Photo Credit: Gilad Kavalerchik / Herzliya Conference
Minister Naftali Bennett at the 2018 Herzliya Conference

Minister of Education and Minister of Diaspora Naftali Bennett, speaking at the Herzliya Conference on the IDC Herzliya Campus, said “Iran sends others to die for it,” and predicted that Syria will be Iran’s Vietnam.

Bennett dedicated the bulk of his speech to spotlight his doctrine, which he calls, “Lebanon equals Hezbollah,” referring to the Lebanese based terror organization, heavily supported by Iran.


“Israel’s doctrine has been one of disengagement and that must change,” Bennett argues, insisting that “Hezbollah attacking Israel is a declaration of war by Lebanon on Israel and we must hit back.”

He asserted that this way “while Nasrallah portrays himself as the defender of the Lebanese people, he must understand that if he plays the Iranian card he will destroy his country.”

Bennett described the Iranian regime as “an octopus spreading its tentacles in the Middle East where, because of the proxies, the head sits happily.”

Bennett declared that “Israel must build capabilities to hit and deter Iran itself.” If Iran will continue its “megalomaniac adventure” in Syria, Bennett asserted that “Syria will be Iran’s Vietnam.”