Stab Victim Thanks Police, Lights Menorah At Precinct House

Rosenblatt and several Jewish residents of the neighborhood visited the station on the seventh night of Chanukah to show their support after the murder Saturday of two police officers in neighboring Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Pregnant, Chassidic Woman Attacked by Antisemitic Assailant in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

The assailant is described as a black male, approximately 40 years old.

YU Announces LGBTQ Inclusive Policies While Banning LGBTQ Club

It remains to be seen whether YU will manage to escape state and federal rebuke for banning the LGBTQ club with the force of all the loving and acceptance being poured on the heads of its gay students.

NYC Mayor Urges Lawsuits to Fight Antisemitism on Social Media, for ‘Feeding Hate’

“We have to combat hate with education. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us.”

32 Ft, 4,000 Lbs Menorahs at Brooklyn, Manhattan, Plazas

Lighting the giant menorah requires the use of a 60-foot boom lift.

New York Raises the Stakes for Faking a COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Those who violate the law and are caught with fake COVID-19 vaccination cards could face up to a year in prison.

Jerry Stiller Who Gave Us Frank Costanza, Arthur Spooner, Dead at 92

His wife Anne converted to Judaism six years after the wedding and insisted that she did not convert under pressure from her husband.

Erick Salagado Claims Skulener Rebbe’s Endorsement

The Skulener Rebbe, 88, is beloved by every chasidic congregation in the State of New York and worldwide.

De Blasio Threatens Jews: ‘We’re Not Going to Let People Take Law Into Their...

“Mr. Mayor, we are asking for you to give our children a safe place to play. Let kids be kids.”

New York Jews Rescued Irish in Great Famine

The rabbi encouraged his flock to “take measures for the relief of the famishing thousands of their fellow mortals in that unfortunate and destitute country, Ireland."

3 NYC Ds Disappoint Area Residents and Announce Support for Nuclear Iran Deal

THThree NYC Cong. Ds from heavily Jewish districts defied constituents, announcing support for Nuclear Iran Deal.

Woodmere Shul Rabbi Named Chair of Medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital

An internationally recognized infectious disease specialist, Glatt is also an ordained Rabbi.

In Email to JTA Quinn Says West Bank ‘Disputed Territory’

Quinn’s position runs counter to that of the U.S. government, which considers the West Bank Israel-occupied territory.

More NYC Lawmaker Support for Bagel Place Threatened by ‘Palestinian’ Antisemite

"No matter your politics, we cannot accept this hatred in District 23 or New York City."

Grafton May Have Also Stabbed a Jewish Man in Monsey, Back in November

In addition to the vehicle, the FBI reportedly has managed to obtain the weapon used to stab the victim in November as well.

Lakewood Pop-Up Wedding Hosts Charged, New Jersey Moves Into Lockdown

There were 1,327 confirmed cases of the virus in the State of New Jersey as of Saturday evening, including 16 people who had died.

Gov. Cuomo: President Trump ‘Better Have an Army’ to Walk Down NY Streets

Trump signed a five-page memo ordering federal agencies to send reports to the Office of Management and Budget with recommendations for funds that can be redirected from New York.

IDF Wounded Vets Capture the Hearts of New Yorkers

A delegation of 12 disabled IDF veterans took off for New York last week in the framework of a special tour sponsored by the humanitarian organization Belev Echad.

Thompson, de Blasio Ditch Charter School Talk Fearing Teachers Union

Mr. de Blasio dropped out less than an hour before he was supposed to appear on stage.

$50,000 Reward for Capturing Two Suspected Murdered of Rabbi in Miami

First reports are that it wasn’t a “hate crime” in the anti-Semitic sense, but what cold-blooded murder is not fueled by hate?

NY Members of Congress Push to Deport Former Nazi Guard

Palij pleaded in court that he was forced to serve as a guard at the slave labor camp during World War II.

It’s Time: Bus Riders Rally for Countdown Clocks

Bus riders from around the city will rally on Sunday at a bus stop across from City Hall to urge the Mayor, the Borough...

Likud Urging AG to Investigate Ehud Barak’s Deals with Pedophile Multimillionaire

MK Miki Zohar (Likud) this week came very close to suggesting in an Army Radio interview that Barak participated in Epstein's predilections in the latter's NYC apartment.

NY Police Search for Missing Links on Deranged Muslim Murderer of Cops

He had posted on Facebook, “Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies.” It's part of a quote from the Qur'an.

Lakewood Jewish Community Homes Flooded in New Jersey

The "Chaverim" Jewish assistance organization reported many people were trapped in flooded vehicles, and that numerous basements were totally under water.

JCC Watch: Stop Giving Jewish Money to Fund Anti-Israel Activities

Pro-Israel groups are now turning to the UJA-Federation and asking that it stop providing funds to organizations which use those funds to promote virulently anti-Israel activists. If not, a "Close Your Wallet" campaign will begin this summer.

No More Concealed Carry Guns to Protect NYC Synagogues, Religious Centers and Other Sensitive...

State lawmakers passed the upgraded gun control laws in response to a US Supreme Court decision several months ago that struck down the state's century-old pistol permit process.

Google Calls New NYC Migrant Center ‘Adams Tent City’

The migrant processing site is expected to temporarily house up to 500 migrants as they wait for places in the city’s swamped homeless shelter system.

Prosecutor: NJ Man Searched Targets for Hezbollah

The accused terrorist searched out targets in New York City, Boston and Washington DC as well as abroad.

NYPD Investigates Anti-Semitic Incident at Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights

"No person should ever feel threatened because of their religious beliefs."


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