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Terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti, remains wildly popular among Palestinian Authority citizens despite being imprisoned for life. (Archive: 2012)

Just two days after two Da’esh (ISIS) terrorists ritually sacrificed an elderly Catholic priest by slitting his throat on the altar of his own church as he was serving Mass, the people of France has once again bestowed the title of “Honorary Citizen” upon another cold-blooded terrorist killer.

Palestinian Authority terrorist Marwan Barghouti is the darling of the movement to create a new Arab state nestled right up against the State of Israel. He is also popular on the Palestinian Authority street, where citizens still vote for him during elections though he is sitting in a jail cell. Hamas has attempted during every parlay with Israel to free him; but he is one of the terrorist prisoners least likely to ever be released.


The leader of the Tanzim paramilitary terrorist organization, Marwan Barghouti is serving five consecutive life sentences plus 40 years for the particularly brutal murders of five Israelis. Among the dead was a 3-year-old girl.

That doesn’t include the deaths of the “hundreds of civilians, both Israelis and citizens of other states,” that he is also responsible for, said Israeli Ambassador to France Aliza Ben-Nun (Bin Nun) in an open letter published in France.

This is the eighth time since 2009 that Paris has bestowed the honor upon Barghouti. No fewer than 20 cities in France have honored the child-killer with the title of “honorary citizen,” according to the French L’Humanite newspaper.

None have invited him to come live within their municipal boundaries, however.

Ben-Nun expressed “deep shock and worry” in her letter, saying that French officials who pay tribute to Barghouti are “not only guilty of supporting terrorism but also have denied values that are cherished in both France and Israel.”

There have been repeated struggles between Israel and France over the latter’s attempts to portray Barghouti as a folk hero, including one attempt this past spring by Paris to present the killer to the world as some sort of “Nelson Mandela.”

In fact, a Paris auction house was ordered to remove a painting in which the chief of the Tanzim terrorist organization was actually presented as a Palestinian Authority version of the South African president and leader. “Nelson Mandela was also called a terrorist in the 1950s,” wrote the artist in the inscription.

But the Paris government didn’t issue the order until the auction house received a letter from the Israeli embassy, expressing disapproval of the comparison made by the artist between Mandela and Barghouti. The letter pointed out that Mandela opposed violence; Barghouti, on the other hand, is a real terrorist and a convicted killer. He is serving five consecutive life sentences plus 40 years for the heinous murders he committed.

He’s the kind of terrorist who would fit right in with the bloodthirsty murderers who slaughtered the 84-year-old priest who was celebrating Mass at the altar of his church two days ago, and who forced his fellow priest to film the event as they did so.

Perhaps that’s why France again has awarded him the honor, so close to the barbaric murder of the gentle man of God in Normandy?

Equally strangely, both chambers of the Belgian Parliament voted in May 2016 to nominate Barghouti for the Nobel Peace Prize. A letter was sent to the Nobel Committee in which the killer was called a “peace activist and a key figure in Palestinian-Israeli settlement.”

In terrorist-besieged Belgium, this is akin to something like the Stockholm Syndrome.

One wonders whether any of the security officials in either of these countries have considered the message being sent to the world’s terrorist community — and it is a real community, make no mistake — and how that warm welcome gets played to the budding lone wolves being recruited online.

Could be the leadership may only be ‘talking the talk’ about declaring “war on terror” for the cameras.

If so, then it looks like Brexit came just in time.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. Whoever wrote the article should read some unrevised history. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. His main act of terrorism was placing land mines in the enterance roads leading into White owned and operated farm. Nelson Mandela did not attack soilders he attacked farmers and their famalies.

    Nelson Mandela also made many hatefull statements against Israel and against all Jews. Nelson Mandela tried to get the UN to inforce a world wide boicot of Israeli products.

  2. The French were more hateful of Jews than the German Nazis were during World War ll when most French Jews were rounded up by the French police and transported by train to the death camps. There is nothing new here . Bloody enemies of the Jews have always been the best friends of the French.

  3. Sefadzi Rudy OMG….you are an absolute idiot if you believe that….what an ignorant…arogant thing to state. obviously went to the school of propaganda and Jew hatred…..I don't see Jews runing around blowing themselves up….running g down people in cars and trucks….stabbing innocent civillians….slitting people's throats …beheading people….stoning people…honorary killing their own kids and family members….the list goes on and on but there is only so much time in a day…..let alone comparing Israel to sth Africa's apartied past… are delusional….and quite obviously brainwashed in Jew hatred and revised history both past and present…… I suggest you try re educating yourself in facts not the utter crap you have obviously been bred on on…..

  4. Some Europeans seem beyond redemption or reason. These useless idiots do not seem to realize that by their actionst hey are in fact encouraging further terro attacks.
    Other European citizens on the other hand are waking up to the dangers threatening them. In a recent poll, 30% of Danes consider that they are at war with radical Islam.

  5. Reinforces my belief that most of the french hate Jews more than savage muslim killers. Why? Centuries of Jew hatred inculcated by the roman catholic church (and later by martin luther) into the minds of their worshipers, and passed on from generation to generation. Sad but true. Why else would they hate Jews? Sad.

  6. Since France declares Barghouti a HONORED FRENCH CITIZEN….then it is good that hundreds of FRENCH MEN are murdered…and hopefully thousands will be murdered in France and hundred thousand women each year RAPED and beated by terrorists!!! This will obviously make the French people happy and they can give him even more awards medals and prizes….maybe he can be made honorary prime minister of FRANCE! OH naturally France can blame any and all killings and rapes ON ISRAEL and ON JEWS…..why not it would not be the first time they have done that!

  7. You still love France even when you despise its government: a president who found a cure for charisma, whose economic policies a four-year old would ashamed of and who seems unphased that the head of French security has warned that the country is one Muslim terror attack away from civil war. The sheer cowardice of this government in rewarding a Muslim terrorist is an insult to the French people.

  8. Why can the slowest French soldier outrun the fastest Prussian? The ones who couldn't are dead or prisoners!

    Prussian recruiting poster: "Join the Army and see Paris!"

    How do you get a French soldier to set a new speed record? Walk up behind him and say something in German.

  9. Do not confuse "countries" and their citizens with the governments… many of us despise the sitting governments while we love our countries. It's just that the voting process and our constitutions have become so convoluted that outside downright rebellion it is difficult to know how to get what we really what for representation. Even Israel appears to have that problem.

  10. Can anyone trust the Frech?
    They have a record of Jew hatred and will do whatever they can to dehumanise Jews.
    Rememebr Dreyfus.
    France rounded up thousands of Jews for the Nazis to send the Jews to the death camps.
    Today, France has become another future Islamic state.
    The brave French were alwys ready to have their national colours with them.
    A huge white flag.

    Time for every French Jew to go home to God given Jewish land, Israel.

    Jews should boycott every Frech product.

  11. We must all pray that Mari Le Pen will be the next French president. She is the only person in France who can save France.

    She will reverse the Islamic take over.

    How can the French make a nass murderer an "honoury citizen?"
    What does that tell the world who and what the French are?

  12. The left has always spurned Orthodox Jewry and Israel, yet many, if not most Jews, support the left. I would seem that after noting this since the founding of Israel, Jews would, based on fact, logic, and reason, not support the left. However, they find it difficult not to, since the left never lets fact, logic, and reason interfere with ideology. A truly bizarre, and insane position and thought process. Ergo, you have a terrorist, who vows to anihilate Israel, and kill Jews, selected as a hero by the French left. History teaches us that this has happened to Jews since the twelfth century. Yet, like American Blacks, they blindly support the very people who would have them as cattle, or dead.

  13. There is no explaining why the left gets such strong support from Jews. It is the left, and even Gernamy's thugs were left-wingers" will do all they can to destroy the society where ever they happen to be. It isn't logical to support leftist thinking – maybe they simply can't be logical when it comes to perosnal responsibility and finances of a nation. It's all feel good thinking without reasoning.

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