Photo Credit: Netanyahu's Facebook page screenshot.
PM Netanyahu with synagogue children.

At a Megillah reading in his local synagogue in Caesarea, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked a group of first and second graders in their Purim costumes what the holiday is about, and posted the video of the exchange on his Facebook page..

“What do we celebrate on Purim?” the PM inquired, adding, “What did they want to do to us back then?”


“They wanted to kill us,” the children finally roared, after some hesitation.

“Where did they want to kill us?” Netanyahu asked.

“In Persia.”

“And did they succeed?” He asked.

“No!” the children informed him in a joyous group.

“The opposite happened!” one learned child cited the essence of the Purim message.

“The opposite happened!” the PM repeated, quite thrilled. “Today, too, they’re trying, in Persia,” he proceeded, to great applause, this time from the grownups, “and today they’re also not going to succeed!”