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Saad Hariri

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri told the French newspaper, Paris Match, on Thursday, that Lebanon won’t respond to Israeli attacks against Iranian or Hezbollah forces located in Syria.

When asked about Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace to attack those Iranian interests and Hezbollah in Syria, Hariri responded, “We record every violation of our airspace at the UN Security Council. But Lebanon can not do anything. Even Bashar El-Assad, with each strike, says: ‘We will respond in due time and in the way we choose.’ That will be the problem of Syria, not ours.”


Hariri further attacked Hezbollah and Iran saying, “Too much blood has flowed into the area. I fear that Hezbollah’s interference abroad will end up costing Lebanon dearly. I will not accept that a Lebanese political party participates in maneuvers that serve the interests of Iran.”

“I wanted the world to understand that Lebanon can no longer tolerate the interference of a party like Hezbollah in the affairs of the Gulf countries, where 300,000 Lebanese live. We must not pay for the actions of Hezbollah.”

In a strange statement, Hariri made it clear that he wouldn’t try to disarm Hezbollah in Lebanon, because they aren’t using their weapons on Lebanese soil, and he views Hezbollah as playing a political role in his country, but he doesn’t want their weapons being used elsewhere.

Responding to the question if Hariri recognizes that Bashar El-Assad won the civil war in Syria, Hariri pithily responded, “He did not win. Presidents Putin and Rouhani won.”

Saad Hariri’s father, Rafix Hariri is believed to have been assassinated by Hezbollah in 2005. Hariri blames Syria.

Last month, Saad Hariri fled to Saudi Arabia claiming there was an attempt to assassinate him. While in Saudi Arabia he tendered his resignation as Prime Minister of Lebanon. He returned to Lebanon, via France, and retracted his resignation.

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