Anti-Semites celebrated in Amsterdam this weekend, using the “Palestinian cause” as their latest excuse for Jew hatred.

Images of the bodies of Palestinian children bloodied and killed, supposedly by Israeli soldiers, festooned Amsterdam’s Dam Square in a protest aimed at getting the attention of people who hate Israel.


A photo of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu depicted as Satan was Photo-Shopped with blood-red eyes, a blue Star of David tattoo on his forehead and vampire teeth dripping more blood, hunched over the body of a bleeding, dead Palestinian baby. “Can’t get enough,” charged the poster in deep blue letters on a black background above the image. “Save Palestinian Kids” it proclaimed in white over the image as a caption below.

Next to that poster was “Humanitarian Situation” describing what it called “Gaza Under Attack.” It quoted statistics claiming 9875 wounded, 188 schools damaged and 475,000 displaced people as a result of last summer’s Operation Protective Edge counter terror war.

The images were hung there by anti-Israel activists who were protesting under the title “Save the Palestinian Children.”

But as with many other publicity claims about Israel by the Palestinians, both the statistics and the venomous lies are aimed at an entirely different agenda.

Gaza’s ruling Hamas terror organization urged civilians to stay in their homes and in some cases actually forcing them to do so in spite of IDF warnings aimed at securing families ahead of strikes meant only for terror targets.

A number of schools had become terrorist bases, and some were missile storage warehouses for Hamas – including a number owned and operated by the United Nations.

Numerous civilian buildings were destroyed – including hospitals – because Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists had transformed apartments or basements into terrorist headquarters or weapons productions facilities. In many others, entrances to terrorist tunnels and hidden rocket launchers were installed as well.

The use of these buildings as military bases forced the IDF to mark them for destruction in order to ensure they could not be used to hurt Israeli civilians again, despite the tragic results.

The question still remains, however: why would the Gaza leadership willingly sacrifice the welfare of Gaza citizens in order to murder others? Why would its supporters champion that cause?

An even bigger question — one far more worrisome — is how the United Nations can justify equating the sovereign Jewish nation of Israel with the bloodthirsty terrorist rulers of Gaza, Hamas, which UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon did on Monday (June 8.)

The IDF figures showed that during the 50-day war, 4,564 rockets, missiles and mortar shells were fired at Israelis by Gaza terrorists. Of those, 224 struck heavily populated areas, and 735 more were intercepted and shot down by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system.

According to the United Nations, quoting Gaza health officials, 2,139 people were killed and 11,000 were wounded. The UN estimated that more than 20,000 homes were left uninhabitable by the war. The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) reported that approximately 500,000 people were displaced. Magen David Adom reported at least 70 Israelis were killed and 842 others were wounded in the conflict.

Number of bomb shelters to protect Gazans: 0
Number of bomb shelters protecting Israelis: hundreds of thousands. This is why there are so many more Gazan casualties than Israelis: when it comes down to the bottom line, Israeli lawmakers make sure contractors include bomb shelters in homes and buildings to protect the citizens. Gaza’s rulers do not care about their people and do not insist on building codes. And when they attack their neighbors and provoke a military response, they insist their citizens sacrifice themselves and their loved ones in order to maximize international solidarity through gory snaps of the aftermath.

During Operation Protective Edge, the IDF identified and eliminated 109 weapons warehouses, 85 weapons factories, 192 Hamas military or training sites, 1,814 targets linked to rocket launches and 312 houses belonging to people involved in terrorism. The air force also conducted 840 strikes to cover ground troops. In addition, 32 terrorist tunnels were identified and destroyed.

The Jewish State continues to be vilified for protecting her citizens, as it is by more than half of the membership of the United Nations following every counter terrorist war launched to silence the rocket fire.



  1. A Rabbi told me once long time ago, that every generation has a Perscution of Jews. my Father lived in the 1940s, my grandfathers in The Pogroms, my Mothers Family in Spain by The Expulsion. so ongoing, the World has not learn nothing at all. The world hate us the Jews we do not belong to their nations, any time somethong goes wrong is our fault, and they attack us and kill us. That is why we need to be closer now more than other times, we have Israel and we have to fight the right to exist, and the right to have our anc ient home land, even if the whole world disagree. We the Jews have the right of live. like every other human.

  2. Hate to inform you of this, Jay, but your clear antisemitism does not disguise your bigoted ignorance of the facts. The worst enemy of the palestinian children is HAMAS. Do your research before you exhibit your ignorance via these posts.

  3. Ben Alofs
    You talk of keeping to the facts You have an infected mind which does not allow facts to enter it
    Have you heard of "human shields " These are people Hamas place in front of them when they file missiles into Israel aimed at civilian population They know gullible minds like yours will blame Israel for the deaths of their children They rejoice in these deaths because that is what they want ; Israel in the dock . Whether it causes deaths to their children is not their concern
    Google Richard Kemp He says Israel's army is the most moral in the world He should know
    I regarded the Dutch people as humane and an understanding of others
    Israel for all the good and advancement it does for the world is entitled to understanding of its position in a very unkind and violent neighbourhood

  4. a repulsive and intolerable attempt by the Dutch to give bestow their sense of Freedom and Equality to a distorted display of sickening proportion. Holland is now another Anti-Semitic member of the European coalition to erase Israel from the world's map.

  5. Ronald Oxman You hit out of the park. That is why things are such a mess. Our brave American Solders are never allowed to finish the job the so called leadership starts in the first place. J. Lee PS It is like walking off the football field be for the games over. J. Lee

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