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During a Wednesday morning meeting of the subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security, the Regavim movement revealed worrisome details regarding the ongoing construction of a new Arab city on the edge of the desert, well inside Israeli-governed Area C in south Hebron Mountain, and, in fact in an area slated for an IDF firing zone, Srugim reported.

The accelerated construction is spread over an area of some ten thousand acres, and includes building hundreds of residential homes, schools, clinics and mosques. Foreign elements are funding the blatantly illegal development of the city’s road and electric infrastructure, including the EU, United Arab Emirates, and Abu Dhabi.

Photo credit: Courtesy Regavim

Back in the 1980s a small number of Bedouin families resided in temporary dwellings in Firing Zone 917. During the debate Wednesday morning, representatives of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) claimed the entire development was limited to a “cluster of buildings” in three areas which were constructed by the Coordinator in the mid-80s. “These areas were intended to respond to the needs of the Bedouin population which has lived in the place for decades,” they told the subcommittee. “The entire construction has centered within those areas over the past 30 years. There have been a few cases which exceeded the agreements and against those all the necessary warrants were issued and they were demolished and confiscated.”

Photo credit: Courtesy Regavim

But Regavim rejects the Coordinator’s claims, saying that construction in those areas has been overlooked on purpose, despite the obvious absence of outline plans and building permits as required by law. Moreover, according to Regavim, the rate of construction has been increased to the point where the illegal development will create a contiguous territory of a city spanning 10,000 acres.

“COGAT is handing Palestinian lawbreakers a reward under the public radar of the citizens of Israel, permitting them with a wink to pursue wild and illegal construction of a giant city which fails every planning and legal criteria,” said Oved Arad, Director of the field dept. at Regavim. “This is a scandal that requires Israel’s comptroller to conduct a deep inspection of the issues. In any event, the rise of this pirate city must be stopped at once, and the policy of enforcing planning and construction laws must be applied as it is done everywhere else.”



  1. Of course they are building illegal homes on stolen Jewish land. The government turns a bind eye to the proble whie razing Jewish homes with utmost cruelty. Netanyahu has proven that he is a leftist wiht his actions against jews.

  2. They are obviously attempting to provoke Israel to act. Then they will go to the U.N. and continue their rhetoric and lies about Israel "the occupier." This world is blatantly anti Semitic, but G-d will have the final say, and the anti Semites will be shocked, and they will finally know that the Jews are G-d's Chosen people.

  3. If this is not addressed quickly and strongly it will become a multiplyier alll over Area C; they will have seen we have an Army but afraid to use it when Europe gets involved. You nned to give warning to stop, if not send a fleet of bulldozers with military backup without warning.

  4. Another example of the weakness and stupidity of the Israeli Government and Supreme Court. Israel has no concept of sovereignty. How does a country let a foreign entity just roll in with heavy machinery and start building where they deem fit?
    Israel has lost it. A country too fearful to act in its own self interest won't last. It is disgraceful that Regavim has to fight day in day out and produce all the evidence to a tone deaf Government and Court in order to keep Jewish lands in Jewish hands be it Area C, the Negev or wherever. Some readers may not know this but the leftist Arab sympathising Supreme Court decides who is to be on the bench. If one of their members retires or dies, the Court decides on his or her replacement, thus ensuring a non democratic bunch of bolshevics in perpetuity will make the rules. So much for the much publicised "Israeli democracy".

  5. All of you people writing in saying send in the bulldozers, Israel must do this, must do that, should do this or should do that are wasting your time and appear devoid of reality. The time to do anything was at the beginning when the first shovel went into the ground. The Israeli organisation Regavim are having an uphill battle to get the Supreme Court (which is sympathetic to Arabs in virtually every case) to uphold the law and keep Jewish land in Jewish hands. The Negev for example is dotted with illegal concrete monstrosities, all somehow connected to the electricity grid, water etc. The Government of Israel is equally useless, as apparently all it takes is for the EU to put up their Logo at any construction site for them to back off. The Government will do nothing least of all send in the army and bulldozers to demolish these illegal structures as some of you recommend.

    At best, the Government will babble on and say how terrible the EU is with apparently not the faintest concept that this represents a loss of sovereignty, period.
    When all is lost, one day fools will open their eyes and say: “what happened” but then it will be too late.

    Incidentally, the Supreme Court is in fact supreme. Its members are not nominated by the sitting Prime Minister or the Knesset but are an incestuous leftist bunch who, when a replacement is needed, appoint another leftist to the bench. Worse still, the Attorney General is their man, equally leftist. This man legally can fire a sitting Prime Minister but not the other way round. So much of a disgrace is it that any administrative position (like the appointment of the Police commissioner etc.) must be approved by the Attorney General or it won’t go through.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Israel is a political basket case of a country and needs drastic reform in its set up, including a Constitution before anything positive will happen. I hope this sad piece will help the majority of pro Israel American Jews who comment on this site to wake up to the reality that is Israel today. Is it any wonder that chaos and bedlam are the on-going rule of the day?

  6. Greg,

    Under the Oslo accords (which were nothing but a formal loss of sovereignty) that Israel foolishly signed with that terrorist Yasser Arafat, certain areas of Judea and Samaria (commonly referred to as the West Bank) were divided up into Areas A, B, and C. These areas had different status applied to each.
    As I remember it and without going into the geography, Area A was supposed to be under “full” so called “Palestinian” control. Area B was supposed to be under Arab civil control with joint security with Israel. Area C, which is what this article is all about, was supposed to be fully Israeli territory. As you can see, the much heralded Oslo Accords was an exercise in insanity. Israel was as usual outmanoeuvred at every step and entered security negotiations on a basis of wishful thinking that agreements with this lot would be honoured.

  7. Looks like the Oslo accords were signed in the same spirit the treaties with Native Americans were… with no intention to honor a single one Better wake up, Israel… not a single treaty signed with Americans Indians has ever been honored.. not. a. sinsgle. one. But the government continues to take more and more Indian land. Protect what is yours, Israel. No one else will.

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