The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has sent us this message:

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is home to hundreds of Chinese and East Asian students who come each year to pursue exchange programs and advanced degrees. Additionally, we count numerous Chinese universities among our closest academic partners.


Unfortunately, since the coronavirus outbreak, many of our Asian students and researchers have been the target of ethnic insults and fear-mongering.

“They ganged up on me, shouting ‘Corona! Corona!’ and told me to go home,” shared Yanan, an HU International Relations student from Xian, China.

We condemn such acts, having firsthand knowledge of the dire consequences when a group of people is blamed for a global catastrophe.

To show our support for our Asian colleagues and to spread a message of hope, we have put together this video—Jiayou! Our hearts are with you, China.

Further, we have provided on-campus counseling services and support for our international students and researchers.

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