Israel as antagonistic toward the Jewish state),intimiated to the court that Pollard gave information to the Soviets. The assumption was that "means and sources "information was being transmitted to the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union fell we found out that our assumptions that the Soviet Union had penetrated Israeli intelligence and that US intelligence going to Israel was in fact ending up in the Soviet Union were FALSE.–Later, we came to learn that this was the doing of Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames.}

    *Pollard's Defense (regardless of the level of their security clearances ) were never given access to these charges nor afforded an opportunity to rebut them. As individual accusations leaked out they have been all successfully rebutted.

    WHAT IS THE APPROPRIATE AND COMPARABLE PUNISHMENT FOR POLLARD'S ACTUAL TRANSGRESSIONS? During the same time period a spy caught working for Saudi Arabia (a Navy officer named Schwarz-not Jewish- where the intelligence did in fact go to an enemy power-and was very harmful to US military interests) received a dishonorable discharge and nothing further as punishment

    One of the major reasons for incarcerating Pollard-and thus holding him as hostage-was the widespread belief (spread by Aldrich Ames to cover his own tracks) that there was a 2nd Israeli mole inside the CIA. U.S. officials repeatedly, publicly claimed that Pollard was not working alone when he spied for Israel and the United States therefore should make Pollard's release conditional on Israel acknowledging this"BASELESS." claim.

    *What adds to this outrage is that the current administration knows full well the facts and has elected explicitly to continue Jonathan A sensitive way documents are nuclear materials dealt with the physical aging vessels and aircraft systems which wireless attached so which are you chose was attached to its hose any connection to our Lord was far-fetchedPollard's imprisonment in order to keep him as Dennis Ross described as a “bargaining chip”.

    I was involved in the Kadish case for the DOD and DOJ. They assumed that every document Kadish ever read was compromised. Thus I reviewed the 200+ documents that he had requisitioned. Nearly all were at the "Official Use Only" level. All dealt with logistical support details. None were sensitive. The only documents on "nuclear materials” dealt with the physical mating of the missiles with the aircraft systems (which wire was attached to which wire and which hose was attached to which hose.) Any connection to Pollard was far-fetched. Kadish pled guilty in a deal that permitted him to keep all his retirement benefits and involved no jail time or other civil penalties. At that time I wrote an article which was published on this case
    (This sensational (not correct) article was typical: "Ex-U.S. ARMY engineer Kadish pleads guilty to spying for israel… Kadish charged with slipping classified documents about nuclear weapons to Israeli consulate employee in 1980s…. by the associated press Dec. 30, 2008 )

    I am also familiar with the AIPAC/Larry Franklin case. Franklin (not Jewish) was accused of providing “top secret policy materials” to AIPAC (and presumably to Israel). As there was no US policy at that time—we were all circulating drafts attempting to influence US policy–nothing was classified. In fact, I receive
    d drafts containing much more “defense materials” from Robert Gates and from Zbigniew Brzezinski .
    The judge eventually dismissed all charges against Stephen Rosen and Keith Weissman. The judge lashed into the persecution for their underhanded and unethical behavior.
    Legal experts said the government was wrong in the first place for trying to criminalize the kind of information horse-trading that long has occurred in Washington.


  6. Ron Kall I am Jewish and I certainly don't hate myself.

    And it is your "facts" that aren't facts. Pollard, not the government, broke the plea deal by giving an interview to Wolf Blitzer. Judges tend to throw the book at defendants who break plea agreements, and it is quite likely that would have happened without any letter from Weinberger at all. Furthermore, the idea that Pollard was giving Israel information that it was supposed to get is backed up by no on the record source, and in any case Pollard was not authorized to give it ANY information. The 1981 Memorandum of Understanding between the US and Israel did not have the force of law and in any case did not include any provision for sharing of intelligence information. Furthermore, if Pollard's motivation was only to help Israel, why did he accept so much of Israel's money? In fact, none of us reading this to this day knows exactly what Pollard gave Israel unless Pollard himself, or is handler Rafi Eitan, is reading this — and neither is talking.

    Pollard was eligible for parole 18 years ago but has never applied.

    I await your apology.

  7. "One of the major reasons for incarcerating Pollard-and thus holding him as hostage"

    No, the reason that he was incarcerated was that he got caught red-handed in espionage for an ally and was trying to flee, so he was (correctly) deemed a flight risk. He has never been held as a hostage.


    The law provides for a life sentence, and that is what Pollard got. He has been eligible for parole for 18 years but has never applied.


    Not in Pollard's case. Nobody — at least nobody with any sense — thinks Pollard is innocent. He could have gotten a much lighter sentence had it not been for the Wolf Blitzer interview, he could have gotten clemency from Clinton had he not rejected the deal that had been negotiated, and he could have been granted parole by now had he showed some remorse and applied for parole.

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