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Arab thugs attack Jews wrapped in taleisim on their way to the Kotel, April 17, 2022.

A video released on the Arab social networks around noontime on Sunday shows four Jews wrapped in their prayer shawls being attacked by Arabs who kick and punch them. The four Jews were attacked on Hagai Street in the Old City of Jerusalem, on their way to the Kotel.

Needless to say, none of the Jews was armed and so they could not shoot their attackers dead as should have been done. Two suspects have reportedly been captured.


Meanwhile, six Arabs were arrested on Sunday after throwing stones at police officers and passers-by from the roofs of their houses in the Muslim Quarter.

As of Sunday afternoon, 18 suspects have been arrested by the police for stone- and fireworks-throwing, riots, violence, and assaults on police and civilians. Some of the detainees threw stones at Egged buses, shattering their windshields and windows. Others were arrested in the Temple Mount compound for preparing a riot against Jewish visitors, and two were arrested for assaulting passing civilians in the Old City of Jerusalem Sunday morning.

Please don’t forget: it was Defense Minister Benny Gantz who on Saturday night assessed the situation and reached the conclusion that things were calm enough to suspend the lockdown which is traditionally imposed on Judea and Samaria during the Passover holiday (Despite Ramadan Terror, Gantz Ends Holiday Closure at Crossings with Palestinian Authority).

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