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US Secy of State John Kerry and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has summoned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to an urgent meeting next Monday ahead of a United Nations Security Council vote in two weeks on a Palestinian Authority timetable to demand Israel’s withdrawal to the old Temporary Armistice Lines by 2016.

Haaretz, which often is privy to reports from ”anonymous” senior officials when it comes to cooperation with the Obama, reported that the Kerry-Netanyahu talks will last for several hours.


The Office of the Prime Minister told The Jewish Press it could not confirm or deny the report.

President Barack Obama does not want to be put in a position to have to decide whether or not to veto an anti-Israel decision by the Security Council.PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has served notice that he no longer is interested in the American-backed “peace process” and that he will achieve his demands via the United Nations, where the General Assembly is overloaded with pro-Arab countries.

As an alternative proposal to the 2016 deadline, France has suggested a two-year deadline for permanent agreement based on the “Green Line” borders that were erased by the Sic-Day War in 1967.

The French proposal is based on Israel accepting the old borders with the exception of land swaps, and that Jerusalem be divided between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Haaretz reported that it is not clear if Kerry will propose his own proposal.

Obama and Kerry’s insistence on forcing an agreement down the throats of both sides, instead of living up to their former word that it cannot bargain for both parties, has left them high and dry.

Israel has refused to buckle under pressure for another building freeze on homes for Jews.

Abbas has snubbed Washington by declaring the “peace process” dead and by essentially telling the United States he can get what he wants in the United Nations, with or without Obama.

The timing of the U.N. vote is incredible because of the sudden election campaign in Israel.

Assuming the Security Council approves the Palestinian Authority proposal, an American veto would spoil the case by anti-Netanyahu parties that the Prime Minister has destroyed good relations with the United States.

The lack of a veto would instantly be seen as an attempt to undermine Netanyahu and interfere in the elections.

If the Obama administration would have taken the opportunity to chuck the whole mess it has fostered, it would be off the hook.

Instead, Obama might find himself hanging on it.



  1. And what does PA has to say about the borders. PA does not control Gaza, and Hamas Charter calls for Islam ruling all over Israel. Kerry is calling about working on a small part of the problem, while leaving the rest unresolved. All he knows is to pressure Israel. One sided resolution is never a solution.

  2. You have misread the situation badly. This US administration has committed to having the UN agree to another arab terrorist state in the middle of Israel from the day it won its second term. The idea that the White House did not want this is silliness. This is exactly what they wanted. The government of Israel has been foolish to play this game with the White House. What Israel needs to do is pre-empt the situation immediately by stating quite clearly that no matter what the terrorist UN says, Israel will never give up Judea and Samaria and it will never divide any part of Jerusalem. The problem with the Israeli government is that they think they are smarter and more agile in politics than they really are. The Islamists have substantively defeated the Jews in the PR war and they are now they are trying to codify the next genocide of the Jews with a UN proclamation. And it is not only the Leftists in Israel that are partly to blame for this but it is also the center-right Likud that has idiotically agreed to the Oslo format. Israel better put someone like Moshe Feiglin in a PM very quickly because the current Israeli government is getting scammed.

  3. Borders defined by the UN and France?! The UN is useless and France loves Muslims. Why are either one of them involved in making decisions on Israeli policies? After all France’s immigration policy towards Muslims is working great for them.

  4. Let me as an American help you with this. Kerry is "summoning" (love the terminology) Bibi only to threaten him ahead of U.N. meeting–i.e., the U.S. will "consider" not using its Security Council veto to head off yet another misguided Palestinian attempt to harm Israel, ONLY if Israel stops building their "settlements" (in Jerusalem!).
    –which the genius Obama, who loathes Israel, has decided is the main cause of Mideast problems! Not ISIS, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iraq, etc.,etc.!
    So as usual with Obama and Israel, it's threats, intimidation, and hostility toward Israel in place the U.S.'traditional support.
    One can only hope he's impeached soon over various unConstitutional actions, but don't hold your breath.

    There's NO good reason for Israel to cave to any of Obama's hateful and biased demands. Israel would be better off forgoing whatever the U.S. says they have to offer, rather than succumbing to thinly disguised diplomatic blackmail.

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