Board Takes Down Columbia Law Review Website over Article Accusing Israel of Genocide

The board condemned the unusual secrecy surrounding the handling of the article, deeming such practices as "unacceptable."

Neturei Karta Anti-Israel Demonstration Drowned Out by the Entire Haredi Community of Monsey

A small protest by Neturei Karta outside Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim (Scheiner’s Shul) on Forshay Road in Monsey Monday night sparked a massive counterprotest,...

Antisemitic Rage Sweeps NYC’s Higher Education System

Multiple student anarchists have expressed explicit support for Hamas terrorism and urge further violence against Israel.

The Show Will Go On: Hard Rock Band HaYehudim Forced to Cancel Brooklyn Concert...

The band is not canceling their US tour, starting May 30 in New York, and on June 6 in Los Angeles.

Jerry Nadler Booed for Pushing Aid to Gazans

The loudest boos followed Nadler’s call: “We must do more because we are better than Hamas."

Antisemitic Hate Crimes Skyrocket in NYC Since Start of Oct. 7 War Against Israel

"By the year's end hate crimes against Jews increased by 14 percent. That's an additional 39 incidents that were reported. . . In 2024, 51% of all hate crimes against the Jews."

Pro-Hamas Protesters to Target Israeli Event at Teaneck Synagogue

"These protestors are here because we are here. They are seeking out and targeting Teaneck’s Jews."

Pro-Hamas Passengers Left Grenade in NYC Uber

Law enforcement officers in riot gear began efforts to disperse protesters, resulting in an escalation to physically pushing several demonstrators to the ground.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Tells Pro-Hamas Protester: ‘Bring. the. Hostages. Home.’

"I just wanna know how many Palestinian children -- how many killed Palestinian children -- will it take for you to call for a ceasefire, Eric Adams?" The mayor's response: "Bring the hostages home."

Remembering Chabad Music Legend Eli Lipsker, z’l, on His 7th Yarzheit

Eli Lipsker became a pathfinder, paving the way for other observant musicians to follow.

Vicious Antisemite Nerdeen Kiswani Leads ‘Shame’ March on Sloan Kettering

Here's an idea: they say and do crazy antisemitic things because they are crazy antisemites.

After Penn President Resigns, NY Governor Takes on Antisemitism at SUNY and CUNY

“We're prepared to take enforcement action if colleges and universities are found not in compliance.”

Jamaica Queens High School Kids Wilding for Palestine, Pro-Israel Teacher Hides in Locked Office

“Hundreds of kids flooded into hallways and ran amok, chanting, jumping, shouting, and waving Palestinian flags or banners.”

Jewish Congressman Who Condemned ‘Settler Violence’ Gets a Taste of ‘Pro-Palestine’ at Home

Why is Dan Goldman spreading vicious lies that he borrows from extreme anti-Israel groups?

Watch: Pro-Hamas Demonstrator Ripping Down US Flags, and Other Outrageous Footage

And additional videos of pro-Hamas demonstrations in the US and Europe.

Shabbat Table Set Up in Times Square to Honor Israeli Hostages

Pro-Israel groups on Friday morning set up a Shabbat table for the 200+ Israeli hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.

NYU Hillel Students Launch 24-hour Service and Learning Fundraiser in Response to 10/7

I believe that these funds are going to supporting our previously demoralized campus community as well as providing what we can to Israel.

Emergency Breast Milk Campaign Sends 6,000 LB of Donated Milk to Bereaved Babies in...

"The milk will travel to Israel under refrigeration and begin to be distributed South of Israel before it goes up North."

AOC Slams AIPAC for Conspiracy to Run Non-Squad Candidate

Those pesky Jews don’t like the Squad Congressman so they dare to run someone else to replace him.

Friday Dov Hikind Woke Up a Republican

Here's to you, new Brooklyn Republicans Dov and Shoshana Hikind!

Feds Launch Investigation of Antisemitism at SUNY New Paltz

The Biden Administration is signaling with this investigation that it is not sufficient to protect Jews solely based on their religious practice.

Astoria Assembly Member Pushing Bill to Boycott Israeli Settlements

Queens Democrat assembly members believe the bill is “dead on arrival.”

Karma: Riskified Shares in the Dumpster

Riskified’s share has fallen to a lower value than its initial IPO

Neo-Nazis Protest Outside Broadway Musical about False Conviction and Murder of a Jew

The Nazis protested the show for claiming the lynched Jewish man's innocence.

Study Reveals Major Failings in New York Times’ Coverage of Israel

Since the elections, 68% of the Times' coverage of Israel was negative.

Rally in NYC to Protest Light Sentence for Antisemitic Attacker

Wassem Awawdeh was offered a six-month term after beating a Jewish man with a crutch; he told police he “would do it again.”

YU Pushing through Legal Process to Supreme Court Vindication on LGBTQ Club

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett wanted to grant YU the right to deny the gay students’ club.

Report: Chappelle Hid his Real SNL Monologue from Lorne Michaels

“Dave Chappelle’s SNL skit was a meticulous and calculated move to desensitize the population from antisemitism."

Manhattan DA Returns 69 C.E. Silver Quarter Shekel Stolen by PA Arabs

"The Palestinians are working at the UN to hide the history of our people and erase our connection to the Land of Israel."


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