Photo Credit: Lori Lowenthal Marcus
John Kerry scolded and threatened the Jewish State in a television interview on Nov. 7, 2013

In addition to all the other threats and insults, Kerry also brought up that dreaded bugaboo of “contiguity.”

“The Palestinians need to know that they will have a real state, not a Swiss cheese, but a state that is contiguous, that allows them the opportunity to be able to have their sovereignty respected,” Kerry intoned.


What about Israel’s contiguity?  Because of course, if the Palestinian state which the Arabs envision is truly contiguous, then Israel will be bifurcated, there is no way around that.

Kerry also brought up the Saudi peace initiative. He said that the “entire Arab community says that the day that Israel makes peace with Palestine, the day they sign that peace, all of the Arab communities – the 19, 20 that have not made peace with Israel – will make peace immediately. And all of a sudden, the opportunity for travel, for business, for exchange of students, for all kinds of things will become a reality.”

It is worth seeing Kerry’s words, without any editorializing.  You can do that at the State Department printout of the interview.  And this show was brought to you by the people who claimed this U.S. administration is the greatest friend Israel has ever had.


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