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On Tuesday morning it looked as if, at long last, the moment everyone had been waiting for came, igniting Arab anger like a lit fuse reaching the dynamite stick: two young religious Jews in white, knitted yarmulkes dared to bow on the stone floor of the Temple Mount, the way Jews had done it there from around 1,000 BCE until 70 CE, with a few interruptions.

Of the 90-second video, only the first 10 or so show the Jews bowing. The rest is about the rush of police to meet Arab rioters who are going hoarse with a level of screaming reserved for special occasions. They shout Allahu Akbar, which is close to what we used to cry out on Yom Kippur when we bowed there, on the stone floor, as the high priest sounded the explicit, 72-letter name of God.


The two Jewish offenders were arrested on the spot, and the Arabs, who, frankly, seemed way more offensive, were left to clash and scream and beat on the cops to their hearts’ content.

This was the third day in a row in which Israeli Police removed Jews from the Temple Mount, and so, every day so far this week Jews have been kicked out and arrested on and off the grounds of the Temple Mount by the security forces of the Jewish State, often instructed by the Jordanian Waqf, which runs the show.

For a complete report of police action against Jews on God’s mountain, go to 8 Jews Ejected from Temple Mount by 10 am, Passover Day 4.


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  1. Muslims can claim anything, but the Temple Mount is Holy to God and given to the JEWISH CHILDREN. I doubt that the Jews (altho I wish differently) will ever recover their Holy Mountain, but I am sure that all will be restored when CHRIST returns.

  2. The Israeli Goverment is pathetic and an
    embarrassment. We once had political leaders
    Begin, Kahane… Men who understood Jewish
    history and our role in society.
    BiBi and his PC whores created this situation
    by not responding when the FIRST stone was
    thrown. Now we arrest solider's for killing
    terrorist and release want to be 12 yr old
    murderers after two months!
    Perhaps you should consider Israelis physical
    survival as one of your primary objectives.

  3. I am Absolutely certain the Jewish people will have THE HOLY TEMPLE Restored when THE MESSIAH RETURNS! The Palestinians can yell Allah Akbar all they want, there is no Allah Akbar, nor Budda, nor whatever fake god they scream for! As Elijah said, " If you be for bael, then so be it, if you are of G.d then be for G.d!" There is only One GOD, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB! When YESHUA RETURNS, Israel will look for her enemies, and they will be no more! G.d Bless Israel!

  4. Instead of arresting these Jews for bowing to G-d in the place chosen for it by G-d, the Israeli authorities should establish that this is the JEWISH state, that this is the JEWISH holy place, and that the Muslims don't make any rules. At which point, the Israelis should throw them off the Temple Mount and put an end to the desecration that began 2000 years ago, and perpetuated by Moshe Dayan in 1967 when he gratuitously turned it over to the Muslims after it was reconquered by the Jewish nation.

  5. We need 200,0 armed with baebal bbats, axes knives and guns to bow to Hashem and let these Arab invaders know that Hashem is G-d no their so called allah! Let the unifomed thugs who call themselves police tr to stop that.

  6. Uzi Kattan There is something the world needs t register – that these Muslims (who say they believe in one g-d) don't want Jews to bow to the only One g*d.

    I realize this is another direction of discussion, but it has relevance, as in Elijah. Because, by refulsing to let Jews to bow in the same place they do they are acknowledging that only one of them is the true G-d.

    Clearly the g8d they serve is one of hatred and violence, as they so savegely embody this. So, it doesn't take much to work out which is baal and which is the only one G-d.

  7. Bibi has not been 'p.c.' always. He has tried to walk a tight-rope with USA etc..(which in any case, cannot be done with Obama.) :But this latest with the soldier, and releasing anyone who is prepared to commit racist murder (their parents send them.) I don't believe Bibi will ever be elected again.

  8. The matter is familiar to Revelation six, seven and eight. The horses in question are the underground trains being built, to take control of Jerusalem, "Rakevet" means "Iron Horse" in Hebrew. So that starts a war, the two witnesses are bowing on the mount, it will lead to all out violence and war, one part will bring a nuclear bomb and the other will hide in the underground train tunnels. That leads to a general state of hot war through Revelation chapter 11, where the victims reach 144,000 on the mount. The "white horse" is the railways, but it turns red in bloodshed, black in death and pale in havoc in a city where people can't survive. Eliezer Ben Yehuda named the train " Rakevet" "Horse of the Steel" and the Underground Tunnels for the Israel Railways will be a fallout shelter for nuclear war.

  9. In the last week or two we have seen a sharp rise in earthquakes throughout the world. Yellowstone park contains a massive caldera and it has been very active and a cause for some concern. From California along the coast of Oregon there have been a large number of sink holes which adds to the worry. World wide were seeing Nations in economic turmoil and there does not appear to be a plan in the works to repair the situation. This is all lumped into the wars, terrorism and religious problems we can see virtually everywhere and especially in the middle east. It’s time to understand that the Bible is and has been pointing to these events for thousands of years. We are living in the end times. The tribulation period in coming and you need to know where you stand with God. Don’t guess about it, KNOW FOR SURE! I wrote a small book about the end times, Biblical prophecy, and the tribulation period. It’s just for your information and consideration and it’s free. I don’t even accept donations on my or anyone else’s behalf. It’s a short read of about 7 pages. I encourage you to take a look.

  10. This has gone beyond ridiculous. There is no appeasing the Arabs, and war over this is inevitable. Every time Jews make a concession to these demons, things get worse. The world had better accept that war is coming with the Jews and Arabs, and stop expecting Jews to lie down and die to prevent Arabs from being killed.

  11. Sonia Willats BIBI is still much better than any other wimp in Israeli politics. PERES sold out to the enemy in 1993, Rabin also gave away the farm,& DIED, Begin was deceived by Carter in giving the Negev desert (falsely known as SINAI ,HOREB in really in Arabia!) to Sadat in Egypt.All labor party are ignorant of GOD'S WORD to ISRAELI BELIEVERS, and would be a disaster. BIBI is still the ONLY choice against radical Hussein and Hillary Rotten. Heaven help us if she campaigns from prison and gets elected by stupid DemocRATS.

  12. Sonia Willats Sadly Sonia you are correct, the picture is becoming clearer every day. The end of times is surely upon us. Lets hope that the Hollywood film The "End of Days" which ends in the defeat of evil, end in the same way !

  13. Marty Susman Religion surely is an etherial state, we are chosen by the powers that be, a calling perhaps. "Good thought good deeds" go a long way in life. However, this is certainly not being practised on the planet at present.

  14. Uzi Kattan these 'uniformed thugs' are Likud's dogs. Let' not forget that stupid, lobotomized, careless mazochistic thugs (which dare to call themselves 'citizens' despite the fact they don't have the slightest understanding of that therm – meaning of the word) overwhelmingly voted fot that! Just for the record. Chag Sameach.

  15. Stop discrimination of Jews on the Temple Mount (Har Habayit). Religious Freedom applies to Jews too.

    The very fact that Muslims don't want Jews (or Christians) to pray on the Temple Mount, proves that they know that they serve a different god. They do NOT worship the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and they know that the time of their god (which is Hashem's adversary, Hasatan) is limited. I can only pray that many Muslims will see the Light before it is too late for them.

  16. When will the children of Abraham reaiize screaming is a
    biological compulsive need, unrelated to religion and politics,
    and reality is in the present moment, which calls for mutual
    love and respect – mohabba we ehteram – for the true believers in Allah.

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