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Murdered British Student Hannah Bladon

On Friday, 21-year-old Hannah Bladon, a British exchange student from the University of Birmingham was murdered by an Arab terrorist while she was riding on the Jerusalem Light Rail. Earlier that morning she had been out on an archaeological dig.

Bladon was studying at the Birmingham University towards a degree in Religion, Theology and Archaeology.  While in Israel, she was studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Most of the British media outlets have been studiously avoiding describing the murder as a terror attack, focusing instead on the terrorist’s mental history (as if any terrorist can be described as normal).

Israel’s Security Agency pointed out that, “This is not the first time that a Palestinian suffering from personal, mental or moral distress has chosen to commit a terrorist attack in order to escape his problems.”

Since September 2015, Arabs have committed 174 stabbing attacks and 113 attempted stabbings; 143 shootings; 57 vehicular (ramming) attacks; and one vehicular (bus) bombing. That list doesn’t include pipe bombs, stonings, and roadside bombs.

But the reports in the British media don’t compare to the statement released by the University of Birmingham, which completely erased any cause of death at all.

Statement from the University of Birmingham

Posted on 14 Apr 2017
Statement regarding Hannah Bladon:

We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of our student Hannah Bladon who was killed whilst on an exchange programme in Jerusalem.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this tragic time and we will be providing support for any student affected by this terrible event.

Compare that with the statement from the Hebrew University:

Statement from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University and the Rothberg International School express our deep sorrow over the murder of a British student, Hannah Bladon, in today’s attack. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and we share in their sorrow.

The university condemns such acts of terror that harm innocent people, and especially a student who came to Jerusalem to study and widen her academic horizons.

The university administration and staff will provide all necessary support to students, faculty members and their families in Israel and around the world.

Hannah Bladon came to the Hebrew University as part of a student exchange from the University of Birmingham. Hannah began her studies here at the end of January 2017 and was supposed to continue her studies until the end of the current semester.

May her memory be blessed.


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