The Bats are Back in the Wuhan Food Market

The Chinese wet markets have reopened, bats and other animals are again being sold for food.

WATCH: Praying for China at the Kotel 以色列人民为中国人民祈祷

The prayers called upon God to have mercy and cure the Chinese people from the Coronavirus and for the health of all people around the world.

Tzfat Chief Rabbi Leads Prayer at the Kotel for China’s Coronavirus Victims

Rabbi Eliahu called on all creative people, "composers, musicians and singers to compose a gift song from Israel to the Chinese people. A song of partnership, of prayer, of blessing."

Harvard, Yale, Investigated for Taking Unreported Billions from Chinese, Saudis, Iranians

The two university, and by extension all Ivy League schools, are accused of vigorously soliciting funds from foreign governments, companies and individuals who are openly hostile to the US.

1,016 Dead in China in Coronavirus Outbreak, Virus May Spread via Water Pipes

By Tuesday, the coronavirus has hit more than 43,100 people in China and in 24 other countries.

Chinese Doctor Who First Raised Alarm on Coronavirus, Succumbs

There were 28,275 confirmed cases on Thursday, with more than 28,000 of them in China, and 15 percent confirmed one day earlier.

Israel Sends Medical Supplies to China for Coronavirus on Last Flight Out

The medical supplies were sent directly to the Chinese Ministry of Health.

MDA Sends Anti Contagion Protection Equipment to Chabad Houses in China

The protective kits, which include special suits, masks, glasses, shoes and hats, aim to prevent infection in the event of contact with a sick person.

Chinese Walk Back Comparison of Banning Suspected Virus Carriers to Rejecting Jewish Refugees

"We would like to apologize if someone understood our message the wrong way.”

Netanyahu Orders Israeli Scientists to Produce Coronavirus Vaccine

"I have instructed the Biological Institute and the Health Ministry to work on producing a vaccine for the virus and to set up a vaccination network," Netanyahu announced.

El Al Suspends Beijing Flights as Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 170

Coronavirus cases recorded in Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam and Japan involved patients who had not been to China.

Israeli Health Ministry, Medical Experts Strategize to Address Coronavirus in Israel

China's health officials: "Respiratory droplets is the major transmission route. But one can catch the disease by touch too. Asymptomatic patients can also transmit the disease.

As Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 100, Germany Confirms First Case in Bavaria

There have been no deaths as a result of a coronavirus infection outside China.

Kosher Supervisor Says Chinese Government ‘Doing All It Can’ to Stop Spread of Coronavirus

Lockdown helps, says Rabbi David Moskowitz. "Chinese government is doing everything medically possible to stop the virus from spreading."

Israel Issues Warning: Don’t Travel to Wuhan, China

The Health Ministry says it is “in contact with all the international bodies and experts in Israel and abroad."

Possible Carriers of Coronavirus Quarantined in Israel

Israel's health ministry expects that in the coming days there will be many suspected cases of Coronavirus in arrivals from China, most of which will likely turn out to be other diseases.

Israel Sees 70% Increase in Exports in Past Decade; Exports to China Increased 5-fold

Israeli export which is expected to reach $114 billion in 2019, an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year’s figures.

Pro-Israel Program for Visiting Chinese Students Celebrates 3rd Year

Over the past few years, Chinese enrollment in Israeli universities has sky-rocketed, with thousands of Chinese students currently studying in Israel.

As Rockets Fly Above, Chinese Communist Delegation Visits Israel for Policy Talks

Israel’s cooperation with China reaches unprecedented heights, even as the US and China are growing increasingly adversarial.

Israeli Hospital Launches Collaboration with Largest Rehabilitation Facility in China

This is the first type of agreement for Reut Hospital signed with a prestigious and leading medical institution in China.

As China Devalues Yuan Radically, Shekel Continues to Strengthen

If you're an American Oleh living off your pension in Israel – you just got a 2.7% pay cut.

For his 140th Birthday Hebrew U Sends Einstein to China

The collection, curated by Avi Muller, will be open to the public for three months in Jerusalem before shipping to Beijing.

Visiting Chinese Students Become Good Will Ambassadors for Israel

Concluding its second year at Hebrew University, the program has brought dozens of Chinese students to Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Hebron, Samaria, the Negev and Sderot.

Israeli, American NSAs to Meet on Iran, China

The Israeli delegation headed by Ben Shabbat includes senior officials from the defense and foreign ministries, as well as the IDF, Mossad and additional agencies.

Chinese Twitter Accounts Suspended for Allegedly Trying to Affect Israel Election

Twitter has suspended dozens of Hebrew-language accounts operated by the Church of Almighty God—a Christian group banned in China that believes Jesus has been reincarnated as a Chinese female now residing in Queens, N.Y.—ahead of Tuesday’s Israeli elections.

In Growing Trend, Israeli Tourism is Becoming ‘Made For China’

The Economic Research Department of the Israel Hotels Association recently published data for February 2019 on hotel stays compared with the same period over the past two years, and the evidence is clear: Incoming tourism to Israel is decidedly on the rise, and Chinese tourists are helping make it happen.

Wine from Samaria Finds New Market in China

After two years of hard work and negotiations, the Psagot wine factory shipped their first container to China a few days ago.

Israel Restricts Airport Tender to NATO Members, and in the Process Cuts Out China

The move by Israel comes amid growing international concern over Chinese involvement in construction projects and the fallout from its trade war with the United States.

Trump WH Riding Israel Hard on Chinese Hi Tech Investments

"They just blew up at us," senior Israeli officials said last November about a meeting with US officials about the increased Chinese involvement in large-scale infrastructure projects in Israel.


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