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John Kerry scolded and threatened the Jewish State in a television interview on Nov. 7, 2013

In addition to all the other threats and insults, Kerry also brought up that dreaded bugaboo of “contiguity.”

“The Palestinians need to know that they will have a real state, not a Swiss cheese, but a state that is contiguous, that allows them the opportunity to be able to have their sovereignty respected,” Kerry intoned.


What about Israel’s contiguity?  Because of course, if the Palestinian state which the Arabs envision is truly contiguous, then Israel will be bifurcated, there is no way around that.

Kerry also brought up the Saudi peace initiative. He said that the “entire Arab community says that the day that Israel makes peace with Palestine, the day they sign that peace, all of the Arab communities – the 19, 20 that have not made peace with Israel – will make peace immediately. And all of a sudden, the opportunity for travel, for business, for exchange of students, for all kinds of things will become a reality.”

It is worth seeing Kerry’s words, without any editorializing.  You can do that at the State Department printout of the interview.  And this show was brought to you by the people who claimed this U.S. administration is the greatest friend Israel has ever had.


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  1. Ask the vets that served with Kerry in Nam ,he is a rat . and came home teamed up with Hanoi Jane , and denounced our troops ! this man left his wife and kids to marry a woman who was rich who sold ketchup ! And thru his medals away . !! He sold his sole for $ . !!!

  2. John Kerry is a fool remember what the Lord said Genisis 12:1-3 Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:

    2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

    3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
    Stick that in your pipe Mr Kerry and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh yeah, sure, threaten those that can and will wipe out the rest of the Middle East.

    Netanyahu, I implore you… please, for the love of the rest of the world, have someone do "something" about our president.

    Without obama, the rest of the democratic party WILL fall like dominoes.

  4. "From your lips to God's ears." I hope you are right about Obamacare. My guess is, Obama figures he can wait this one out (the present outcry) and then the people will eventually accommodate themselves to "our new reality." Truth be known Obama hopes his legacy will be the destruction of a once great country. Do you think he cares about this nation? I don't. I believe he hates this country just like his father and his grandfather hated it.

  5. Kerry’s grandparents were Jewish, went from Kohn to Kerry. His rich wife is Jewish. No matter who “explains” these things to me .. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why American Jews are so intolerant or hide their heads in the sand when major countries THREATEN Israel. I don’t understand that if you want socialism in your life you have to bash Israel.

    I’m Second generation American…. my mother’s family was from Germany (left in 1900) my father and his family were in Russia during WWII. We all heard the stories of what went on in Europe the anti semitism (that continues today)….I believe in my heart that as long as there is ISRAEL that we will never know another holocaust against Jews. But to have to struggle against the muslims that hate you, the Christians that hate you, the countries that hate you …because you are Jewish… but to have Jews STAND DOWN for Israel is WRONG. Don’t they realize that the haters will throw any and all Jews under the bus when the time comes?

  6. Israel is experiencing what America "lives with". The Obama administration lives by threats, deceit, and an evil agenda. Barack Obama is a master at blaming others – especially when he is the culprit. Do what you have to do, Israel, there are more of us with you – than against you and you have the "highest support" available. Shalom from a Christian Friend.

  7. Kerry fits the mold of a particular variety of American politicians who, at the end of their less than stellar careers decide that they will finally find their place in history by bringing peace to the Middle East. Since no Palestinian leader is going to ever sign such an agreement (remember Arafat said that signing such an agreement would be the same as signing his own death warrant) they end up beating up on the Israelis and then, n some cases like Jimmy Carter drift into anti-Semitism. As to Obama being the most anti-Israel President I would suggest your readers look at the Eisenhower Administration which threatened to crush the Israeli economy if Israel did not bend to its pro-Arab policies following the Suez War of 1956 and to the administration of Bush I, the House of Saud's lapdog.

  8. If Kerry dies his brain will have company. Be sure to write letters of protest to all your elected officials. Make sure that this NEW attitude is not acceptable. If the Palestinians want a one state solution we have one state, ISRAEL. Let them recognize it before any further discussion is done.

  9. This is just a typical blindness to the factual ideology that Islam has towards peace with Israel. The U.S. even provides financial support for a school where Palestinian children are engrained in their right to regain all lands which their parents and grandparents had been forcibly removed from and the removal of all these Christian and Jewish infidels from all of their Palestinian lands. Kerry is one of the voices of this current government that needs to face reality of the facts of the world we live in.

  10. Shame on Kerry! the leftist,catholic Irish anti-Semite! The Obamah Administration is the most anti-Semitic since Jimmy Carter. Israel should go directly to both houses and by pass this Obamah racist administration. The most heinous racism is anti-Semitism! WATCH! Judaism every Wednesday 10;00AM & 6:00PM NEW YORK TIME From your browser enter Scroll down to "Community Media" then click on 'Brooklyn Public Network". Click on arrow in Channel 2 Gutt Shabbous Shabbat Shalom

  11. This is why the US is in such a state of disarray…because it's going up against Israel! "And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; 3And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed." Genesis 12:3

  12. So sorry Kerry, you traitorous horses ass. We are no longer any great shakes as a threatenor. Our POTUS has made such a jackass of himself and our country it's disgusting, and you suck it up like KoolAide. America stands with Israel. Unlike our Muslim POTUS. the Americans will soon stand up for OUR COUNTRY, not the one Obozo is trying to invent for us. We aren't buying it now, and will not EVER buy one single thing Obama says. He is a pathological liar. He is anti-American to the point that I want to hurl when I see the American flag on his lapel. He is not American, and he is an endless headache to true Americans. You both are traitors of the first order, and should both be impeached and shot as traitors. You are beyond evil, trying to suck America's soul into your communist asses.

  13. Kerry's Irish heritage has always been anti-Jewish which is why Arab Obama gave him the job to impose what Obama wanted on Israel. Surprised anyone?
    Now you know why there is no progress for Ireland's freedom since their hatred surpasses their desires other than being historically drunks.

  14. With all do respect Rabbi Friedman, John Kerry's paternal grandparents were born in the Austro- Hungarian Empire and are of jewish heritage. His grandfather's last name was Kohn, which he changed to Kerry and converted to catholicism according to his biography. The fact that he has a jewish background makes his attitude and actions towards Israel that much more despicable.

  15. Of course he does. He had training from his commie, muslim father. He is not truly a citizen of the USA. He never lived here long enough without Communists tutoring him to know how we feel about our country. I will arm myself if this foolishness is allowed to go on. Obama is a lethal parasite in the guts of America. #ImpeachObama #ImpeachKerry #NoClintonIn2016 #MolonLabe

  16. I have hated John Kerry from early on, watching him with I ain't Fonda Jane. I will NOT forget their treachery, their anger and their refusal to take responsibility for their actions. I despise them both, and will enjoy looking down into Hell and seeing them suffer, They both are bad,. bad people.

  17. The US stands with Israel, our ally and friend. Obama's claptrap is the result of a communist Muslim upbringing. Yet another way the Democrats screwed us over in the worst possible way. Obama and Kerry are at this point, being targeted, according to some press. Hoping both of them are impeached before 2015.

  18. This Christian stands with Israel. I am in shock that this is even being thought about by Obama. I am saddened by this additional instance of the POTUS suddenly coming out like this. Americans will stand with Israel. It has been a firm ally for all these years, and because the liberals thought a Muslim Communist would make a terrific POTUS. And they were TERRIBLY WRONG! #ImpeachObama #ShalomShalom

  19. Kerry threatening Israel? Makes me giggle…A spineless coward, a traitor to his own country, and now acting against God? That piece of fecal matter will blow away in the wind. The American people WILL ALWAYS stand with Israel. He does NOT speak for the American people.

  20. Netanyahu why did you release this murderous criminals terrorists prisioners?, didn't you see Kerry's betrayal, now if there are future negotiations let to Lieberman do, not you, not more any release of murderous criminals terrorists, no prisioners, no more negotiations with US and EU involving, let alone to negotiate, starting again since after 1967, I personaly preffer a single federation sta te like Switzerland "swiss cheese", solution, now Obama should be impeach for Benghazi betrayal before the next US elections.

  21. The cowardly Kerry and POTUS Obama are 'quite a pair to draw to' with no good intent for any Jew…and worse for Israel as a nation. Obama, the muslim, is treacherous as folks in the US have found after his on going "Hope & Change" campaign went on the rocks with Obamacare…for Israel it can only be "Obamadon't care!" It is simple…"They, the islamics, must go!" Nothing else will do. We are Israel and they are not and can't stay in our midst lest they destroy everything we hold dear while furthering the cause of their pedophile prophet…all while Kerry & Obama cheer them on against Israel.

  22. My mouth is still agape due to the disbelief that ANYONE would accuse Israel of interfering with peace talks. They have gone way past MY limit and released prisoners (MURDERERS) as a token of their peaceful intentions. You can look to the Palastinians, al queda, muslim brotherhood, Iran and others as the agitators, NOT Israel. Shame on you John Kerry. You're fired!!!!

  23. Well put. Kerry has always been a traitor…to the USA and now to Israel. He doesn't make these statements without the approval or direction of his boss o'idiot. These muslims need to just go back to where they belong: in a hole in the dessert somewhere.

  24. Marina: You are so right! Going against Israel is going against God and I mean the real God, not the false god of the muslims. We need to get rid of o'idiot and kerry and the rest of those bums who would destroy our country.

  25. Bypassing the idiot' president of some' in what used to be the USA is the best idea yet. It is not the American people who are against Israel. It is the current regime, mostly muslim. They are against Israel and against God (the real God).

  26. Constance Alsip o'idiot hangs with evil people. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Jeramiah Wright, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, more. Anyone who is anti-American is his friend. He hates America, hates Americans, hates Israel and hates God (the real God…not the false muslim god).

  27. If Kerry wants the US to help the Muslim Jihadis end the Jewish "Occupation" of Israel, then by the same token, how about helping to end the Muslim "Occupation" of India + Pakistan + Bangladesh + Afghanistan and giving all that land back to India. We Indians would gladly welcome all the Jews of the world to come and make India their home.

    Muslims can't have it both ways. They will have to decide. It cannot be called "Occupation" ONLY WHERE IT SUITS THESE TERRORIZING MARAUDERS AND PLUNDERERS.

    An Indian American

  28. Kerry is crying, he succeeded with nothing in Saudiarabia, nothing in Egypt and now he tries desperately in Israel. Rekommendation: send Lieberman next to his face! Lieberman is not smiling to total falsehood. He says as it is. Kerry already gave Abbas $75 million in his hand not to run quite yet. Who is smartest, Kerry or Abbas? Lieberman is smarter.

  29. Israel continues to invite problems for themselves. It should come as no surprise that Kerry i.e. Obama is going to continue to browbeat Israel into making pro Palestinian deals. But, when you allow people like Livni and Peres to be the chief negotiators for Israel, what do you expect is going to happen. Here is a crazy thought. When Kerry arrives in Israel, Netenyahu should summon him to his office and say, the gravy train just made it’s final stop. All Palestinian terrorists already released from prison will be rounded up and put back into custody. Needless to say, there will be no further terrorist releases. In addition, there will be no further “peace talks” until the Palestinians make concessions of their own including but not limited to, an immediate, lasting and enforceable cease of terrorist activity against Israel. An end of incite full words and actions by the Palestinians. The recognition by the Palestinians that Israel is a Jewish state and will not acquiesce Jerusalem, any Israeli territory, or be dictated to as to where we can build in our own country. Israel will retain all of its rights. If in the event there is a Palestinian state, it will retain its current boarders with no further expansion that will cut into Israel’s boarders. Any discussion of a Palestinian state will be directly negotiated with Israel with no intervening action from any foreign nation or international organization. Failure to abide by any and all of these stipulations will immediately render any prior negotiation agreements null and void. Of course, this will never happen because it would require some gumption on the part of Netanyahu.

  30. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments, Rabbi Friedman. If Muslim American President Barack Hussein Obama and his lackey, Irish Catholic American Secretary of State, John Kerry are such damn Arabists – pro Muslim Arab and anti-Jewish / anti-Israel even though they may both deny it, then why, for Heaven's sake, do the overwhelming majority of American Jews continue to blindly vote for and support the so-called "liberal", totally discredited, desperate for success at any price Democratic party, which has gone completely off the rails domestically and internationally, with the likes of those idiots, Barack Hussein Obama, his Muslim Brotherhood comrades in arms and supporters and John Kerry? Their Middle East policies where the Jewish State of Israel is concerned and premature, sympathetic overtures to a nuclear-armed Republic of Iran are courting disaster!

    American Jewry must WAKE UP from its indifference and lethargy with the possible exception of AIPAC and smell the offensive, odious pong of rotten eggs, sulphuric acid and cattle manure now emanating from the White House in Washington DC and polluting Congress on Capitol Hill and the once great United States of America! – GOD help us all – Christians and Jews – when the lights of democratic values, national pride, respect for and the upholding and safeguarding of the sanctity of innocent human lives and their liberties are being trampled upon, indeed abandoned and sacrificed for the sake of appeasement at any price with its attendant dangers, by a blind, clueless, leaderless and rudderless, floundering Judeo-Christian Western World clutching desperately at straws in the wind while surrendering to the growing cancer of Islamic militancy and terrorism.

  31. The Israeli Government of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and the People of Israel must stand resolute and united. They must state a resounding NO emphatically and unequivocally, politely but firmly to American President Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State or Hate, John Kerry and tell them in no uncertain terms that the Jewish State of Israel will NOT adhere to their dangerous and misguided Middle East policy of appeasement, unconditional surrender NOR commit national suicide in order to appease their rapacious Muslim Arab enemies! To Obama and Kerry, I emphatically state NO, sirs!

  32. 1) In 1947, the Arabs received Judea and Samaria on a silver plate. Where they happy? No! they attacked the tiny newly established State of Israel to throw the Jews into the sea. Why should they be happy today? In 1967, Nasser again did attack with the intention to throw the Jews to the sea. Why should they have less intentions today?
    2) in Deuteronomy 32:21, G-d predicts that the Jews will anger Him with what is a no-god, vanities, and He promises, as a punishment, to anger the Jews with what is a no-people, a debased nation: the Invented People, the so-called Palestinians.
    3) why people do not learn from History? And why do we, the Jews, think we can rely on the Gentiles to protect and save us? I personally believe that the Nations are prepared and willing to expose Israel to a sure and terrible fate…. and then, they will say "Oops" and hide their smile. Let' s us believe in our G-d!

  33. The intent is and always will be by the Muslim factions ,to destroy Israel and the Jewish People World Wide. They have to destroy Israel first ,and they know it. That is why Israel is now getting so many illegals into it. just like the United States and Canada. Has not the world seen their Missile launches. that is not peace!

  34. >>"Kerry asserted repeatedly that “the Palestinians and President Abbas have committed themselves to non-violence.” Really? I missed that email. Also don't see it in the news, which is rife with PALESTINIAN violence–shootings, stabbings, firebombings, etc.

    Why the hell would we take Kerry's blithe assertion as fact? Oh, btw, Kerry, the Palestinians committed to non-violence at Oslo too–how did that work out?

  35. John Kerry is not truthful. He made up a hero story for himself thinking Americans were dumb. He was caught telling a lie and remained in congress and now has this position that he is nod qualified for and is a disgrace to America.
    Israel is our only strong ally in the Middle East and now him, withe the direction of President Obama are destroying that. Both men are a disgrace, not a friend of the USA.

  36. The terms "Palestine" and "Palestinian" were popularized after Israel survived the Six Day War in 1967 and managed to liberate Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. These small areas are the cradle of the Jewish people and the heartland of Jewish history over the past 3800 years. There never was an Arab/ Moslem controlled nation called Palestine or Arab/ Moslems called Palestinian. These slogans have been crafted in an ongoing campaign to delegitimize Israel. The Arab/ Moslem squatters who occupy land in and around Israel are either descendants of invaders or illegal immigrants. If they are unhappy with living in tiny Israel there are 21 Arab/ Moslem controlled countries spread out over a few million square miles of mineral rich land. They are free to leave.

  37. Kerry does not do or say anything without orders from Obama. Concider his words a warning from Obama. The US,under Obama can not be relied upon as a friend and ally of Israel. This should have been obvious from the start of his administration. Obama iwill do whatever will give him a historic legacy including severly damaging the Jewish state. He will try to impose a settlement on Israel with the division of our capital,Jerusalem, and the loss all of the post 67 land.. In his rush for fame and glory he sees Israel as a problem,not as a friend and ally. Depending on the US will lead only to tragedy for the Jewish Nation-people..

  38. On Israel's issue Obama and Kerry do not represent neither American nor Jewish people and they know this as well as that they acting against principles of our Constitution. They became agents and advocates of Arab terrorists, criminals and racists and, if follow their policies – this will harm both Israel and America. Stop blackmail and unprecedented intervene in Israel's independent state affairs and ridiculous pretend that you know better what is in Israel's interests! You care only about your department interests. Yes, you will have to take a stand in UN against majority who will vote for Arabs – to stand for US principles. Actions of Abbas Arabs already proved that they looking for terrorist state. And they should not get Jewish historical homeland given to Jewish people by God. What is solution to this situation? Arabs to be said that with their demands and behavior they will never get anything. Or they will improve their position and get what will be given or they will go to terror and will be severely defeated. And this will be best guarantee for the peace – according to the sharia law.

  39. Kerry is just one of many thugs of that anti-Semite pretending to be a president, golf playing Marxist in the white house , threatening and taking the side of those poor oppressed "Palestinians" who have it better in Israel and are unwanted in every single Arab country. Obama has done nothing right for this country or for Israel. Silly Jews who voted for him. Shame on us!

  40. Israel should walk away from these talks and told kerry that they don't respond well to threats.While we are on the subject,when kerry says the U.S.doesn't like,he means obama and I don't like.I doubt that the rest of America agrees with him.I stand with the holy land,

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