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Republican Party Platform Committee in Cleveland, July 11, 2016.

Last night the brought the news that a GOP subcommittee drafted and endorsed a pro-Israel plank that includes every single item on every (truly) pro-Israel wish list, thanks to the hard work of a few lawmakers such as South Caroline State Rep. Alan Clemmons and several pro-Israel organizations, including the Iron Dome Alliance.

But this morning brings more huge news: the full committee endorsed the pro-Israel plank with no changes. And the passage of that adamantly pro-Israel plank was met with a standing ovation by those in the room.


The Republican party ain’t what it used to be, or at least it doesn’t match the anti-Israel party portrait which so many people have tried to peddle.

And what of the Democrats? Jeff Ballabon, chairman of the Iron Dome Alliance, told the that his coalition has made it very clear that they “would still love for Democrats to accept the same language and will attempt to persuade delegates in light of today’s success but ha[s] little optimism that it would be accepted.”

He said the coalition didn’t want this (strongly pro-Israel) policy to be tied only to one party, “this should be America’s policy,” but the enthusiasm with which the important language was met and embraced by the Republican platform committee speaks volumes.

While rumors have been swirling that the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC has been trying to stop the truly pro-Israel plank from getting out of the station, if they engaged in that effort, it failed.

And if AIPAC did not work to defeat this non-Two State language, it’s a whole new AIPAC world in which Israel is now in control of the best resolution of the various conflicts besieging the Jewish State, rather than bowing its head to dictates from the U.S. It also signals a change in the lobby’s stance regarding the disputed territories, which it has never strongly embraced.

Here is the language of the new Republican Party Platform on Israel:

And here’s the video of Rep. Alan Clemmons speaking to the GOP subcommittee, introducing the pro-Israel plank:


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  1. Hooray!! Hooray! Hooray!! Thank you GOP!! Americans need to be pro Israel, Partners!! Need anyone write the huge, long list of Israeli contributions to the world? The US & Israel working together again will bring more technology, science, medicine in addition to all the Cultural & Fine Arts! It is making the "World Great Again"!
    Obama did everything possible to discourage this partnership! He did deals & approved PA propaganda behind closed doors! He alsi did it openly by his rudeness to Netanyahu. How many visits did the Muslim Brotherhood pay to the White House! So much for his Administrations transparency! Americans were totally hoodwinked (putting it politely) by this Administration! I hope the Dems get on Board with the pro Israel plank! And, I hope Democrats across the country will stop believing PA propaganda and look at History, the Truth! Again, Thank you GOP.

  2. What's new? GOP folks I know have always supported Israel and Jews. Sure some ultra-right wigners don't, based upon their warped religious views. But, overall conservatives support Israel. What has always struck me as odd, is democrats vote for politicians that hate Israel. Americans behind the BDS movement are left wing extremists. Most don't even know why they support BDS.

  3. I am proud that the Republicans have adopted this platform. I am proud that it was South Carolina that led the charge for its adoption. I am proud that it was adopted unanimously, with a standing ovation. And I am incredibly proud of my friendship with Alan Clemmons, who is the hero who pressed the platform through to is victorious conclusion. It is fair to say that, here in Israel, I am bustin' my britches with pride.

  4. this is not your grand fathers GOP we must elect a republican president and retain conrol of the house and the senate so we will be able to get some conserveatives on the supreme court.god help us if the democrats win it will be 4 more years of back sliding and further loss of american self esteem ,whats left of it.

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