Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube
Lod Deputy Mayor filmed the results of Arab pogrom in his child's classroom, May 12, 2021.

After another night of Arab riots in Lod, despite the police curfew, Deputy Mayor Nati Isaac arrived at his son’s school and documented the damage. He broke down while filming: “They burned down the classrooms. What do we say to our children?”

See the English subtitles below the Kan 11 video:


Good morning, people of Israel,
Good morning, look
My son’s fourth grade
That’s what a classroom looks like
I repeat,
We are not
In Kishinev
We are not in Vienna during Kristallnacht
Or in Germany, look
Look how it looks
In the State of Israel in the year 2021, look
The 5781 pogroms
I’m simply crying
How do you explain this to your child?
What should I tell my son, look
Look, they burned down the classrooms, the school
What do we tell the children?
How do we explain
That their grandfather
Made aliyah from Europe
And arrived here
What do I leave behind for my children?
People of Israel, wake up
People of Israel, wake up
Our destiny
Depends only on us, no one is guarding us
See how it looks

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