Hamas Conditions Hostage Deal on Permanent IDF Withdrawal, Chinese and Turkish Guarantees

Blinken noted regarding Hamas, “you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not.”

Xi Announces $69m in Aid for Gaza

“War should not continue indefinitely,” the Chinese leader said.

China, Russia Veto US Ceasefire Resolution at the UN Security Council

Beijing and Moscow said the draft resolution wasn’t sufficiently strong in calling for a halt to fighting in Gaza.

Israel Slams Chinese Support for Hamas at International Court of Justice

"China should ask itself why the Hamas terrorist organization was so quick to praise the words of the Chinese legal advisor at the ICJ."

IDF Finds Iranian Tech Underneath UNRWA Headquarters

The equipment, which apparently originated in China, is being analyzed by the Israeli military and intelligence agencies.

DOJ Charges 3 on Transfer of US Aerospace, Missile Technology to Iran, China

The suspects were charged in connection with sophisticated schemes to transfer sensitive technology, goods, and information for the benefit of hostile foreign adversaries, in violation of US law.

Its Economy Damaged by Houthi Attacks, China Leans on Iran to Stop them

This may be a good time to bid on really cheap Iranian crude.

US: Chinese Navy Ignored Distress Calls of Hijacked Israeli Ship

The 22-member crew of the Central Park was uninjured, according to CENTCOM.

Israel to Bring 3,000 Construction Workers from China

Currently, approximately 28,000 construction workers are employed in Israel.

Biden Signs Executive Order Limiting High-Tech Investment in China

The White House said the prohibitions were not intended to separate the US-China interdependent economies, but rather were meant to protect national security goals.

Global Heat Wave Moves East, Tops 50C (126F) in China

The previous record in China was set in July 2017, when the mercury reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit.

Report: Netanyahu to Visit China, a Broadside to Biden

Last week, Xi Jinping hosted PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Beijing and presented a new Chinese plan for settling the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

China Signs ‘Strategic Partnership’ with Palestinian Authority

China was among the first to recognize a "State of Palestine" and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorist group as legitimate entities.

Mahmoud Abbas to Make Official Visit to China

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas will be the first Arab "head of state" to visit China this year, according to Beijing.

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma to Become Visiting Professor at Tel Aviv University

“We are honored and delighted to welcome Mr. Jack Ma to Tel Aviv University,” says TAU President Ariel Porat

Israel, China Hold First Direct Talks on Free-Trade Agreement Since 2019

A source close to the negotiations said that the two sides were “at an advanced stage of tying up loose ends.”

DOJ Arrests 2 Suspects for Setting Up Chinese Police Station in Manhattan

The “brazen, criminal schemes” were allegedly directed and carried out by China’s National Police Service to “export and crush any criticism ... here in the United States.”

US Officials Warn ‘Extensive’ Chinese Cyber Attack Expected if Beijing Invades Taiwan

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy: “If Xi Jingping moves on Taiwan, we should assume he’ll launch cyberattacks against the United States as part of the operation."

China Strikes Deal with Brazil, Woos Saudi Arabia

But China’s growing economic outreach elsewhere in the world is making it clear that it’s not just Israeli national security that is at stake.

Iran and Saudi Arabia Restore Relations

Tehran and Riyadh will reopen their embassies and restore diplomatic relations.

Update: US Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon

A second Chinese spy balloon has also now been spotted heading for the US, the Pentagon said.

Israel Requires COVID Test for Visitors from China

Nearly 250 million people in China tested positive for the virus in the first 20 days of December.

At Saudi Meetup, China Supports ‘Palestine’ as PA Chieftain Calls to Boycott Israel

P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas urged world leaders at the China-Arab States Summit in Saudi Arabia to “refrain from dealing” with the Jewish state unless it commits to two states.

Israeli Consul General Locked Up in China With COVID-19

"I found myself in such a hospital for 10 days. Nothing prepares you for the experience - not even close engagement with the subject for over two years."

Since China’s Crackdown on Tech, Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Lives in Tokyo, Visits Israel

Ma has virtually vanished from public view since he publicly chastised Chinese regulators two years ago.

Widespread Chinese Protests after COVID Lockdown Prevented Escape from Burning Building

On Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, one user from Sichuan wrote: "Is this the same world as our world?"

US Sanctions Chinese Companies for Helping Iran Circumvent Petroleum Sanctions

The sanctioned companies include Zhonggu Storage and Transportation Co., which operates a commercial crude oil storage facility for Iranian petroleum and provides a conduit for Iranian petroleum trade, and WS Shipping Co., the ship manager for the vessel that transports Iranian petroleum products.

China Sends Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Frighten Taiwan

The Pentagon has had to revise its estimates of how many nuclear warheads China will possess by the end of this decade.

‘Alarm Bells’ in Israel over China Aid that Could up Syria’s Intel Capabilities

While Beijing insists the aid will be humanitarian in nature, Israeli defense sources say some products expected to “fill current gaps in Syria’s military communications network.”


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