AOC Slams AIPAC for Conspiracy to Run Non-Squad Candidate

Those pesky Jews don’t like the Squad Congressman so they dare to run someone else to replace him.

Friday Dov Hikind Woke Up a Republican

Here's to you, new Brooklyn Republicans Dov and Shoshana Hikind!

Feds Launch Investigation of Antisemitism at SUNY New Paltz

The Biden Administration is signaling with this investigation that it is not sufficient to protect Jews solely based on their religious practice.

Astoria Assembly Member Pushing Bill to Boycott Israeli Settlements

Queens Democrat assembly members believe the bill is “dead on arrival.”

Karma: Riskified Shares in the Dumpster

Riskified’s share has fallen to a lower value than its initial IPO

Neo-Nazis Protest Outside Broadway Musical about False Conviction and Murder of a Jew

The Nazis protested the show for claiming the lynched Jewish man's innocence.

Study Reveals Major Failings in New York Times’ Coverage of Israel

Since the elections, 68% of the Times' coverage of Israel was negative.

Rally in NYC to Protest Light Sentence for Antisemitic Attacker

Wassem Awawdeh was offered a six-month term after beating a Jewish man with a crutch; he told police he “would do it again.”

YU Pushing through Legal Process to Supreme Court Vindication on LGBTQ Club

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett wanted to grant YU the right to deny the gay students’ club.

Report: Chappelle Hid his Real SNL Monologue from Lorne Michaels

“Dave Chappelle’s SNL skit was a meticulous and calculated move to desensitize the population from antisemitism."

Manhattan DA Returns 69 C.E. Silver Quarter Shekel Stolen by PA Arabs

"The Palestinians are working at the UN to hide the history of our people and erase our connection to the Land of Israel."

NY Times Yiddish Edition Thriving, Haaretz Contemplating Similar Venture

For the record, this may have been the most fun yours truly has had using Google Translate in years.

Academic Engagement Network’s Counter-Antisemitism Initiative Targets CUNY, Yale, Evergreen, Minn. U

The four campuses were chosen following a competitive application process led by AEN’s leadership team.

NYC Returns $19 Million Worth of Antiquities Seized from Michael Steinhardt

"For decades, Michael Steinhardt displayed a rapacious appetite for plundered artifacts without concern for the legality of his actions."

Defunct Grossinger’s Hotel Destroyed by Fire

Asher Selig Grossinger moved from New York City to Sullivan County in the Catskill Mountains in the 1900s and rented rooms to visitors from the city.

Leftist Pundit Peeved at NY Times for Saying Iran Deal Is Dying without Blaming...

For the record, it’s actually disturbing that 33 Democrats supported the removal of the IRGC’s terrorist designation.

De Niro, Spike Lee, Josh Alexander, AP, Rehabilitate Crown Heights Pogrom’s Leader

Alexander’s film celebrates Sharpton’s legacy as “an extension of Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet 9th Grader Aries Wickham, First Harlem Athlete Representing US at Maccabiah Games

Aries said that her Judaism has played a significant role in her remaining focused through the hardship she endured.

Brandeis Center Urging Feds to Tighten Grip on NYU following Latest Antisemitic Scandal

In 2020, NYU signed an agreement to resolve “without further investigation” a complaint filed with DOE over “a hostile environment” for Jewish students on campus.

After 3 Year Hiatus Israel Day Parade Returns to Big Apple

“This year's parade will be marked by the unity among all the movements of the Jewish people and between Israel and the Diaspora, and will be a crushing response to the rise of antisemitism in the United States and terrorism in Israel."

Elected Officials Condemn Antisemitic Remarks at Long Island Board of Trustees Meeting

"A synagogue cannot be on every residential street like they are on the Five Towns."

El Al Testing Organized Prayers on TA-NY Flights

In late January, an El Al flight attendant was documented clashing with Haredi passengers who had assembled for the evening prayer.

Manhattan Middle School Cancels Shakespeare over Antisemitism

Do not give children raw stuff to consume without guidance. It makes sense in the Village as it does in rural Tennessee.

United Pilot Returns to NYC with Quarreling Israeli Passengers

After they were challenged regarding their tickets, the two Israelis began to riot.

NYPD Arrests Man Who Attacked Jewish Youth over IDF Hoodie

Othman has seven prior arrests, but this is his first hate crime.

Tolerance Bus Is Coming to NY with Extra Acceptance On Board

The bus will allow easy access to students, educators, police, faith groups, and professionals to critical training on anti-Semitism, racism, bullying, stereotyping, hate, and intolerance.

NY City Council Cancels Thomas Jefferson, Fellow Slave Owner George Washington May Be Next

Change YU's address to Frederick Douglass Heights because New York City is getting canceled.


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