Iran and Saudi Arabia Restore Relations

Tehran and Riyadh will reopen their embassies and restore diplomatic relations.

Update: US Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon

A second Chinese spy balloon has also now been spotted heading for the US, the Pentagon said.

Israel Requires COVID Test for Visitors from China

Nearly 250 million people in China tested positive for the virus in the first 20 days of December.

At Saudi Meetup, China Supports ‘Palestine’ as PA Chieftain Calls to Boycott Israel

P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas urged world leaders at the China-Arab States Summit in Saudi Arabia to “refrain from dealing” with the Jewish state unless it commits to two states.

Israeli Consul General Locked Up in China With COVID-19

"I found myself in such a hospital for 10 days. Nothing prepares you for the experience - not even close engagement with the subject for over two years."

Since China’s Crackdown on Tech, Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Lives in Tokyo, Visits Israel

Ma has virtually vanished from public view since he publicly chastised Chinese regulators two years ago.

Widespread Chinese Protests after COVID Lockdown Prevented Escape from Burning Building

On Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, one user from Sichuan wrote: "Is this the same world as our world?"

US Sanctions Chinese Companies for Helping Iran Circumvent Petroleum Sanctions

The sanctioned companies include Zhonggu Storage and Transportation Co., which operates a commercial crude oil storage facility for Iranian petroleum and provides a conduit for Iranian petroleum trade, and WS Shipping Co., the ship manager for the vessel that transports Iranian petroleum products.

China Sends Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Frighten Taiwan

The Pentagon has had to revise its estimates of how many nuclear warheads China will possess by the end of this decade.

‘Alarm Bells’ in Israel over China Aid that Could up Syria’s Intel Capabilities

While Beijing insists the aid will be humanitarian in nature, Israeli defense sources say some products expected to “fill current gaps in Syria’s military communications network.”

This Arab Woman Was Promised a Diplomat’s Job, Now She’s Toppling Bennett’s Government

Lapid wanted to get rid of this Arab MK by making her consul in Shanghai, problem is she’s anti-Israel.

Storm in a Chinese Tea Cup: Object in Chinese Gifts to Israeli Ministers Were...

The Chinese gift boxes included chocolates, thermal cups and what was suspected to be a listening device.

Iran Nuclear Talks Suspended After Russia Adds Ukraine-Linked Demands

European Union foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrell said a “pause” in the nuclear talks was needed “due to external factors.”

Lapid Appoints Left-Wing Arab MK as Israel’s Consulate General in Shanghai

Rinawie Zoabi is a member of the left-wing Meretz party and is considered a political headache for the coalition.

Beijing Olympic Committee Asks Chabad Rabbi to Organize the Kosher Food

Chabad emissary Rabbi Shimon Freundlich was asked to organize kosher food for the Jewish athletes, coaches, and journalists. One of them is ice skater Hailey Kops.

Israeli Mezuzahs to be Shipped to China Held a Surprise

The creatures were a unique species of harvesting ants that are found specifically in the Negev region.

EL AL Flight Attendant Stuck in China, Diagnosed with Omicron

The flight attendant tested negative twice before departure, but tested positive upon arrival in Ghangzhou, China.

PM Bennett: We’ll Use Lull in Negotiations with Iran to Chart a Different Path...

"A bad deal with the Iranians will have implications for our national security."

Report: Indian Army Deploys Israeli-Made Heron Drones to Monitor Chinese Movements

“[They] are more advanced than the ones in the inventory of the force, including their anti-jamming capability,” according to Indian media.

Israel Set to impose Electric Car Tax to Offset Loss in Car Gas Tax...

Within the Israeli government, the Finance Ministry is fighting the Transport and Environmental Protection Ministries on raising the reduced purchase tax on EVs.

‘Greater Israeli-Chinese Collaboration’: Israel’s President Herzog and China’s President Xi Have First Talk

Xi noted that Herzog’s late father, Chaim Herzog, Israel’s sixth president, was the first Israeli head of state to visit China upon the establishment of diplomatic ties, and Herzog said he was proud of his father’s role in this historic event.

Report: US Tests Iron Dome Against Chinese Cruise Missiles

“If we can’t defend Guam—the airbase and the other things there—it’s really hard to project power into the Pacific.”

Chinese Hackers Now Believed Responsible for Cyber Attack on Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

The attack is believed to have had a financial motive, and may have been in preparation for a larger and more serious event, according to Israel’s defense establishment.

Palestinian Authority Official: ‘China Will Lead the World, and Is On Our Side’

Beijing will accept whatever we accept, but knows we “want to make Israel swallow the poison one drop at a time,” says Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki.

Israel Inaugurates Chinese-Operated Haifa Bay Port, Large Ships Can Now Dock

The US warned that it would no longer be able to dock in the Haifa port if the Chinese took over managing it.

Iranian Parliament Speaker: Deal Extension with IAEA Expired, Will Not Be Renewed

"Iran has been the most active party in Vienna, proposing most drafts.”

Israel Gives China a Little Taste of its Own Medicine at UN

“Out of pragmatic considerations, Israel has learned to accept China’s contradictory policy over time,” said Tuvia Gering, an analyst at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security. “In other, more private forums, China and Israel can enjoy each other’s company.”

Israel Heeds US Ask, Supports UNHRC Vote on China’s Detention of 1 Million Muslims

Israel's vote may mark a change in policy under the new government and the new Foreign Minister Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid).

2 TAU Researchers Win China’s Prestigious Changjiang Professorship Award

The Chinese government's decision to award the prize to foreign researchers is considered very unusual and attests to the outstanding excellence of the researchers.

US, Iran Deal to Drop Sanctions May Prove Unattainable

Simply put, to remove all the sanctions, the Biden administration would have to reverse the terrorist designation of Iran which date back to the Carter administration.


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