Stephanie Rapkin, 64, an attorney from Shorewood, Wisconsin, is facing charges of battery and disorderly conduct after spitting on a young black protester who got in her face in an intimidating fashion last Saturday.

The crowd wanted her to remove her car, which she reportedly parked in a way that would block the path of the demonstrators. The encroaching mob demanded that she move the car but she refused. The demands were becoming more and more frightening, until a young black protester came very close to her, put his hands together to amplify his voice, and screamed. Rapkin’s response was to spit at him.


She was arrested on Saturday after the incident.

On Sunday, Rapkin reportedly resisted arrest when the cops came for her again, and she kneed one of them painfully. This second arrest was for allegedly shoving a man who was writing messages about her in chalk in front of her home.

Rapkin may face disbarment.

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