Photo Credit: IDF
This is the aftermath of an explosion of a tunnel, loaded with explosives, that ran from central Gaza into Israel. (archive photo)

The massive explosion in Gaza early Monday morning which resulted in the death of seven Hamas terrorists was caused both by the IDF and Hamas.

When the IDF targeted and hit one of the smuggling tunnels built by Hamas which connects underground to Israel,  it caught terrorists who were in the tunnel carrying and working with explosives which they had intended to use to murder Israeli civilians. Instead, the explosives detonated, causing the deaths and additional damage to the structure of the tunnel.


Because those explosives were destroyed, they could not be used to wreak terror and potential harm to Israeli citizens.

“Terror tunnels such as this one demonstrate Hamas’ constant attempts to violate Israel’s sovereignty and carry out complex attacks,” said IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner. “We are committed to fulfil our duty with preemptive precision and extensive intelligence in order to safeguard Israelis under threat. Gaza terrorists will not be free to scheme, plot and conspire. They will face the repercussions of their loathsome intentions.”

The rocket attacks which began escalating since the time when Palestinian Arabs kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers, terrorists in Gaza have launched more than 240 rockets at Israel.


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  1. Good! However, I would have omitted the use of the word ‘Laden’ in the heading of this article since this can cause some confusion and might be seen as misleading. ‘Filled’ would have worked better. Or, was the use of this word, Laden, supposed to bring more attention to the article?

  2. Berta Webber, it is easy from our safe homes to explore the hate. However, what if it were your family member who had been murdered. It is natural and human to hate people who have murdered ones family and tried to kill you.

  3. The song only says another one bites the dust, but seven dead terrorists are even better!

  4. it’s ALL Israel’s FAULT: 1) By CONTINUING tolerating Hams day by day, year by rear, THAT has sent the message that it can and WILL get away with terrorism. 2) By ALLOWING, years ago, a Hamas takeover of Gaza, israel is reaping due to Israel’s indecisiveness 3) By Sharon’s FOLLY and Israel’s acquiescence of surrendering Gaza. Bibi needs to NOW acte and fully invade Gaza and decimate Hamas, like Gen. Sharon did to the PLO…why not send Hamas to Tunis??!!

  5. Claudia. Why would America need to help, they have “god”! And if you haven’t noticed, the entire West kisses their ass! So, even though they have the “al mighty ” on their side(I mean come on, who’s other side would he be on?),the west will ride in in white horses and see more of their soldiers die needlessly in the waste of what is the Middle East!

  6. Gonn be a hot time in allah land tonight, if even f 5 terrorists died that’s 5 X 72, that’s 360 virgins, and since they can marry girls @ birth & consummate @ age 9, they are going to be hard pressed to find that many virgins on such short notice!

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