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Anti-Israel rally in Berlin was rife with antisemitism, April 23, 2022.

Bild am Sonntag, the Sunday edition of Bild, the best-selling European newspaper, declared today that the hatred of Jews by radical Muslims is “a shame for this country.”

The editorial, written by the editor in chief Johannes Boje, followed what the newspaper described as “an aggressive antisemitic agitation against people of the Jewish faith – in the middle of Germany” (Wieder offener Judenhass auf Deutschlands Straben) According to Saturday night’s report, some 600 people marched through Kreuzberg and Neukolln with Palestinian flags, openly denying Israel’s right to exist. They roared aggressively, “child killer Israel” and attacked journalists.


A Bild reporter was surrounded by around a hundred people, “insulted in an anti-Semitic manner as a ‘dirty Jew’ and kicked. The Berlin police had to protect him and escort him out of the demonstration.”

“’Drecksjuden’ (filthy Jews) and ‘Scheibjuden’ ([expletive] Jews) echo through German streets by hundreds of people, Muslims who immigrated to Germany themselves or their families. In the middle of Berlin, in the middle of Germany,” the editorial began. “It’s a shame for our country! Didn’t we all swear: Never again? Large parts of the left did not want to imagine that migrants and their children could hate people. They were consistently and per se considered better people. And those who think so far from reality are in politics today – and often in the news as well.

“Unfortunately, it’s the other way around: Jews have long since left Germany. The state and some media allow what should never have been allowed. ‘Never again’ is nothing but a nice-sounding lie for a cheap Sunday speech.

“Interior Minister Nancy Faeser Tweeted: ‘There is no place for antisemitism in our society.’ That is simply wrong. There is always room for this on the streets of this country. Faeser omitted which people are clearly the perpetrators these days. Just don’t destroy your own worldview…

“Tagesschau, still Germany’s largest news program, is also silent on this. When young Muslims covered Swedish neighborhoods with rubble and ash a few days ago (after right-wing extremists had provoked them), many reports in Germany tended to conceal who the perpetrators were, to distort the situation.

“And some people in Germany are secretly happy when they see the new hatred of Jews: some on the left also hate Israel, and many right-wing extremists do so anyway.

“This is how the new Jew-haters in Germany feel comfortable and safe. This country is their country, Neukolln and other quarters belong to them entirely. Clans control the streets there from their S-Class and BMW SUVs. It is not the police who decide there whether a demonstration ends or not. Walking in these neighborhoods with a yarmulke? Inconceivable.

“At the same time, rampaging, Jew-hating Muslims should be treated like their contemptible Nazi friends among the right-wing extremists: ostracized, despised, under constant police and secret service surveillance. Controlled by the state, courted by exit programs. And also threatened: Anyone who goes to anti-Jewish demonstrations must not be allowed to become German; if you hate Jews, you have to get out of this country, you don’t come here.

“All decent people in Germany would be happy about that, not least the many, many Muslims who live sensibly, diligently, law-abiding in Germany and who do not understand why the state does not take proper action against criminals.”

Berlin police announced on Sunday morning that there were arrests during the demonstration, but have yet to offer any details about the offenses.

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