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Trump: No COVID Vaccine for NY Until Cuomo Personally Approves It

“We can’t be delivering it to a state that won’t be giving it to its people immediately. . . The governor will let us know when he's ready."

YU Maccabees Beats Penn State to Enter NCAA Final 16

YU won the opening game against Worcester Polytechnic in a Friday game that ended just before Shabbat candle lighting.

NY Consul Leaves Fundraiser after Bezalel President Attacks Israel’s Free Speech

"I do not have the patience—and I speak diplomatically—for those who slander the State of Israel abroad in order to find favor and raise money," Dayan said after the incident.

FBI Probes Jersey City Shooting as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Jersey City Mayor Fulop: “Not only [was] this a hate crime but ... the perpetrators had hoped to kill many more people than four."

‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ Rallies Against Jewish Club Owner’s Right to Bar Anti-Israel Event

The JVP letter willfully ignores the fact that the club owners have declared their support for the BLM agenda, but would not accept the movement's recent turn against the Jewish State.

De Blasio on Kornbluh Attack: ‘There Need to be Consequences for That’

"We’re having to tell many communities of people . . . in some communities we’re gonna have to turn back to where we were in the spring."

Swastika Hate Letters Investigation Launched by NYPD Hate Crime Squad

The words, “Juden Raus” are also a reference to a 1930s Nazi board game that collects and deports Jews by getting them off the board.

AIPAC Political Director Attacked in NYC

Antisemitism is alive and ever-present in New York City.

Squadron Favors Cuomo’s Marijuana Reform

Senator Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn/Manhattan), who is the Senate sponsor of legislation to reform the in-plain-view marijuana statute, released the following statement in response to...

Gov. Cuomo: If De Blasio Won’t Stop Crowded Borough Park Weddings, I Will

“We don’t have any evidence that it’s worse in the Chassidic community, we haven’t gotten those complaints. If we do, we will follow up,” the governor said.

Albany Beat: Fraying Ties Between Gov. Cuomo And Orthodox Jews

The governor keeps telling anyone who will listen how close his father and he have been toward members of the Orthodox Jewish community for more than 30 years. The governor has to understand what was true once may not be true today.

“Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing” Ad Ditched

A New York City billboard advertising “Christmas Quality” vodka at “Hanukkah Pricing” will be taken down by the company, after it received numerous complaints that its pitch portrayed Jews as cheap and associated with poor quality.

Tehilah Berman Brings Experience To Her Campaign For Brooklyn Civil Court

Tehilah Berman is running for Civil Court in the Brooklyn community she grew up in, the neighborhood in which she is raising her four...

Gantz’s Williamsburg Relative: We Hope He Fails

The one blessing Rabbi Gantz had to offer General Gantz was: "May God help him to repent and not be crazy anymore."

Skverer Rebbe of New Square Set to Visit Israel

The Skverer Rebbe of New Square is expected to arrive in the Holy Land for a visit at the start of next week.

Montefiore Health Systems and YU Join to Run Einstein

The financially troubled Einstein College of Medicine will have Montefiore as its key financial manager; YU will continue granting the degrees.

Mahwah Township Declares War On Eruv

Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz, head of the Monsey eruv, opposes the notion that the eruv will facilitate an influx of Jewish residents.

NY State Dem Chairman Jacobs Angry with AOC, Blames Progressive Agenda for Disappointing Vote

Jacobs blames the "defund the police" agenda, combined with violence and looting, for Democratic losses in purple districts.

UN Ambassadors Briefed on Israeli Security in Visit to Jewish State

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon gave a UN delegation of ambassadors a full geopolitical tour of the Jewish State.

GOP Rival Attack Ads Fighting on TV

The Lhota campaign email against Catsimatidis quickly switched to a fund-raising plea.

Group Rallies Against Cuomo, de Blasio over new COVID Restrictions Directed at Jews

Jewish leaders and groups, specifically the ultra-Orthodox community, have sharply criticized the two leaders for their enforcement of coronavirus restrictions amid a spike in cases.

Questions for Joe Lhota

The Jewish Press recently asked New York City Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota to address issuesof concern to the city’s Jewish community.

Advocates Make Case In Albany For Increased Aid To Private Schools

State education officials say they spend $26 billion throughout New York on elementary and secondary education. That number is higher than most state budgets and more than the operating budget of many countries.

Orthodox Groups React To NY’s New Abortion Bill

New York State passed the Reproductive Health Act Legislation, which expanded the state’s abortion laws.

#NYTough Symbolized in Marble Boxing Gloves Carved by Brooklyn Jewish Artist

"What's going on in New York right now demands our best. We need to hang tough, be there for one another, be caring, remember our humanity, and support each other through this really difficult time in our city."

Syrian Community Members contest Synagogue’s Expansion Plan

In response to community objections, a prominent Brooklyn synagogue will not proceed, for the moment, with the construction of a 65-foot annex to its main building, according to several members of the Syrian Orthodox community in Brooklyn who asked not to be named. However, they will most probably not permanently shelve the project altogether.

Bill Thompson to Surrender to Bill de Blasio in NY Mayoral Race

Bill Thompson will concede to Bill de Blasio Tuesday morning in New York, eliminating the need for a second-round of voting to determine who...

NY Ultra-Orthodox Schools to Go Under Magnifying Glass over Secular Subjects — Or Norman...

Former New York Civil Liberties Union executive director Norman Siegel has joined the ranks of advocates for better secular studies for Haredi children, and he now represents YAFFED, threatening to sue the city if its current investigation does not yield reliable results.

Park Slope Welcomes Anthony Weiner with Open Arms

“Hey Anthony, you’re the only one that can win and keep us on the right track!”

Suspect in Williamsburg Lethal Hit and Run to Surrender

He said he fled the scene because he was afraid of being killed by his pursuers, and didn’t know the couple had been killed until he saw it in newspapers.


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