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The Jews are back on the Temple Mount, May 23, 2021.

After a month during which Muslims demonstrated their spirituality through violent rioting and throwing stones at police on the Temple Mount and inside their Al Aqsa mosque, on Sunday morning, despite additional threats by Hamas, the Jews were allowed to ascend to our most sacred place on the planet. Jews have been barred from the holy site for 19 days because Israeli Police were afraid of agitating the Muslim mobs even more. Turns out the role of the Jewish police is to appease gentile lawbreakers. Good to know.

The Jews are back on the Temple Mount, May 23, 2021. / Mayan Barbi / TPS

Temple Mount Heritage Foundation CEO Tom Nissani issued a statement Sunday, saying “This is a very important morning that saves some of the national honor of the people of Israel. We did not give up the Temple Mount. Its opening is good news, but now that everyone has realized that without a profound change the next round is only a matter of time, we call on the Government of Israel:


A. To take back all the administrative powers over the Temple Mount from the Jordanian Waqf and entrust them to a Jewish sovereign body that will run the place.

B. Open the Temple Mount for the entry of Jews around the clock and from all its gates with complete freedom of movement and worship.

C. Stop the surrender to the Hamas threats regarding the Temple Mount, which will only lead to more terrorism and more bloodshed.”

We are certain that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a staunch defender of the rights of Jews in their promised land, will heed these demands and reverse decades of left wing abandonment and neglect of the Temple mount that began the same week it was liberated by the IDF in 1967.

Also, starting tomorrow, everybody in Israel gets free ice cream.

MK Moshe Gafni. / Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, according to Haredi political reporter Avi Ravina, United Torah Judaism leader MK Moshe Gafni requested in the name of his party that the PM keep the Temple Mount closed to Jews. Coincidentally, Hamas made the same demand.

Gafni’s letter to Netanyahu was a kind of celebration of diaspora Judaism and the deep resistance of Haredi Jews to the most basic message of the Zionist movement, the liberation of Eretz Israel.

“Because of our sins the temple was destroyed and there is a punishment of Karet to Jews who ascend the Temple Mount,” Gafni waxed halachically. “We pray all the time, ‘And may our eyes see Your return to Zion with mercy,’ so that our not ascending to the mountaintop is the deepest proof of our belonging to this holy place to which we direct in our prayers from all over the world.”

As if the 150 years of the Zionist claim on our land have never happened. MK Gafni may live in a Haredi neighborhood in a city that officially belongs to the free Republic of Israel, but don’t let that fool you, his heart and mind are well entrenched in Kishinev. And from there, possibly from beneath a bed where he had been hiding from the pogromists, Gafni concluded his message to Netanyahu: “I ask you to keep the Temple Mount closed to the Jews!”

MK Nir Auerbach (Yamina) said in response: “The Jewish-Zionist move will only be completed when Jews can ascend and pray on the Temple Mount freely. Any other statement is an expression of a cowardly, diaspora-influenced policy of containment, and proof that we lost the [Guardians of the Walls] operation.”

Really? That’s the proof we needed? Seeing Yahyah Sinwar schpatzeering alive and well in the streets of Gaza and issuing threats to the Zionist entity wasn’t enough (Peace for our Time: Yahya Sinwar Comes Out of the Bunker)?

Jews are allowed to visit the Temple Mount Sunday-Thursday from 7:00 to 11:00 AM and 1:00-2:30 PM. Please dip in the mikvah first.


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