Photo Credit: Jerusalem District Police
Police clash with Arab Muslims trying to change the "status quo" on the Temple Mount. (file)

If his name were linked to peaceful co-existence on the Temple Mount, with Muslims allowed to pray and Jews allowed to visit, he wouldn’t live long enough to say “Allahu Akbar.”



  1. Appeasement is demoralizing us. This is dangerous to our very survival as the nation Am Israel. Yes all of us, not just the Israeli. Either we fight decisively- meaning we fight to win all- or we will be forced into a humiliating defeat. There is no middle ground, there are no half way measures with these Arabs. By now we should know this. Kerry is an idiot. Obama is a foe, and a desperate failing leader himself.
    Our enemies respect only one thing: brutality. It is their custom. Soon I am afraid Israel will have to make a choice, and I pray we make the right one.

  2. The status quo had always been clear cut. Netanyahu had not been clear cut – deliberately.

    Temple Mount is a mosque from the very 1st inch of every entrance gate. Following the 1967 war Moshe Dayan, minister of defense at the time, met with the Wakf (authorities on behalf of Islam) and assured that Israel would not change any existing arrangement in churches or mosques.

    In Temple Mount – the only difference between pre and post 67 was that Israeli policemen replaced the Jordanian ones.

    The visits had been smooth and friendly. Wakf hospitality was cooperative….. Until…. Fundamentalist Jews took advantaged of the visits and turned those into prayer sessions – thus, converting the mosque into a synagogue de facto.

    Netanyahu, as usual, has his way of saying what may not be totally accurate.

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