Photo Credit: Haim Tzach, GPO
PM Netanyahu before the weekly cabinet meeting, Jan. 25, 2015.

On Sunday, Jan. 25, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting:

“In the coming weeks, the major powers are liable to reach a framework agreement with Iran, an agreement that is liable to leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state, which would endanger – first and foremost – the existence of the State of Israel. This is the same Iran that has taken over Lebanon and Syria and is now taking over Yemen and Iraq. This is the same Iran that is preparing an active front against us both on the Golan Heights and in southern Lebanon. This same Iran cannot advance toward nuclear weapons.


As Prime Minister of Israel, I am obligated to make every effort in order to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons that would be aimed at the State of Israel. This effort is worldwide and I will go anywhere I am invited in order to enunciate the State of Israel’s position and in order to defend its future and its existence.

I would like to express my condolences to the Japanese Prime Minister and people following reports of the brutal murder of a Japanese citizen by Islamic State. Last week, during Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Israel, I told him that the struggle against extremist Islamic terrorism is a joint struggle and only if we are united will we be able to emerge victorious. Israel stands alongside Japan and the Japanese people in this difficult hour.

This week we will mark around the world International Holocaust Remembrance Day and Struggle against Anti-Semitism Day. Last year we witnessed an increase in anti-Semitic incidents and a wave of anti-Semitism that is flooding parts of the world, especially Europe. Against these phenomena the governments of the world need to act with greater vigor. History has already shown us that violence that begins against the Jews does not stop with the Jews. It is like a brushfire that spreads very rapidly to all societies and all citizens.

At the same time, we must ease the obstacles that impede the immigration of Jews to the Land of Israel. Israel is the national home of every Jew and we will act to bring immigrants to the State of Israel.”



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    The Israeli & the American progressive, liberal & left bark against
    PM Netanyahu upcoming visit two weeks before Israel general election.
    But here is Obama as a democrat senator canditate for US presidency visiting the kotel in 2008 .×349/955/165.jpg
    Obama visits Jerusalem’s Western Wall
    Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (C) listens to Rabbi Shmuel Rebinovich (R) during a visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem July 24, 2008.
    He is due to fly on Thursday to Germany, where he will give the only public speech of his week-long foreign tour, an outdoor address on transatlantic ties that is likely to draw tens of thousands.
    JERUSALEM Thu Jul 24, 2008
    מועמד המפלגה הדמוקרטית לנשיאות ארצות הברית, הסנטור ברק אובמה, הגיע שלשום (ג’) לביקור בישראל. בביקורו הקצר הספיק אובמה להיפגש עם שורה של אישים בכירים בצמרת השלטון בישראל, בהם נשיא המדינה שמעון פרס, ראש הממשלה אהוד אולמרט, שרת החוץ ציפי לבני, שר הביטחון אהוד ברק, ראש האופוזיציה בנימין נתניהו ואישים נוספים.

    אובמה הספיק בביקורו הקצר לבקר בנקודות ציון מרכזיות בחיי העם היהודי, וערך סיור במוזיאון יד ושם. בנוסף לכך הגיע אתמול בערב הסנטור, בטיסה מעל שמי ישראל, לביקור בשדרות שם התקבל בחמימות רבה. לפני שעזב אובמה את ישראל הוא חתם את ביקורו בכותל המערבי.

    אובמה בארץ הקודש: ביקור בתמונות
    הסנטור הדמוקרטי והמועמד לנשיאות ארה”ב ערך ביקור בן יום וחצי בישראל והספיק הרבה. nrg מעריב מביא את הביקור דרך עדשת המצלמה

    nrg מעריב | 24/7/2008 13:21

  2. South Azerbaijani Turks under occupation of Iranian terrorist regime, have been victim of many massacres, ethnic cleansing, cultural and lingual genocide, forced assimilation, and terror for most of the past century.
    Iranian Islamic terrorist regime is striving to achieve weapons of mass destruction and threatening regional and global peace and stability. By acquiring nuclear weapons, the regime will attain more deterrence against foreign powers, and internally will be able to strengthen its grip on occupied nations and lands.
    The regime’s pretence of foreign threats is baseless, because the internal and oppressed people’s threat is far more greater than the foreign threat. The real alterative of this terrorist regime is independence of oppressed people and creation of their own independent countries. For Iranian terrorist regime nothing is more threatening than people’s uprising against Persian chauvinism. The internal threat is so serious that the occupying Persian regime had to create it’s own alternative, Green movement, to counter the oppressed peoples’ uprising and moving towards self determination. Also, the creation of so called Green movement by this regime is inline with diversion of oppressed peoples’ movement from their struggle against occupation towards so called democratisation and easing the monopoly of power and repairing the system. While Iranian regime is trying to create its own opposition and alternative and undermining oppressed peoples’ struggle against occupation, in reality, they are buying time to achieve the nuclear weapon. But even though the so called Green movement got attention of foreign media for a while, struggle for freedom and self determination is ever growing and strong. Iranian Islamic terrorist regime’s seeking nuclear weapon, and this adds to the tension in the region and worries regional and global powers. Recently we witnessed the forth resolution against Iran’s illegal and covert nuclear operations from UN. We are content with the international measures in preventing irresponsible regime of Iran from achieving nuclear weapon. We support this resolution and sanctions against Iranian regime. We believe that tightening economic throat of this terrorist regime is the best and effective way in preventing a regional and global disaster. We believe that the nuclear Iran will be more oppressive and destructive against oppressed people internally and to the regional and global people. We would like to invite all international circle’s attention to this real and only alternative of Iran in the region. More sanctions, preventing terrorist regime of Iran from achieving nuclear weapon, supporting oppressed peoples’ struggle for self determination and freedom, are the most economic, sufficient, and right ways of eliminating regional and global threat created by Iran. Freedom and self determination of oppressed and occupied people of so called Iran will create a peaceful, and progressing environment in the region and the world.

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