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The Oslo Synagogue, built in 1920. The congregation was established earlier, in 1892.

A group of young Muslims organized a symbolic “ring of peace” to encircle the sole functioning synagogue in Oslo as Jew prayed within on Saturday.

At least 1,300 were inspired to join them in the initiative, which came in solidarity with Jews who were targeted last weekend by a radical Islamist terrorist in Denmark.


“This shows there are many more peacemakers than warmakers,” 37-year-old Zeeshan Abdullah, one of the organizers, told the crowd.

“There is still hope for humanity, for peace and love across religious differences and background,” he said.

Still, Norwegian sharp shooters were deployed on buildings around the synagogue. Police superintendent Steiner Hausvik told reporters, “It has been calm as we expected. We had no reason to expect any trouble but we were prepared.”

Jewish community spokesperson Ervin Kohn expressed gratitude and said it was “unique” that Muslims stood up “to this degree against anti-Semitism,” adding that “this fills us with hope, particularly as it’s a grassroots movement of young Muslims.”

Kohn advised the rest of the world to “look to Norway.”

There are only approximately 1,000 Jews left in Norway’s population of 5.3 million, while immigration of Muslims, about 3 percent of the population, continues to grow.

Last weekend two people died and five police officers were wounded in two attacks several hours apart by the same radical Islamist terrorist. The suspect, 22-year-old Omar el-Hussein, targeted a free speech event at a cafe and then a Bat Mitzvah at the Copenhagen Great Synagogue in Denmark.

Hussein, born in Denmark to Palestinian parents, had reportedly been released from jail only two weeks earlier after serving a two-year prison term for “grievous bodily harm.”



  1. That only goes to show, not all muslims are bad nor terrorists!… there are also many good muslims!… w/c mean also, there are good & bad jews or christians!… in the end of it, we’re all brothers & sisters!… all created by ” ONE-ALMIGHTY-GOD! “

  2. Well your right it is the West that go snooping in everyone`s business. We support the communists in China! We support the Israel people with millions of our money plus they constantly steal from us. What would you think it was Europe?

  3. Welcome sign of solidarity,!if is genuine but like “closing door when the horse has bolted” looking for more action and words not symbolism.

    Saw a wonderful act of kindness in Hackney Friday. Two Jewish women struggling down two steep flights of stairs with buggies and a Muslim woman showed no hesitation in running to help, apart from thanks from Jewish woman, no words were spoken but it spoje volumes.

  4. When Ferguson protectors gathered, there was non one to understand it, how many parade around cities in different states and who organized them? Now, I take that same position to wonder who is behind all these demonstrations, because Muslims so far keep every inch of their Quran and their Shari’a Laws, and they are allowed to lie if that lead them to accomplish their mission.

  5. Well, I have to disappoint you, folks there’s no such thing as “moderate Moslems”; only appearance. For the time being I live in Copenhagen and know by first hand, that the Moslems are a bit scared for the moment. The Jihadi Killer Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, a homegrown psychopath, killed filmmaker Nørgaard and Synagogue guard Dan Uzan and wounded five policemen. This grave incident angered the Danes so much that Moslems felt that they had stepped up their hate-speech too much. The day before the rampant, an imam in Copenhagen talks about the obligation to persecute Jews. Has the murderer been listening? – An extra information: the day of the burial of Omar el-Hussein five hundred (500) “moderate” Moslems followed him to his grave in outskirts Copenhagen.
    I perfectly understand the willingness to believe in moderates, we need an uplifting picture to rest on in these difficult times for Jews and the Western civilization. But don’t subscribe to imaginary dream-pictures. Be as most Israelis – be alert!

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